25+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Godson

When you have a godson, it would be so good to greet him on his special day, so here are some happy birthday quotes that would surely make him happy.
Cheer him up with some of these messages.
So to those who love their godson, here are the quotes you can use to greet that child on his Birthday.

Dear godson, you are the best thing God has ever given me, have fun on your Birthday!

Happy bday, godson! Know that I am always here to hear you out if you have problems.

My beloved godson, believe in yourself; I wish you all the best on your Birthday, dear.

You are my favourite godson so for your Birthday, and please enjoy it to the fullest. I love you!

I always treat you like my son, dear godson, so I hope you have a happy birthday!


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You are indeed a blessing to me, with your kindness and all that. Have a wonderful birthday godson.

To my dearest godson, always know that your godfather is here to support you. Enjoy this day.

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Best Birthday to you! I will always be here for you even when you think I am not, my godson.

Keep being the kind child that you are to your parents, wonderful bday to you, my godson!

You are the most awesome kid in this world and I am honored to be your grandparent, enjoy!

Enjoy today because you only get to turn older once a year. Have fun my dearest godson!

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Some days, you will feel out of place but know that I will be here. Best bday, my godson.

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As you grow up, you get to become wiser and stronger so do just that. Best bday to you.

You have been the light of my life since I became your godparent. Wonderful bday, my godson.

To you, my godson, please consider yourself one of my greatest joys. Best Birthday, godson!

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I cannot believe that you get to be another year older, godson. You were so small back then.

You have quite become the handsome lad, godson, now off you go to enjoy your Birthday!

Someday, you will realize that becoming my godson pays off. Wonderful Birthday to you, dear.

I think that you deserve to have the happiest Birthday, godson. You truly deserve this one!


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Come on now, let us have the best time of your life on your Birthday, dearest god son!

Happy wonderful Birthday to my godson, you need to fight for your place in the world out there.

Happy bday to you, just know that I will be here for you until the end of time, dear.

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When you have problems at home, do not hesitate to come to me. Happy Birthday, godson.

Dear godson, may you always think of me like your own parent, because I think of you like my own family. Have the happiest Birthday, dear!

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Dear godson, you deserve to be happy, so just keep being so and enjoy today. Wonderful Birthday!

I hope that you realize that I care for you like I care for my own child. Happy Birthday, godson.


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Happy Birthday to you, my godson, may the heavens above bless you on your special day!

You are somehow one of the things I treasure the most in this life, best Birthday, my godson.

Someday, you will realize why I have always been happy to be your grandparent. Wonderful bday to you!

I hope you grow up to be the most amazing person ever, I know you can do this. Enjoy today!

And when the time comes that you ever need me, I will be here for you. Best bday to you.

Happy Birthday to you, my handsome, awesome, cool and quite amazing godson! Have fun!


I think that there are things that you need to go through to become a great person. Best bday!

You deserve a break and you need it to because you gave it your all. Wonderful bday, godson.

I think I might be the happiest person in the world right now to have you as my godson. Happy Birthday, dear!


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You may be one of the few kids that still loves their parent, so thank you. Happy Birthday!


Best Birthday, godson, always remember that there are quite some priceless things!

The most essential things in life will always be left unseen, heed my advice. Happy Birthday!

Maybe what you really need now is someone to help you out. I’m here. Wonderful Birthday to you.

When things get tough, I will be one of the few people who will be here. Happy bday, godson, always have fun.


Make the most out of the life you are given and you will grow up fine. happy bday, godson.

May you always enjoy every second of life that you have with you. Wonderful Birthday to you!

Godson, know that there are things that can never be replaced. Best Birthday, dear godson.

When you realize that there are things that cannot be bought by cash, you have grown up just fine. Wonderful bday dear godson.

Always believe in yourself no matter what happens. I will stand beside you through the end. Best bday to you my beloved godson!

Some things are not going to be easy but they will be worth it. Best bday, godson!

May you have the warmest of days on your very special day. Wonderful bday to you, godson!

When things get tough and you are unsure of yourself, I will be here, godson. Best Birthday!


If you need help of any kind, just call me and I will be there for you, godson. Wonderful Birthday!

You are one of the godsons that I treasure the most in this world, have fun on your Birthday!

How do things happen so fast? You were such a small kid back then and look how you have grown up. Happy bday to you!


