30 Happy Birthday Crazy Wishes

Life is crazy, and so are people, and it is up to you to deal with them, especially if they are your friends.
Well, everyone is a little bit messed up; that’s just part of how people are.
On the other hand, when it is their birthday, you might as well greet them because a vital day is still an important day.
Here are some happy crazy birthday wishes that you might want to try out in case you run out of things to say to greet them on their special day.

Happy birthday crazy, I miss your every move, how you try to make the most of life.

You are my happy place even when you are as weird as anyone can get; yes, you are.


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You are indeed one of the best people I know; let’s just celebrate today; happy birthday, crazy!

Always try to do your best even though people might tell you that you never can achieve it.

Some may call you by names you do not recognize, do not mind them, carry on, babe.

You will be successful, and this day is one of the milestones; enjoy your big day, baby.

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May you always strive for the best and never settle for anything less because you are worth it.

Happy birthday crazy, you still make the best out of me, and I love you for that alone, girl.

You are worth so much more than what you think you are, do not let them bring you down.

May you win the fights that you have long been struggling for simply because you can, girl.

Man, you may think that you are stupid, but you are the kindest one I have ever met since.

It seems that chivalry isn’t as dead as they are claiming it to be, for there is you.

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You make every other man out there pale when compared to your kindness; enjoy this day.

Sure, a bit foolish, you may seem, but you are still the one I wish to be next to me constantly.

Happy birthday crazy, you may not know this, but you are already critical to me now.

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You are so silly that sometimes I feel like I am doing too much for far too many things in life.

How do I even start to explain what you did to me when you are the best thing for me, babe?

You should enjoy every minute of this life; the same goes for loving your family, my dear.

Remember that you are not always correct, but you have to be kind at the very least.

Always deal with things in the best possible manner; you are far more than what you seem.

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May the colors of this world shine on you and show you the possibilities of the future, dear.

And when everything else fails, remember I am always here for you; happy birthday, crazy!

Happy birthday crazy, no matter what happens, keep in mind that I will be right behind you.

You are pretty, and you are unique, never forget that, promise it to me, happy birthday crazy.

Heartfelt Happy Birthday Quotes for my Sweetie

Happy birthday crazy, I wish we could have more fun together and just spend more time.

Honey, you look so happy today, and I am glad that you are like that on your big day.

And of all the things you could have possibly said, you told me you care for me that’s the best.

May you find the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that things are for the better now.


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For now, breathe and let it all soak in; there are far better things in life than this one.

You are at your prettiest when you smile, and they may tell you that you are foolish, forget them.

Prove to all the people who called you worthless because you are weird that you can.

In this world, you were my sweetest escape, and I thank you every single minute of my life, honey.

You are the sweet sunshine; even in your darkest days, enjoy this big day of yours, my dear.

My sweet love is you, now and forever, and I cannot help but wonder about you now.

Happy birthday crazy, you and I are so much alike sometimes I think I must be going crazy.

May you enjoy this bday even when you feel like you are too foolish to celebrate.

Life will be full of surprises, but I hope you figure out that things are always like that.

Now is the time to get up and celebrate some things about life; you can do that now.

Just focus on what you have right now; it will be okay, it is going to be alright, baby.


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Love matters, but what matters most is that you are happy, have fun, all the time, girl.

You are more than what others think of you so remember to be happy all the time, my love.

Darling, you are one of the best people that came into my life, so enjoy this bday of yours!

There is not much I can give you but remember that I love you, and I am just here for you.

Remember this, and I am going to be here no matter what happens; you can put your trust in me.

Will you let me be with you on this weird day, on the day you were born in this world, boy?

You are my best friend, no matter what others say about us you will always be that to me.

Happy birthday crazy, you had me at that very first laugh, I heart the bells ringing already.

It feels so absurd, all the things that we shared are important to me and I hope you know it.


Even years from now, trust me when I say that I’ll be there, so promise me you will too.

May you enjoy this birthday, may you realize how blessed you are for every single second.

How do I even start this, how do I begin to tell you how lucky I feel to be with you right now?

Things happen for a reason, that is what they say but is that really the case, I wonder about it.

You came onto my life and you just blew away everything in this life, still enjoy your big day!

I do not know why I am still waiting for something to happen when I know it never really will.

Forget everything else, you are the best person there ever is for me, please do not give up.


I remember the way our eyes met, just like the movies, really happy birthday crazy, I love you.

Happy birthday crazy, let me know when you feel like celebrating this important day of yours.

May you realize that the things you did in life actually matters the most to me, enjoy this birthday.

You may think that you did everything in your own weird manner but thanks for being true.

Enjoy your day, have fun and just take things one at a time, you are going to survive this day.

There is not much I can do but I will remember to greet you on every bday that you will have.

This must be my lesson, to meet someone who will only leave me in the very end of this time.


And still I wonder how things are going with you, I hope I am there to celebrate with you.

How do I deal with the people that are weirded out with me just as well as you all are?

No one makes me happy the way you do baby, and I love you for that, happy birthday crazy.

At the end of the day, it is still you that I want to keep on talking to, happy birthday crazy.

Happy birthday crazy, who would have known we’d still be together after all these years.

You can do everything you want to, just tell me and I swear that I will try my best for that.

May you always pick the right choices because you deserve that at the very least, my babe.


Every story about the two of us do not exist, maybe this is weird but should he continue.

There is not much I can offer the world but I am willing to lay my life down for you, girl.

May you realize that some things in life are meant to be worked hard upon, that’s true.


And I wish that I can be with you right now on this world’s best day ever, your birthday.

There is not much I can give but for you I am sure to give everything there is in this life.

How do I even start on this, how do I actually try to make you feel as great as ever, dear?

You are still the best thing that ever happened to me, no matter what they tell you, love.


You may not be aware but you give me the best smile more than ever, and I love you for it.

Happy birthday crazy, I am so proud to be of your acquaintance, I wish we can talk more.

Today, I want you to get to do whatever you want and just have fun, happy birthday crazy.

Whatever happens, remember that you will see me waiting for you every day, happy bday.

I am so tired of life but I will never tire of you, that’s for sure, enjoy this big day of yours.

I know life is not easy but thank you for making things easier between us, happy birthday to you!

When the time comes that you feel sad, just call me and I’ll come, happy birthday crazy.


No matter what hour of the day it is, I am but one text away, really, happy birthday crazy.

Happy birthday crazy, thank you for all the things you have sacrificed for me, I love you so.

Happy birthday crazy, I have been missing you a lot lately, let’s hangout real soon, baby.