55+ Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Sister

For that girl who thinks the same way you do and who will never let you down, here is to that best friend that always knows the right time to talk to you, to the person who always listens, here is to your sister, your friend, everything you need and more.
Here are some of the best birthday wishes you can tell her to let her know that you do love her.

To my dearest sister, I miss you so much. I wish you were here with me, happy birthday to you sis!

There are just so many things I wish I could tell you right now, best wishes to you, sis!

Sis, would you listen to me again while I rant for hours and hours? Wonderful birthday to you!

I hope that you get all the things that you desire, my little sister, best bday to you today!

You have grown another year older today but I am sure that you are the same person at heart.


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There are so many reasons to celebrate every single day, for today, it is your birthday, sister!

Wonderful bday to you, my dearest sister, I hope that you will feel happy forever and ever!

You are the best person I have ever met in my whole life, best bday to you, dear sis!

Sis, I hope that on your birthday, you can make some time for me, best birthday to you!

The only thing that I want to change is for you to spend more time with me wonderful birthday sis!

I just could not imagine how sad my life would be without you with me, best birthday sister!

Oh, sister, you make me so happy whenever we are together, I miss you and happy bday!

There are no words that can ever express the love I feel for you, best birthday my dear sis!

You are really a treasure for our parents and I love that about you, beautiful birthday big sis.

Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you, happy bday to you my sis.

The most memorable moments of my childhood are those spent with you, lovely birthday!

I thank you for all the advices you have given me in my entire life, best birthday big sis.

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Dear sis, do not let the world change you, I think you are perfect being you, wonderful birthday!

May the Lord up in heaven bless you and guide you in everything you do, happy birthday, sis.

No matter what tomorrow may bring you, just know that I have your back, happy sweet birthday, sis.

Sis, you are one of the role models that I look up to in life, I love you and wonderful birthday!

You may be a whole lot younger than me but I love you just the same, happy birthday, lil sis!

I am so happy that we were born as sisters, I get to have a best friend too, best birthday!

Sisters truly are blessings from God and I am thankful for you, best bday to you, sis!

You are beautiful just the way you are, do not let people tell you otherwise, best birthday to you, my dearest sister, stay beautiful and keep living a happy life.

I can never forgive you back then for all the times we fought but we made up. Wonderful birthday!

I want you even after all the fights, I feel responsible for you but happy wonderful birthday to you, sis!

Big sister, may you always choose to do the right thing in everything, have a best birthday!

My childhood would not be the same if you are not with me, my dear sis, happy birthday!


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There are a lot of times that I wished you were here beside me, wonderful birthday big sister!

You are kind enough to teach me how the world really works, thank you and best birthday!

Sis, I hope that you are doing fine wherever you may be right now, best birthday to you.

There is no replacing you here in my heart, you have a special place here, happy bday, sis.

Out of all the things that I know, you are still the best one ever, wonderful bday to you, lil sis.

May the stars take you wherever you want to go and guide you as well, wonderful birthday, lil sis.

The way I have lived my life would be incomplete without a sister like you, happy bday.

There would be no great childhood memories without you there, best birthday, lil sister!

Thank you for your patience whenever I am being annoying, wonderful bday to you, big sis.

You are beautiful both on the inside out and I really adore you so, wonderful birthday, my lil sis.

If you were to tell me that you are not human, I would have believed you, best birthday, sis!

You have listened to me all the time, about my pain, my heartbreaks, happy bday to you!


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You have been through what I am doing now and you guide me, thank you and wonderful birthday!

You are truly a diamond, maybe in the rough, but still you sparkle so much, happy birthday!

There is no one I would rather be best friends with than with you, wonderful bday to you, sis.

I love you even through all the differences that we have, I will be here for you happy bday.

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

happy birthday to my beautiful sister

There is no way I will ever forget the feelings you once made me feel, best birthday my sis!

You really are a healer who soothes away all the pain that I feel, thank you and have fun.

We will be best friends forever, you just have a disguise of being a sister, wonderful birthday!

Forget all about the pressure you feel and just focus on me right here, happy birthday, sis, may you always try to be kind to everyone even when it is very hard to do so.


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One hug and I am healed, that is how much of healer you are to me, happy bday, lil sis.

birthday wishes for my beautiful sister image

Life will not be easier but with you I feel a whole lot better, awesome bday to you, my sister.

