Happy Birthday November


Every birthday is special to celebrants and to people around them. For this mean new chapter has opened and new opportunities are about to come. To make every celebration memorable, greetings and wishes should be heartfelt and sincere or it could be funny and witty. However, putting up the right words can be usually hard. To help you to show your love to the celebrant, here’s are the Happy Birthday November wishes and greetings. …More

Happy Birthday December


December is the most awaited time of the year especially for children. This is the month where we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Moreover, December is believed to have a high birth rate which means many people are celebrating their birthdays during this month. If you know someone born on this month it is better to make their celebration extra special. Birthdays are good venue to show how important they are and to express our love to them. If you are having trouble in putting up the right words for your wishes and greetings, here are the Happy birthday December wishes that could surely help you. I hope you make them happy with these lines! …More

Happy Birthday October


Birthday is a special occasion for one’s life. This only comes once a year that is why this is the most awaited day. Birthday becomes more special when you are surrounded by the people you love. To make the October babies out there happy and special. Here are the following Happy birthday October wishes and greetings that will surely make them blushed!” …More

Happy Birthday Harry Potter


Are you a solid Potterhead? Do you know a diehard fan of Harry Potter? If you do, these greetings and wishes are perfect for you Potterheads. These Happy birthday Harry Potter wishes are specially made to Potterheads who want to make their day extra special and magical. Birthdays will be much happier and enjoyable with the help of these greetings. ENJOY! …More

Happy 100th Birthday Wishes


Congratulate that person who is turning 100 today by sending him or her a happy 100th birthday wish. Wow, what a blast this must have bee, having 10 years of life to live and a whole lot more ahead. It must be a great feeling for people to greet you a happy 100th birthday. To help you out in sending your happy 100th birthday greeting, here are some happy 100th birthday wishes that should be nice to send to your loved ones, may it be your mother or father or your grandparents. …More

Happy 105th Birthday Wishes


The person that is very important to you has finally reach the ripe age of a hundred and five. You want it to be the best day for him or her and so you want to greet that person a happy 105th birthday. You want him or her to know that you are grateful that you managed to keep in touch with each other after all these years. Greet that person with these happy 105th birthday that would surely make him or her smile. Try them out and see what happens for yourself. …More

Happy Birthday January


You have someone that you want to greet happy birthday January to and it is of utmost importance that you do so you might want to get your greetings on. For those that have someone they love have a birthday on January, greeting them a happy birthday January is one of the most natural thing to do. In any case, here are some happy birthday January wishes that should help. …More

Happy Birthday February


There is always that one person that was born on the second month of the year and it turns out that this someone is very important to you. For days like that, you want to greet them a happy birthday February. You want them to be able to celebrate their birthday in the loveliest way so you greet them up with a happy birthday February and see their eyes light up. Here are some happy birthday February wishes that should be able to express what you are feeling now. …More

Happy Birthday March


Someone in the family must have been born in March or at least one of your friends or acquaintances is. So it is your responsibility to greet them happy birthday march as you tell them how lucky you are to have them in your life. It would also be great to add a bit of a flare to your greeting so that they would remember it better. Here are some happy birthday march wishes to help you out in your never-ending journey to better things. …More

Happy Birthday April


For the people that are born in April, you might want to greet them if you know that they are celebrating, saying Happy birthday April would be a big deal for sure. It would also mean a lot to them if you can think of some birthday wishes to put together with that. If you are going to be greeting a lot of people a happy birthday April, you might need different wishes, so here are some happy birthday April wishes to help you out with that. …More

Happy 104th Birthday Wishes


Birthdays are always celebrated with families and friends. Each year new memories are created and new friends are made. Moreover, each year is a blessing to the celebrant as well as to their love ones. Nowadays, reaching more than hundred years is not possible for everyone. To help us express our love to the celebrant and to make the celebration happier and memorable, the following quotes and wishes can be used. …More

Happy 103rd Birthday Wishes


Life is a gift from God that should be cherish and nurture. That is why birthdays are celebrated yearly with the family and friends to give thanks for another year of life. We should expressed our love, gratitude and happiness for being with them. However, are you having trouble to put up words for your love ones? The following quotes and wishes will surely help you greet them a happy 103rd birthday for sure. …More

Happy 102nd Birthday Wishes


Birthdays come once a year that is highly anticipated by the family, friends and the celebrant itself. Birthdays let us celebrate another year of life, new beginnings and new opportunities. Moreover, birthdays remind us how old we are and how we should live with it. Reaching a long life is not a necessity to everyone but a privilege for some. Those fortunate live up to 100 years or more than that. To greet and to thank them for their very long existence in this world, here are some birthday quotes and wishes that could surely help you. …More

Happy 101st Birthday Wishes


Someone is celebrating a birthday past a hundred, a happy 101st birthday wish is necessary. This is one of those rare moments when you take away all bad emotions and focus instead on the good side of things. Greet that person a happy 101st birthday and show her or him that you love this day. Celebrate his or her bday by a greeting and if you have no idea what to say, here are some happy 101st birthday wishes to help you out. …More

Happy Birthday September


September is the start of the most awaited BER months for Christmas is about to come. For some this is the start of early Christmas shopping and early gift giving. But for September babies, this is the month they’ve all waiting for. Birthday comes only once a year so it is very special to the celebrants. To help you make their day extra special, here’s are the Happy birthday September wishes and messages. …More

Happy Birthday May


May is the month of flowers and the month of spring time. Moreover, this month becomes extra special when our love ones celebrating their birthdays. Usually before the day comes we are already planning what best gift to give and what best message and wishes to say. If you are having trouble in putting up the right words for your birthday message and wishes, here’s are the following Happy birthday May quotes that could help you.” …More

Happy 99th Birthday Wishes


You are almost close to a centennial anniversary of your birth, or maybe it is not you but someone you know or someone who is close to you. Maybe it is your grandmother or your grandpa that is turning 99 today, go greet him or her a happy 99th birthday. No matter how old a person gets, greeting them up is very important. Send your happy 99th birthday greetings to them warmly. Here are some happy 99th birthday wishes that should help you out. …More

Happy 98th Birthday Wishes


May it be your grandma or your grandpa, your mother or father, or some other elderly person that you know, greetings for a happy 98th birthday is very important. You see, you must know how to greet them right. Just a simple greeting of happy 98th birthday may not be enough, you need to add in some great wish on the side or a message. Here are some happy 98th birthday wishes that can help you out if you are not feeling up to it or have no other idea. …More

Happy 97th Birthday Wishes


There is happiness that cannot be done by just saying a happy birthday, see, you can actually give more joy to another person to others. What you just need to do is to tell the world that you love a certain person. After all, greeting someone a happy 97th birthday to the one that are important to you. Here are some happy 97th birthday wishes to help you out. …More