The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

Your granddaughter is perhaps one of the best gifts you have received in your life. So if she is celebrating her birthday, it would be great if you send her the most special birthday wishes.
If you do not have the time to write a beautiful message for your precious granddaughter, then here are the Happy Birthday granddaughter messages that can serve as your guide.

My dear granddaughter, thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives… Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, may you have a blast!

Granddaughter, thank you for always making me smile. I love you, happy birthday!

I only have great big hugs and kisses for you on your birthday and a special wish, too… happy birthday!

Your name is synonymous to the word sweetness… happy birthday to you, my darling, little princess!


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Another cake and a candle day for you, my dear granddaughter… I am totally proud of you, happy birthday with so much love!

You are my joy, my dear grandchild.You lighten my world like nobody else does.When you smile at me I promise to smile even more brightly.You are the light of my life and on this special day, I wish you nothing less but happiness and joy all throughout your life.Happy birthday!

You have grown to be a very big boy.You are kind, sensitive, funny, wise, interesting, and like a ball of fire! Your parents are all of these things.I know you will be a wonderful and strong person.Happy birthday and may all your wonderful wishes come true.I love you so much

On this special day may Jesus, who is there for all children stay always beside you to guide and protect you all the days of your life.May He bless you and keep you.Happy birthday my sweetest grandchild.

My grandchild, you have made your family and friends proud by working very hard to reach this day.May all your achievements bring you happiness and may you be successful in everything that you do.Happy birthday dear!

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There is always a lot of pride in every thought of you,And on this day,I want to wish you warmest wishes and a special prayer that God will always bless you and keep you safe.Happy birthday, princess!

Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes List

My grandchild, It has been a joy since you were born,to watch you grow each and every day,to share in all of your accomplishments and see the love you show. I am wrapping my gift with these birthday wishes for my sweetest granchild!

I want you my grandchild to live life to the fullest, love yourself and understand how much you are worth to yourself, and to the rest world. I want you to be an optimist and know everything you do in your life has consequences for the whole world and especially to those you love and who love you.Happy birthday my grandchild.

I want to wish you my granddaughter love, peace and happiness and a true sense of self-worth. I wish for you to have the self-confidence and strength to follow all your dreams.Happy birthday!

The light in your eye always makes me forget the years have passed quickly.The relative calmness of your nerves and maturity in everything has made me know that you have now grown into a lovely young adult.Happy birthday!


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The day that you came to my life was one of the happiest day of in life.The days you began walking were the most amazing.All the days you say you love me are the most that i hold dear close to my heart.In almost every way you my granddaughter have made my life to be memorable and Happy birthday little angel.

Happy birthday, my darling! May every birthday you celebrate take you into another fantastic adventure. Not because you deserve it, but also because it will make every moment of the next year of your life as amazing as you!

On this birthday of yours, I just want to recall all the amazing times we have spent together which bring me so much happiness. Thank you for being a wonderful granddaughter. I love you so much, happy birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Son

More than 100 Birthday wishes for you.

Granddaughters are the greatest delight in life and a greatest reason to celebrate. Happy birthday to the source of my greatest, joy!

I know that I’ve told you how special you are to us, but it will never hurt to say it once, twice and even more! When someone is special to you, I guess you just want to make them feel special at all times… So, happy birthday to the special girl in my life!

60 Happy Birthday Grandson

You are my granddaughter and my best friend in disguise.Having you in my life takes my life to a new level because my bond with you bond is not just the ordinary.It is delightful and magical.Happy birthday grandchild,I love you so much.

The 50 Happy Birthday Princess

Sweetheart, thank you for always making me smile. Whatever the future holds, always keep in mind that I will always love you… I wish you wonderful birthday my dear, granddaughter!


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You are filled with so much sweetness in you. You are sweeter than all of the birthday cakes and the ice creams in the world. This is the reason why everyone around thinks you are delicious and I myself cannot go a day without thinking about you… happy birthday, sweetie!

Of course, I know you are smart, talented, kind and sweet. What else can I say? You take that after me! Happy birthday, dear granddaughter!

Best birthday wishes for my dear granddaughter! You shine so bright and beautiful each day, I love you!

For a special granddaughter… Thinking of you with so much love and pride on your birthday, happy birthday, sweetie!

A special day and a special year bring to you warm congratulations and the best of wishes, too! For you are special no matter what the day, happy 3rd birthday!

35 Birthday wishes to granddaughter with inspiring images

It is always a treat to wish a very wonderful birthday to someone as sweet as you, my lovely granddaughter!

If I could put my heart in a paper and ink, then I would have certainly done it. Not because I am so crazy about you but it’s just for me to show you how much I really love you. Wishing you a very happy birthday my dear granddaughter!