No matter how things might change, I will stick beside you until the end, wonderful birthday, sis.

We are a pair, the two of us, and we would be incomplete without the other, best birthday!

We are both imperfect but that is what makes us who we are, wonderful birthday my dear sister.

You deserve respect, you are the most awesome sister of all the universe, wonderful birthday!

You and I are like mirror image, we reflect each other, thank you and best birthday, lil sis.


I feel like the richest person in the whole wide world because I have you, lovely birthday, sis.

You are the coolest, most awesome person I have ever met, happy bday to you, my big sis.

My life is a kaleidoscope and you are the one with the vibrant colors wonderful birthday, sister!

My life would not be the same without you, I am glad that I have you in it, happy birthday, sis.

Even when no one else cares about me, as long as you are there, I am okay, lovely birthday!


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No one can ever come between the two of us, even fights, because I love you, happy bday!

Happy birthday to my Husband from the heart


You make life so much better than it really is, thank you sister and nice birthday to you!

You filled the gaps that I feel in my life and that means a lot to me, best birthday big sis!

Some days, you are like a mom, some days you make me feel warm, happy bday big sis.

We may have been sisters by chance but I really do like that fact, beautiful birthday lil sis.

I do not think I will ever find anyone as cute and adorable as you, best birthday lil sister.

We may fight all year around but in the end, we make up and get closer, wonderful birthday, sis.

Today is your birthday and I have so much things I want to say but happy birthday, lil sister!

I wish that I can tell you what I feel, but things are no longer the same, happy bday, sis!

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend


Thank you for always understanding me and touching me in your own way, best birthday!

You are the most wonderful sister anyone can ever have and I am glad I have you, nice birthday you, my sister who is also my best friend!

I bet my life would be so dull without you in it, you are the color of it, wonderful birthday, sis!

I am older but sometimes it sure feels like you are so much wiser than me, happy bday!

Ever since I first held you in my arms, I knew you are going to be lovely, happy birthday, sis.

I will keep on loving you even when you are so unlikable, nice birthday you, my sister.

Birthday Wishes for Daughters


I can never hide anything from you and that is okay, I love you, nice birthday you, sis!

You listen to all my problems and here we are today, best birthday and I love you so much.

No one else in the world matters when I am together with you, wonderful birthday, my lil sister.

I love the way you make me feel, as if I am the best sister in this world, happy bday!

I have been jealous of you at times but I am really proud of you and what you have become, I loved watching you grow form a baby to an awesome teenager, best birthday, little sister.

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You were my wings when I needed to fly, so here I am wishing you a very wonderful birthday, sis.

We have a bond that is stronger than any other, and I love that, thank you and happy birthday!

It was hard getting there but we are here now and that is what matters, happy bday, sis!

You make my life so much more wonderful than it already is, nice birthday you, sister!

Thank you for always giving me as mile when I feel so down in my life, wonderful birthday, sis!

Funny Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

To the very best sister anyone could ever hope to have. You bring so much joy to my life. Love you always and have a happy birthday.

Nothing compares to the bond that we share, being your sister is so special, and I hope you have a great birthday.

Happy birthday to a sister who always cares, who is always there, who gives nothing but love.

You are the best sister in the world, I just cannot say it enough so I will take your birthday as another chance to remind you. Happy Birthday.

I hope on your birthday that you get everything you ask for and more, happy birthday to the best sister in the world.

Life is better with you in it, thanks for being such a great sister. I love you. Happy birthday.

Hoping that today is filled with lots of wonderful and happy memories. Happy birthday.

Your birthday is the best time to remind you that I think you are the best sister anyone could ask for. Happiest of birthdays to you.

It is your birthday and I hope that you are going to get everything that you dream of and much more. Happy birthday.

I am so happy to be celebrating another year of you, sis. Happy birthday to you.

You are a superstar sister and I hope your birthday is better than ever. Happy Birthday.

Let your birthday be filled with drinks, laughs, and lots of love. Happy birthday.

Wishing you a magical birthday today, hope you make the most of it. Love you dearly. Happy birthday.

So thankful to have you in my life, you are the best sister I could have dreamed for, thank you for all the love you give me every day and I hope you have a happy birthday.