Happy 22nd Birthday

Celebrating a 22nd birthday is truly one of the happiest moment in someone’s life.
A birthday is always a good day and at the same time, it is a wonderful moment to celebrate and treasure.
There are a lot of birthdays and each one of them is truly precious as well.
Being 22 would be a good year to start doing more things, to start being more and to start exploring more about yourself and the people around you.
If your loved one is turning 22, may it be your sister or maybe your brother, maybe your lover, here are some happy 22nd birthday wishes that they would surely love and appreciate.

Happy 22nd birthday, may you have wonderful thoughts and that they come to life for you boy.

I am always cheering you on and you have to remember I am your number one fan, my son.

Happiest birthday wishes to you, a wonderful woman in the world full of surprises, right now.


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There is nothing better than being with you in celebrating this day, happy 22nd birthday, dear!

This is surely a moment to celebrate and rejoice, one that speaks of your birth, enjoy this day.

In the surface of this earth, I feel lucky to be one of the few who knows you, happiest bday!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

No one in this world can ever mean to me as much as you do; I hope you enjoy your big day.

Live in this moment that you are in and never forget to just have fun all the time, my dearest.

Bro, happy 22nd birthday, I wish that you would have tons of laughter for this special day too.

Do not think that the end of this day would mark the end of happiness, it is just the beginning.

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There is no need to be sad if things do not turn out the way they are supposed to, happy bday.

I will always have a spot in my heart for you no matter what happens, enjoy your big day now.

This marks the beginning of your life, one that should be filled with more joy, happy bday!

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May you have more wonderful moments to come on your way, my love, happy 22nd birthday.

Girl, I think you should go on an adventure of a lifetime, you deserve one, happiest bday too.

You only have so much time here on the world and I suggest you make the most out of it girl.

The smile on your face shows how happy you are, I am wishing you would always be, my love.

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Happy 22nd birthday, always remember that you are beautiful, no matter what others tell you.

Through the years, you remain the same and I cannot say how happy I am that you are, girl.

If I had a chance to pick who my brother would be, it will always be, happy birthday to you!

All the best wishes to you, my sister who has also been my best friend as well, enjoy your day.

Today is your day and let no one in this world ruin it for you, go run it you choose what to do.

The world is a wonderful place to be especially when it’s your big day, happy 22nd birthday!

You do not look like your aging and that is a wonder that only you have in this world, dearest.

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You are truly perfectly amazing the way you are right now and I can only say I love you so.

You are the perfect person for me and I hope you do not forget how much I care for you, love.


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Happy 22nd birthday, wherever you may be, know that I am wishing all the best for you now.

There are more cake at your house than mine though we have the same bday, all the best, girl.

I love you as much as I love all the food you serve at your party, happiest bday to you, my girl.

You are always going to be my best friend through all the times for you make me feel special.

Happy bday to my favorite friend, I wish we can spend more time together though we’re busy.

Happy 22nd birthday, all the best wishes and all the love from me, I love you a whole lot, girl.

We are always busy but still find time to see each other and I want to say I care a lot for you.


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There is never a birthday of yours I dare to miss ever since we were one, I wish you the best.

No one in the world I would celebrate my bday with than you, happy bday to you as well, girl.


You have been my best friend since day one at school and I wish you a happy 22nd birthday!

We are more than twins, more than sisters, we are one person in two bodies, happiest bday!

It is okay to change but for me, you are perfect the way you are right now, enjoy your bday!

There is no one else in the world I would love to hang out with than you, happy 22nd birthday!

Happy 22nd birthday, you are the best in the world, you are my best buddy, I love you a lot!

This world is always going to be filled with surprises but I want to figure them out with you.

I would go to the ends of the world if it means I get to be with you on this bday of yours, baby.


There is not a place I would not go to, through all the lengths if I will be with you, my dear.

You are still the epitome of the greatest person for me and you will always be, happy bday!

Happy 22nd birthday, we have met only years ago but my love for you seem so timeless now.

May you never forget that you should invite me to your birthday, I am always here, my dear.

You go ahead and have tons of fun, drink until you drop, you are way past the legal age now.

You should keep celebrating your age as you grow older, it is but a blessing to you, truly girl.

Go ahead and have tons of fun and a good reason to laugh, I wish you all the best in this life.


The future is where I want to be with you, wishing you all the best in life, happy 22nd birthday!

You should just have fun and invite all of your friends to get together with you, my lovely boy.

Girl, I wish that you would always smile that big, wonderful smile on your lovely face my girl.

You are the very person I wanted to see today, I wish that you would have lots of happiness.

Your heart is as pure as feather which is why I want nothing but the best for you right now.

I think it is the best day to just live your life and have some great fun, happy 22nd birthday kid!

All my worries go away when you smile at me and I can only say I’m truly happy for you now.


I’ll hug all the things that are bothering you away so you can be as happy as you can ever be.

No worries I will always be here no matter what hardship you go through, I love you my dear.

In this world where everything is truly wrong, you are the one who is right for me, my love.

Happy bday to the most wonderful lover I have ever seen in this world, I love you a lot, dear.

I keep wishing you were right here beside me so I can forget the whole world, happiest bday.

You will always be a little kid to me, here I am wishing you a really happy 22nd birthday, girl.

No matter what other people would tell you, know that I am truly loyal to you, as ever can be.


There is enough time in this day to wish you all that I want for you, I love you all the same.

I would keep giving you my heart over and over for you are the most amazing woman ever.

I wish that you would just let go of everything and have a happy 22nd birthday, I love you so!

Having a friend like you is the best blessing I have ever received, happy bday, I miss you so.

Even when the storm is raging, I will be your rock to keep you strong, happiest bday to you.

I am pleased to announce to you that I will always be here for you, I wish you the best bday.

Happy 22nd birthday, there is no need to keep secrets any longer, I love you a lot, I always do.


I hope you got a lot of presents from the people who loves you check mine happiest bday, girl!

May wealth keep on coming your way seeing as you work harder every single day, my baby.

You are the most amazing friend I have ever had and I cannot be even prouder of you now.

Happy 22nd birthday my only wish for you is that you will keep that smile on your face always.

Happy bday to you, let us come and dance the night away until you drop off your feet, darling.

You never did give up what you love so keep doing that, I will always be loving you, my dear.

No one knows about what the future will hold for them so just have a happy 22nd birthday son.


Keep on smiling and keep living a life that you will never regret, I love you and happy bday!

You are the star that keeps us happy and we are more than grateful to have you in our lives.

Happy 22nd birthday, you will always be my favorite daughter no matter how old you get, girl.

Always be the person who is the kindest, that is my wish for you on your big day, happy bday.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and wish all you might, happy 22nd birthday to you, love.