Happy Birthday Goddaughter

To the blessing of a child that the Lord above has given you, to the cute baby girl that came to you and her mother, here is a greeting of happy birthday to your goddaughter. She is the sweetest kid you will ever know and the cutest too, and she makes you happy by the things she does, so on her birthday, greet her and make her happy just as well.

You are my favorite goddaughter, and you are indeed pretty just like me, happy birthday to you.

There are so much advice I want to give you if you would like to hear them, have a wonderful birthday!

Dear goddaughter, you have grown up so much and so fast, I can’t keep up, best birthday!

You are the best thing that ever came to me and your mother, I love you, my goddaughter!

I miss you whenever you are not around, I have become attached, happy birthday to you!


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You are more than a goddaughter to me, you are a daughter to me as well, wonderful bday!

I love the way you smile at me whenever I give you something, best bday, goddaughter.

You make me happy by the sweet little things you do for me, thank you and best bday.

You are surely the cutest little thing I have ever seen, wonderful bday to you, goddaughter!

No matter how much time passes by, how much you grow old, I will always love you, kid.

Kid, you are my goddaughter, so I hope that you keep being happy just like I am, today.

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This is your day, my goddaughter, so go out there and have fun, be happy, go out and play.

I love the fact that you are kind and caring, never lose that traits, best birthday to you!

Dear, you are the best epitome of the perfect goddaughter and I love you, wonderful birthday!

You are just awesome and nothing can ever change the way I feel about you, have a amazing birthday celebration!

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You really are a bundle of joy, ever since you came out of the womb of your mother, best birthday to you, my favorite goddaughter!

I am so proud of you and all the things you have accomplished, happy birthday, goddaughter!

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There is not a place I would rather be but beside you on your birthday, my dear goddaughter.

Happy bday to you, goddaughter, I hope that all your wishes and dreams come true.

For you, I would give all that I have for you are my daughter just the same, happy birthday!

Some days it feels as if you really are my daughter, I love you just as much, happy bday!

Wonderful birthday, goddaughter, never lose your smile and curiosity in this world full of sadness.

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You deserve to be happy, I am a witness to all your hardships and trials, my goddaughter so keep on being the way you are, more blessings are sure to come your way, best birthday!

Life is but a big contest that no one really wins because each has a different criteria, so kid, listen to me when I say you need not compete with anyone but yourself, wonderful bday!

Happy bday, my lovely goddaughter, may all the heavens above bless you with your life.

You are the most awesome person I know in this life, happy bday to you, my goddaughter!


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Best bday to you, my dearest, most beloved goddaughter, I hope you are happy today.

Maybe things will go the wrong way and you will find yourself lost, it is okay, goddaughter.

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Life is hard to live but I will be here to guide you through it, best bday, goddaughter!

A goddaughter such as yourself is truly a joy to the family, happy birthday to you, dear!

I wish you have an awesome birthday party my dearest goddaughter, wonderful bday to you!

Thank you for all the memories we have shared together, I am glad for them, best birthday!

I hope that the rest of your birthdays will be as awesome as this one, wonderful birthday to you!

It means a lot to me to be a godparent to such a lovely goddaughter such as you, have fun!

I hope you have the most marvelous day today and just enjoy this birthday of yours, dear.

To my goddaughter, you really are a big blessing to your family and me, wonderful birthday!

You are an angel, my goddaughter, thank you for everything you have done, best birthday!

You are a gift from the heavens above, I cannot think of any reason not to love you, my dear.

I love the way you still kisses your mother and father and is not shy about it, wonderful bday!

Thank you for always making me feel so special, dear goddaughter, best bday to you!


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You really are an amazing person, I am proud to be your godmother, best bday, dear!

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You are the loveliest little girl I have ever met, do not ever change, wonderful bday to you!

Best wishes from me to you, my goddaughter, thank you for everything, I am sending best birthday wishes for you!

Image with happy birthday goddaughter message

It means so much to me when you said you appreciate me, wonderful birthday, my goddaughter.

I hope you experience a great day today, I am always rooting for you my beloved goddaughter!

I am so happy for you and all that you have accomplished, my goddaughter, happy birthday!

Know that you are beautiful right now, the way you already are, happy bday, goddaughter, you deserve all the love and blessings you get because you are yourself.


To the kind and loving goddaughter that I have, I love the way you smile, happy bday!

I am always going to be here for you when you need me so just call me, wonderful birthday, dear!


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I am sending you all my love from miles away, I wish I was there with you, best birthday!

You are just so bright and amazing, you shine through and through, wonderful bday to you!

I hope that all of your wishes come true, happy birthday to you, my favorite goddaughter.


Have fun on each and every birthday you have and just live your life the way you want it.

The best advice that I can give you, my goddaughter is to always give your best in everything.

I will always love you no matter what you decide to do in this life happy birthday goddaughter!

You are such an awesome person and I miss being with you, my goddaughter, best bday!

Watch me as I give you the most amazing birthday gift of all, best bday my dear girl.

My child, you are the most amazing gift your mother has ever shared with me, happy birthday.

You have turned into this amazing person and I can remember how you held my hand when I needed it most even without your knowledge, wonderful bday to you!

You are as beautiful as an angel, your lips as red as roses, wonderful birthday my goddaughter!

I love the way you keep me grounded, my angel, happy birthday to you, dear goddaughter.

You are the best goddaughter any godparent like me can ever have, happy bday to you!

Some days, I do not see the little child I once held in my arms in you, you have grown up so much, my goddaughter, try not to grow up too fast, I miss you and happy bday!


Wonderful birthday to you, my goddaughter and I hope you know that I care for you so much.

There is not a place in this world I would rather be but with you as you celebrate another birthday of yours, I do wish we are close and not miles apart like we actually are.

Best birthday to you, my goddaughter, know that I care for you even if I am far away.


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Wonderful bday to you, I am happy that your mother has chosen me to be your godparent.

There is never anything I would not give if it means that I get to be with you, always.

Happy birthday, my goddaughter, I have prayed for your sake and your family, as usual.


You are beautiful and I hope you know that and get that, happy birthday to you, goddaughter!

There is not a thing I would like to change about you, I think you are perfect, best bday!

You are the best thing that ever came into my life, I am glad I have you, best bday, dear.

The world will try to kill you, to kill your hope and faith, do not let it, wonderful bday to you!

You need not change for anyone, remember that, my goddaughter, let them see you as you are.

People will try to mold you into being what they want you to be, stay firm, best birthday!

As long as you know you are doing the right thing, there is nothing to be afraid of, do not be afraid of what you are becoming, wonderful birthday to you!


I love the way you would always hug me whenever I come visit you at your house, happy birthday to you, my beloved goddaughter!

Thank you for always visiting my house and bringing your parents with you, it feels so good to have children in the house, happy birthday to you, my goddaughter!

May you always do what is the best you can do in everything, happy bday, goddaughter!

I love you and that is the truth, no more trying to change what is done, happy bday!

Do what you can today so that you would not regret anything tomorrow, wonderful birthday!


There is no turning time back so be courageous and speak up, say what you need to say so that you would not regret it in the future, best birthday, my goddaughter.

Do not be ashamed of your mistakes, my goddaughter, the important thing is you learned from them and that you take that lesson with you as you grow older, best bday!

Some days, it does not make sense to me how you are more like me when I am not your mother, best bday to you, my dearest goddaughter, enjoy your day!