Cute Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

The 16th chapter in a person’s life is similar to standing in a line between the teenage years and adulthood.
It is a spring to womanhood for a girl, while for a boy, a step closer to manhood.
Whether for a close friend or relative, why not drop by a special message to brighten up their 16th birthday?

You are wishing you a blessed journey ahead filled with adventure and lessons that will strengthen your heart in the chapters to come! Happy 16th birthday!

High hopes on your dreams to take flight,
Beautiful opportunities to greet you on your way,
Happiness and sunshine to fill your days
And blessings to shower down on you always!
Happy 16thbirthday!


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You will only be 16 once, so enjoy this wonderful gift of youth. Have fun as much as you can! Grab the chances to experience life to its fullest! Be fearless! Happy 16th birthday!

Being 16 is an excuse to party with friends, to do things to your heart’s content and to learn things that you’ve always been interested on. Have an awesome 16th birthday!

16 is the stage in your life where you start building a foundation for your future. This is where you experience your first heartbreak; where you start getting a picture of what you want to do someday; where you focus on working on your talents; and where you start seeing how beautiful life is. Enjoy your 16th birthday!

Before, your parties are all about magic shows and mascots, now, it is about crazy dancing and music! Go wild! Happy 16th birthday!

When you turn 16, you are entrusted with more responsibilities. Your family starts seeing you as someone they can rely on. Don’t be afraid of this. Take it as a challenge! It is aimed to prepare you on what’s coming in the future! Happy 16th birthday!

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It was dolls and colouring books on the top of your list before, now it is shoes and handbags. Your favourite ride was your dad’s piggyback, now it’s on very your own car. Your favourite TV show was power puff girls before, now it’s MTV and America’s Top Model. How you have grown up so fast! Happy Sweet 16th!

Treasure every moment. Don’t rush in growing up! Savour every moments you have at school, you’ll miss it when you start working. Enjoy your night out with friends and family, those are the moments you can never get back. Listen to the music slowly and digest the lyrics, there is nothing like the music of your generation. Dance like crazy! You will not have the same energy in the future. Fall in love and cry your heart out until pain is gone. It is meant to teach you a lesson. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. They are the best teachers. Experience and live to the fullest! Happy 16th birthday!

How time flies! I can still remember when I have first held you in my arms. How you rush out of the house when you hear the sound of the ice cream truck. Do you remember how happy you were when we went to Disneyland? Now, you have grown up to be a beautiful and amazing person. I am so very proud of you! Happy 16th birthday my son/daughter!

You are meant to set a trail of wonder. Your kind heart is to shine upon the darkness. You are an amazing person to behold. Happy 16th birthday!


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Embrace the excitement of being 16. The thrill of the parties, falling in love, the challenges of school while juggling tasks and learning how to drive. Happy 16th birthday!

It was Match Box and Hot Wheels before, now you are driving your own red car. You are constantly updated with the latest in Xbox and Play Station – that did not change! Happy 16th Birthday Buddy! Enjoy the ride!

Happy 21st Birthday

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

16 is the season of dating, learning how to drive, parties but no drinking yet! I know it will be an awesome ride for you, as much as it has been for me in the past. Happy sweet 16!

May you bloom gracefully like the flowers in spring,
May your smile radiate like the shining sun.
May you grow with wisdom from the experiences that will come along the roads of your journey.
Happy Sweet 16th!

Can you believe it? You’ve only dreamed of studying in High School when you were a child or learn how to drive your own car. Now, you are a couple of years away from graduating and you have your own car to drive around. Welcome to the exciting world of 16! Happy birthday!

Goodbye 15 and welcome 16! Greet your new chapter with an open-heart and excitement for the wonderful things to come. Cheers to your 16th!


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16 is the milestone of abundant happiness; of joining the crowd in concerts until you can’t scream no more; of dancing until you drop at parties; sleepless nights and sleepovers with your classmates; of forging friendships that will last a lifetime; of experiencing the sweetness and bitterness of falling in love; of summer camps and chats over bonfires with your family; of bounty of beautiful memories. Enjoy this precious year of your life! Happy 16th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Princess

Welcome your 16th year with open-arms! Embrace the change and challenges that will make you stronger. Get out of your comfort zone and aim to surpass yourself! This is a wonderful time of learning and living! Happy 16th Birthday!

best wishes for happy sweet 16th Bday

16 is your emergence from childhood and a step closer to adulthood. This is a period where you are allowed to be a bit silly and yet given responsibility for your own actions. Enjoy this fruitful period of your life. Happy Sweet 16th.

blessed sweet 16th

Call all your friends, don’t hold back on the cake, turn up the music loud and dance the night away! This is your day! It only comes once! Happy 16th birthday!