Dear granddaughter, you’ve made the twilight of our lives to become more radiant than the dawn, happy birthday to you!

birthday wishes to granddaughter

Spending my time with my granddaughter makes me feel like a youth once more.Speaking with you makes me feel nice.It makes me reflect on those times which make me feel so good.In my boring and dull day.You always make a lovely time.My granddaughter, you accomplish my life’s purpose.Happy birthday

Happy special day to an angel who I love very much.She is a fairy in my life who gives us everything that I lack. Happy birthday to my grandchild.I love you more than words can explain and i will always be there for you.

I always thought the most joyful day was the one I became a father.But it is nothing compared to the day I received my little granddaughter.It was a hear warming experience to hold you in my arms.A feeling so magical and heavenly.Happy birthday lovely!

You are a young person but I can already see your potential.Even if you are young you have a big destiny.You are so special and kind too. Have a best birthday and may you live to see all your dreams come true

happy birthday to granddaughter

You are so sweet, so bubbly, so cute and so beautiful.Your mom and dad are so lucky to have you as their child.As another year comes in your life may you grow to fulfill all the desires of your heart?I love you so much.Happy birthday, darling!

birthday wishes for granddaughter

It is beautiful how a person can have an enormous effect on other lives of everyone around him.Your love has made everyone joyful.Since the day that you came to this world, my hearts has grown fonder.I have become better and nothing has ever been the same.Happy Happy birthday to you my granddaughter.

You are more adorable than my own daughter.You are the one that I will do anything to make sure your birthday is enjoyable and fun.My darling you have always been a diamond close to my heart.Best wishes for your birthday coming from your grandparent.Happy birthday!

I may have become old, but my heart is not cold.I will not forget to always bring you gifts because I love you more than words can explain.For me, you are more than a princess and you have unlocked all my life’s happiness.Happy birthday, dear.I love you!>

happy birthday to granddaughter from grandparents

You are the best gift that your parents have ever given me.You fill my life with a sense of hope and purpose.I look forward hearing your voice to keep all my troubles at bay.I am sure that you always bring joy and happiness to my life .You are the reason that my life is so magical.Happy birthday, sweetheart!

You are a bundle of joy in my life.Happy special day to the child who is grandparent’s pride.The child who makes all the people around her smile all the time. Best birthday wishes to dearest and may you grow to be a fruitful individual.

Happy birthday my little angel.Even though you are still very small,you play a very big part in my life. I am sending heartfelt birthday wishes to you and may you live to fulfill all the desires of your heart.

A granddaughter is the real fruit of labor. May you continue to shine and be the purpose of all our happiness. Happy birthday, sweetie.

happy 3rd birthday granddaughter

May you grow with love and be the best woman you could ever be.

A granddaughter is the true reminder that grandparents did well in raising their children.

You make us prouder from the day that you were born until now. No words can ever describe how blessed we are to have you. I am sending birthday wishes to sweetest granddaughter in the world!

I wish that you would grow with more love and caring as you show your true affection and compassion to your grandparents.

We wish that you would reach your dreams sooner and become the woman you’ve always wanted to be. We’ll always be here to support and love you. Happy birthday!

happy 1st birthday to granddaughter

A granddaughter is also a daughter in a younger form, given in a much later time.

We wish that you would grow as a respectful, a dreamer, and a very responsible woman. I wish happiest birthday to my awesome grandchild!

happy birthday granddaughter from grandma

A granddaughter’s caring arms will always remind us that growing old is only a state of mind and that love truly reigns.

A young lady like you deserves grants from all the desires of your heart. Happy birthday from your grandparents!

Happy birthday granddaughter quotes

You, my granddaughter are a huge source of joy to my life. Your parents are lucky to have you as their daughter but I’m even luckier to have you as dearest granddaughter. Happy birthday. Enjoy yourself.

You are my princess, my light and my source of happiness. You make our life worth living. Happy birthday dearest.

Happy birthday my sweet little girl. I’m so grateful for all the joy, love and wonderful surprise you bring in to my life.

May this special day be as sweet and lovely as you, my cutie pie. Happy birthday.

I’m incredibly proud to call you my granddaughter. May all your wishes today and tomorrow come true on this day. Have a wonderful day and enjoy.

As you celebrate a new milestone of your life may this upcoming year be as phenomenal as you are. Happy birthday to my amazing daughter.

Your determination and strength inspires me every day, but your unconditional love warms my soul. Happy birthday sweet heart.

I only have great hugs and issues for you on this special day. You manage to be so many things all at once; beautiful, strong and intelligent. Happy birthday to you granddaughter.

May your cupcakes be filled of sprinkles and your heart full of love on this special day. No one deserves it more than you do.

Hugs and kisses will always be bigger and warmer than all the stuffed toys you will ever have. Happy birthday to my sweetest granddaughter.