Happy 59th Birthday Wishes

A year shy away from the big six oh and you might be wondering whom you should be greeting.
Maybe your mom, your dad or your grandpa and grandma are visiting you and you should be happy for them, especially if they are turning fifty nine.
Now is really the time that you need to greet them a happy 59th birthday and tell them that they still deserve to be happy.
Sometimes, it takes time to make your wishes come true.
Here are some happy 59th birthday wishes that you will surely enjoy through and through so try to use them and see how they can help you.

Being with you is a pleasure, I love hearing your stories all the time, happy bday, grandma!

This day is one way God is telling you how happy He is for creating you, happy 59th birthday!

I will never forget the things that you have taught me in this life, thank you and happiest bday!


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There are times when I feel sad and you comforted me, thank you and enjoy your big day now.

You deserve all the riches in the world and to be happy, I hope you do, have a happy bday!

Happy 59th birthday, may you keep on being the good person that you have always been now.

100 Birthday Wishes

My dear grandpa, thank you for all the wonderful stories you shared with me every time, too.

There is nothing better than spending some time with the people I love like you, happy bday.

Birthdays come and go but you will always be in my heart, I hope you enjoy today, mother.

I’m sure you have had great moments in the past but do not settle yet, happy 59th birthday!

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

There is no one else I would love to be with at this moment, I love you a lot, Pa, enjoy today.

Make the most out of your special day and do not forget to thank God for giving you today.

Count your blessings and thank Him for everything, including this big day of yours, my dear.

I am so lucky to have you in my life, trying your best to be the person you are, happy bday!

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

Happy 59th birthday I wish you would get to make new amazing memories today to fill you up.

When no one in the world would dare to be with me, you did and so enjoy this special day.

I wish that you may prosper in everything that you wish to do, you deserve to, my dear love.

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You have always been kind ever since the day we first met, enjoy your day and happy bday!

This day should tell you how many people truly loves you so much have a happy 59th birthday.

There is not much I want you to know but I hope I was there with you today, enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday Crazy Brother Wishes

Your big day is truly something to celebrate so go out there and enjoy it, you deserve to, ok?

There is no better way to do things than go out there and just have fun, you need to enjoy it.

Keep being the good person you have always been and enjoy your special day, I love you!

There are a billion people in the world, one of them remembered today, happy 59th birthday!

30 Happy Summer

Fill your life with the things that you love to do, no one is ever too old to enjoy this life too.

Before all your hairs turn grey, I just want to tell you I love you so much, Mama, enjoy today.

Here are some flowers picked freshly just for you, hope you like them, Ma, happy bday too!

If I can wish for something for you, I wish you rest so you can finally just be in peace, Daddy.


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I think that your heart is the best thing about you, so may you have a happy 59th birthday, girl.

I have always been a Daddy’s girl and so now, I wish you would just enjoy and have fun too.

Let us keep on growing old together, my love, I promise to stay with you always, happy bday.

This day is special, it is something to celebrate so let us go on with it and just have fun now.

May this day of yours be filled with smiles to celebrate, have a really happy 59th birthday!

Mostly, I just want you to know that I would cross the oceans if it means I get to be with you.

Your birthday should be something to see, I bet it is, so go out there to celebrate with me.

We have been together for so many years now and still you are the most beautiful for me, love.

You are one of the reasons that I consider myself blessed, I love you a lot, I hope you know it.

Woman, you are the best person I know in this world, I hope you have a happy 59th birthday!

Happy bday to the most wonderful man in this world, to whom I call my husband dear, you.


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There is no better way to tell you a happy bday than to kiss you and let you know how I feel.

Happy 59th birthday to the woman that I will always cherish the most in this world, darling.

Sending you lots of good wishes, virtual hugs and kisses, I hope the weather is nice in there.

We are so far away from each other and still I keep wishing you were here to celebrate today.

May your special day be as wonderful as you have always been, keep the fire burning steady.

You are the first person I remember being with, also the last one too, happy 59th birthday!

A bday card is not enough to write all the reasons I fell for you but enough to wish you love.

May you always have love and experience love no matter where this life takes you, my dear.

You are in abroad but that won’t stop me from greeting you the happiest bday ever, love.

I am so lucky to have met the love of my life years ago, enjoy and have a happy 59th birthday!


Even when my heart runs out of space, you will have your own special place in there, Mom.

No matter how other people may view it, this son of yours loves you a lot, Mom, enjoy today.

When no one else in the world tells you about how you look, Mama, you are more than pretty.

People come and go but you are the one who stayed, happy bday to you, Dad, I love you so.

Happy 59th birthday, keep shining your light to those people who needs it the most, my dear.

May you have a whole lot of bday to come for you deserve it, you have always been so kind.

Generous and trustworthy, that is how people came to know you so enjoy your special day.


We may not always talk but I hope you know that my heart just simply adores you so much.

And when people tell you to stop, just keep going, you are doing great, happy 59th birthday!

I have long wished to rid myself of people who are bad and you are still here, happy day!

Your day is special and it is the people you are with that makes it so, but hey you are special.


May this card and message show you how much I want to be with you, wishing you the best.

No matter what happens, just know that I am here all the time, always here for you, my dear.

No one should tell you what you can’t do any longer, go do more things, happy 59th birthday!


Big sis, you have turned to be a beautiful woman, I have to say I am just so proud of you now.

There are a million of reasons why I picked you, happy bday and know that I love you a lot!

There was no one else for me, only you from the very beginning, it has always been you, love.

Happy 59th birthday, no matter what, do not mind others, just focus on becoming happier now.

Dear, I wish that you would enjoy this day for it marks your 59th one, love your life, live it too.

Sometimes, wishes can be a curse or a blessing, it is all up to you to decide which one it is.

All that I want for you is that you be happy without anything holding you back, enjoy your life.


There is nothing wrong with being happy, so keep the flame burning, happy 59th birthday!

May your tomorrows be filled with love, happiness and just enjoy every second of it as well.

Have a fun bday party and celebrate the amazing thing that life has always been, I love you.

There is more to the world than what meets your eye so enjoy and have tons of fun as well.

And in the end what happens in your life is solely up to you, remember it, happy 59th birthday!

Before this day ends, I hope I am not too late to greet you a happy bday, I miss you a lot too.

For now, just keep in mind that I care and miss you already, enjoy today and wait for me too.


There is nothing I can wish for but that you enjoy today and have a really happy 59th birthday.

I will come home to you and together we will celebrate your big day, I promise that to you.

No one else in the world has ever made me feel that I matter so much, only you, happy bday.


Happiest bday to the person who has been with me through all the ups and downs of my life.

Thank you for being part of my life and being with me through it, have a happy 59th birthday!

And all that I wish is that you enjoy your life and have all the fun that you need, enjoy too.

There is nothing more I want right now than to be with you and be happy together, us two.