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The Don’ts of sweet sixteen

  1. Don’t be afraid of taking risks and making mistakes that scare you. More often, the things that you are afraid of are ones that you will learn from the most.
  2. Don’t miss out on the fun! Go out when the opportunity presents itself. When you grow older, you won’t have the same energy as you were at 16.
happiest cute sixteen
  1. Don’t be scared of being yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is not scared of showing the world who he/she really is.
  2. Don’t forget the people who truly care for you – they are your family and closest friends whom you can rely on during your darkest times and will love you no matter what.
  3. Don’t disregard your dreams! You have a bright road ahead where you can turn this dream into a reality!
  4. happy sweet sixteen to you

Wishing you only the sweetest things in life! Sweet opportunities, sweet blessings, sweet happiness and sweet health! Happy Sweet 16!

happy sweet 16th Birthday

The 50 Happy Birthday Girl

Today, as you turn 16, expect more adventures, more craziness, more rollercoaster rides and more treasure-filled wanders to stumble upon your way! Have a wonderful sweet sixteen Birthday! Cheers!

16 is the time in our lives where we can finally have more freedom to do what we want! Here is to more sleepovers, late-night talks, chats over coffee about boys and our professors, and finally, we can drive around town on your car! Happy 16th birthday!

As you turn 16, more boys will start lining up outside our house, which will give dad a headache. You will start dressing beautifully, in which I will tell you to change because I know you will turn heads as soon as you enter a room. Mom will worry more when you are still out at 10pm, since she know a lot of boys want to take you home. Such a lot of problems you bring! That’s only because you have grown beautifully! Happy 16th sis!

I love you and enjoy your sweet sixteen

You will start going out more often because you have your own car to drive around now. You will dress more appropriately now and play more basketball. I will hear you talking softly with someone on the phone and you will snap when I start pestering you about it.! My how you’ve grown my little brother! The only thing that will never really change is your love for videogames Happy sweet sixteen birthday!


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A few years ago, your jam is Old Mac Donald and now, you are grooving to Ariana Grande. You always dreamed of dressing up like one of the Disney Princesses and now, your style icon is Taylor Swift. How you’ve grown up! Happy 16th birthday!

The Do’s of sweet sixteen

  1. Do have as much as adventures as possible! Being 16 means being able to do more of the things that you can’t before!
  2. Do open yourself to more possibilities of learning! There will be endless opportunities to learn that will come along the way! Grab it!
  3. Do dream big! You are young! You can do anything if you put your mind on it.
  4. Do things that you love! It gives you great satisfaction and it will help you decide what you want to do in the future!
  5. Do show your love to the people that matters! And hang-out with them more often! Making memories with the important people in your life is a keepsake worth keeping for a lifetime.

For your 16th birthday, I wish you happiness to share with those around you, compassion to lift the spirits of those who need it the most, and the grace to grow into a beautiful person with a big heart! Happy 16th birthday!

May you be blessed with good health and boundless energy to venture on new life experiences, blessings to nurture you and joy to keep you smiling no matter what comes your way! Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!

happy sweet sixteen birthday wishes

Being 16 only comes around once. So, savour every joyous moment, go out and experience life to the fullest and sing the song of your heart out loud! Happy sweet sixteen birthday!

A glimpse of adulthood is unfurled upon you when you reach 16. It is something to look forward to and not to be afraid about. You are young! Take your step one at a time. Happy 16th!

Funny Happy sweet 16 quotes

You only get to celebrate your sweet 16 one time, and I hope that you go all out as you celebrate this special day and all that it means.

Happy sweet 16 to someone who is deserving of a huge celebration and a year of good things!

I hope that you feel like the world is celebrating right along with you as you celebrate your sweet 16 and all that it means!

Happy sweet 16 and may the upcoming year bring many amazing opportunities into your life!

I hope that you feel me right there with you as you celebrate your sweet 16 and you take another step toward adulthood.

You are growing up too fast and I hope that your sweet 16 is a day that is filled with all kinds of fun!

Happy birthday to someone who is finally celebrating the sweet 16 that they have been longing for through the years!

I hope that your sweet 16 is one that is relaxing and that is filled with all of those people who mean the most to you.

Your sweet 16 should be celebrated with all of your favorite things, and I hope that your day is everything that you want it to be.

When I think about you celebrating your sweet 16, I imagine a beautiful cake and colorful balloons… may you get all of that and more today!

Happy birthday to someone who is deserving of the best sweet 16 celebration ever! May your day be everything that you imagined that it would be.

You should have a day that is focused on you as you celebrate your sweet 16, and I hope that is exactly what you get.

Happy sweet 16 to someone special, someone who is appreciated and loved more than you will ever know!