60 Happy Birthday Wishes To Grandson

If you have a grandson, then you are probably so into them that hearing their smiles and laughter is enough to bring so much joy into your life.
If your grandson is celebrating his birthday and you want to make them feel how special they are to you, then you better send them birthday greetings along with special wishes.
Read these Happy Birthday Grandson messages to help you compose the best message for your grandson.

Grandsons are rare and that’s why I feel so blessed to have you in our lives, little one. You are our prince and you will forever be our little baby. Happy Birthday to my best grandson.

If there’s one thing I want to do today, that is to give you a big, wide hug and to wish you a very wonderful birthday. I love you, young boy!

From that moment we first saw you, I know right then that you will bring so much joy into our lives. Thank you for coming to our life and for giving us the opportunity to become proud grandparents. Enjoy your day with heartfelt birthday wishes from your grandparents!


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Dear grandson, now that it’s your birthday, I wish you lots of toys, cakes and sweets! May you grow up to be a fine young man someday!

You really are the champion and the world’s greatest! And for that, I am forever grateful to be your grandma!

The day your mom was born, my life has become beautiful. But when you were born, my life has become complete. So on this day enjoy with wonderful birthday wishes from your granddad!

Having a great retirement like mine would not be possible without having a grandson like you. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life, happy birthday!

The greatest achievement in my life is one that does not require any effort at all, and that is becoming your granddad, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, baby boy… Here’s our little secret – you’re actually better than your dad when he was your age!

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As your grandparents, we want to spoil you rotten even if your parents don’t agree. Have a happiest birthday today!

There is so much that I want to say about a great grandson like you. But it would certainly take me awhile to finish. I just want to let you know how much you mean to me and I wish you will be happy on your birthday, I love you!

The 60 Happy Birthday Son

Excitement and happiness – that’s what I feel every time I get to see you, grandson! Thank you for making me happy every day, have my loving birthday wishes to you!

The 100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Right from the time I first held you in my arms, I knew you were special. And today, I find myself beaming with so much joy to see you have grown up such a fine young man!

Happy birthday to you, my grandson, may every minute and every second of your life be filled with so much fun!

Birthday celebrations could last for hours, and even days and weeks. But with a cute grandson like you, our celebration will be a lifetime, happy 1st birthday grandson!


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We have been so lucky in life, not just once, but twice. First, for giving us a daughter as lovely as your mom and then another when you were born, happy birthday to cutest grandson!

With a grandson as huggable and cute like you, all our wrinkles are definitely worth it, happy 1st birthday grandson!

Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes List

I really thought I have already seen and done everything there was to see and do in my life – until you came and saw you then held you in my arms.

You know what I love most about my retirement? It’s the thought that I get to spend more time with you, watching you grow up to be a handsome young man. Happy birthday

I really had a great time being a mom to your dad. But now, I am having an even better time in being a grand mom to you, best birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter

Dear grandson, you are the only reason why we look forward to growing older each day, have a wonderful birthday!

As you blow those candles on your cake, here is a promise I want to make – that I will forever be here for you. I love you my grandson, happy birthday to you!


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Your grandmother and I have promised to each other that we will never fall in love with other people in this world. But when we became grandparents and have you in our life, we ate our words.

You may be a messy and sometimes naught and loud teenager. But for us, you will forever be our adorable and cute grandson.

Your mom got my eyes and your aunt got my nose. But you my dear grandson has gotten my heart, happy birthday from your loving family!

Your friends may like or unlike you in Facebook, but we your grandparents, will love you forever, best birthday!

You are a brilliant and shining star, grandson. I am so glad that you came into my life, love you so much!

The 80 Kids Birthday Wishes

Having you as our grandson is truly a blessing from God and your arrival into our lives is certainly a joy, happy birthday to you! Always remember we love you now and forever.

Grandsons such as you are truly rare and that’s why we feel so blessed for you come into our lives. Thank you for you make us so proud and happy!

My dear grandson, you are truly the coolest kid we know. You make us feel so young and lively and for that, we are so happy, enjoy your celebration with loving birthday wishes from your grandparents.

Happy birthday from grandpa to best grandson, you’re actually more adorable than all the puppies all over the world.