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Today is the day you get to add another year to your age, happy bday to you, godson.

You will probably always be the best person I have ever seen grow up. Wonderful Birthday to you my dear godson!


You want to hang out today just like old times? I am so up for it. Happy Birthday, godson!

When you need a lending hand or an ear to listen, I will be here. Best Birthday, my godson!

Today is your Birthday, godson, so you might as well just enjoy it to the fullest, drink up!

We are going to go where you want to go because it is your Birthday, say it all, godson.

Whatever it is your heart desires, godson, I will give it to you on your Birthday, just say it.

You will always have a special place in my life, godson. Wonderful bday to you right now!

You probably thought that I do not have time for you, but I do. Best bday, godson!

Life will be a little tough on you sometimes but do not worry, I am here. Best bday!

Soon you will grow up to be the most amazing man, but right now, let us celebrate your Birthday, my dearest godson.


You grew up into such a fine young man, I am so proud to have you as my godson. Wonderful bday to you!

Your parents did a good job in raising you and I am glad for it! Best Birthday, godson!

Who would have known that you would be like this, a fine kid. Wonderful Birthday, dear godson!

When the time comes that you need me, know that I will be here. Happy bday, godson!

You will always have a special place here in my heart, godson. Have the happiest Birthday ever!

Godson, may you always find joy in the middle of loneliness. Happy Birthday to you!

You are probably one of God’s blessings to me and I thank Him for it every day. Happy bday my godson!

You are like a bright star, reminding me that I did something right. Wonderful Birthday, godson.

You never know when things are going to go wrong but I am here for you, godson. Enjoy today.

You make me smile by the things you do, I will be forever grateful. Happy Birthday, godson.

You make life so much more worth it, godson. Thank you for that and best Birthday to you.

Know that I will be here beside you until the very end of my life. May you have the happiest Birthday, godson.

Wonderful bday, godson, keep believing that things will be alright tomorrow like I told you.

When I told you how happy I am that I get to be your godparent, I meant it. Best bday!

I love being a godparent for such an amazing kid and you are that. Best bday to you!

Time will come when you realize who really matters in your life, I hope I do. Wonderful bday!

Godson, I hope you make the right decisions, always even when I am not there. Best Birthday to you, dear.

I hope you realize that you are one of my most important person and I treat you like you are my own son. Wonderful Birthday!

Keep the faith and know that things will always be fine as long as you believe in it. Happy bday, godson!


I never would have thought you would be the way you are now. Happy Birthday, my godson!

Dear godson, may the heavens look upon you and shower you with blessings. Happy bday!

You deserve the best birthday celebration because you are hardworking. Wonderful Birthday, godson!

When things are looking bleak, hold on and know that I am here for you. Happy Birthday!

Know that I will be the best godparent out there for you or try to be. Best Birthday, godson.

Treat me like you would your best friend because I want to be your friend. Wonderful bday!

My patience for you will never grow thin and weary because I love you. Best bday, dear godson.

Tomorrow may be my last day so let me spend today with you on your Birthday, dear godson.

Things look bleak and sloppy but I will try to make them better for you my dear godson!

Happy birthday to my godson wishes

Wishing all of the best to a Godson who is always choosing to do the right thing and live life in a beautiful way.

I wish you all of the happiness in the world right now, my godson, and I hope that your Birthday is one that is celebrated much.

I want you to know that I care about you today and every day, my godson, and I hope that you feel my love on your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a Godson who has never let me down and who will always be loved by me and so many others.

We care about you, Godson, and we want this Birthday to be one that your remember fondly for years to come!

We have watched you grow this past year, our godson, and we are excited to watch you grow in the upcoming year, as well!

Good wishes to a Godson who has brought a special kind of light into the world and who is deserving of a great day.

You are constantly learning, growing, and becoming better, Godson, and I hope that your Birthday is beautiful!

You put your all into all that you do, and I hope that you get the chance to relax on this Birthday, Godson, and to soak up the love that we all have for you.

I am thinking of the godson who has made many dark days a little brighter and who will always be loved by me and so many others on this special Birthday.

Today, I take a break from my life to celebrate the Birthday of a godson who means everything to me!

May you have a blessed day, my godson, and may you know that we are all happy that you were born!

Happy Birthday to a Godson who has overcome so much to get to the special place he is at right now!