On this birthday of yours, let me present to you this special award 0 the best grandson in the world, ware it with proud!


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60 Cute Birthday Messages

There is something that I will never ever trade for anything and that is to be a grand mom to you.

There is no other grandson in this world that can come close to your amazingness. Well after all, you are related to us!

Birthday Greetings for Grandson

They say when you have a baby, it is like you have received the greatest gift in the world. But when you ask grandparents, they will say that when they got a grandson, it was even better feeling then when they got a son or a daughter. For this loving member of family, we have crafted unique heartfelt birthday wishes for grandson, to help grandparents get ideas on how to make his special day even more special.

happy birthday to my grandson

Here’s wishing you will get all the things you ever wished for on your birthday. Don’t worry, we plan to make all of that wishes of yours come true!

You are truly an exceptionally handsome, talented and smart young man. Well, I guess you take after me, happy birthday!

happy birthday from grandpa

Most folks at my age will love to show off their golf kits. But me, I just love to show off my young and smart grandson, happy birthday to you young man.

I may not hug and kiss you enough, but I want you to know that I always long to hug and kiss you, happy birthday to a handsome grandson like you.”

happy birthday to grandson

I want to wish you a very happy birthday, my darling little grandson! For us, everything is brighter on your birthday.

I really feel so honored to be your grandpa. Most of all, I feel so happy for having you in my life. You really make me feel so proud, wonderful grandson!

Best birthday, dear grandson… We all know that your special day will surely be a major hit, just like how you are in the family.

birthday wishes from grandparents to grandson

On your birthday grandson, I promise to spend time with you the whole day and make your birthday the best day ever! I love you my favorite grandson.

You truly are a superstar. You are a champion and an MVP. Mostly though, you are like MVG – most valuable grandson!


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I truly love being your grand mom – it is like being a cool mom without any responsibilities! Happy birthday to my only and favorite grandson.

Finally all of the fizz from my life went away, then your arrival in our lives gave us some more soda, you little miracle!

The last chapter of our lives is sure to be the finest and that is all because we have a grandson like you!

Those oldies who dream of becoming young again probably don’t have a cute and adorable grandson like you!

There is finally someone in the family that is worth passing our genes into and that is you, our darling grandson, enjoy in this special day with heartfelt birthday wishes from grandma!

No dish would be perfect without salt, even if it is a gourmet. In the same way, no family would be complete without having a grandson like you, enjoy in wonderful birthday today.

I could never thought that being your grandparent would bring us so much joy and happiness than the many years of our lifetime? Happy birthday!

The sparkle of the candles of your birthday cake will signify the shining star that you will become. May you have a best birthday celebration today!

Happy 3rd birthday to grandson

They say there are cute when they are younger but cutest at 3rd year. So that is why we have prepared some birthday wishes for 3rd year old grandson to put some extra emotions in celebration.

With having a very best grandson in the world, none of my colleagues will have to wish me a happy retirement!

Happy 3rd birthday grandson

I may not be able to get my daily fix from my morning coffee, but from the hugs and kisses that I get from you, I know my day would be perfect. I am wishing happy 3rd birthday to grandson, best in the world!

The best moment in a grandparent’s life is when he needs to catch up to his grandson who often loves to run very fast. Best birthday, our dear grandson!

Dear grandson, you are that extra in our ordinary lives. Have a happy 3rd birthday!

A luxurious holiday will not give me relaxation. It is in loving you, my grandson that is relaxing for me!

Dear grandson, thank you for bringing in so much joy into our lives. May you have a fun filled 3rd birthday celebration from you grandma!

birthday wishes to grandson

We are sending heartfelt birthday wishes to my dear grandson. We hope that your life will be just like an open book and that this birthday of yours is where your story begins and the rest is still unwritten.

Happy 3rd birthday, dear grandson! Thank you for letting us into your life willingly. We love you so and are extremely proud to be your grandparents.

Dear grandson, you bring light into your lives just like candles on your cake, which outshines everyone else. Happy birthday to you!

Enjoy this special day my grandson! Always remember that we are here to love you and support you in everything. Keep dreaming, aim high and reach the star!

Enjoy your 3rd Birthday today sweet grandson and have a wonderful celebration with 3 cute candles on your cake.