40 Happy Birthday Crazy Man Wishes

One day you will meet the man that will drive you crazy for the rest of your life, but he will also be a little bit crazy at the same time, for love drives people mad at the very least.
For when this time happens, when you meet the man you want to be with for the rest of forever, here are some ideas on how to greet him on his birthday.
Here is some happy birthday crazy man wishes that you can say to him or text him or maybe send him an email.

Happy birthday crazy man; I am just so delighted that you are mine and mine alone for this life.

You get all my weirdness, even when I cannot understand myself, so I thank you for that.


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Call it whatever you want, but you will always be the person right for me; enjoy today!

I am still looking for you no matter where I try to look at you, and you must be the one for me.

Enjoy your special day, for I love you so and I cannot help but want to make you happy now.

Happiest bday to the boy who loves me, and I love just as much, and you are the best person ever.

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Where do I get the right words to greet you to have the best day ever because you are the best?

You may be annoying at times, but still, you make me happy and so delighted birthday, crazy man.

It may seem that you are foolish, but I love that side of you; I love it so much, my dearest guy.

Every time I look at you, I know that you are the best person that ever happened in my life.

Where do I even begin to tell you that no one in this world matters more to me than you do?

I have feelings for you may not be the best, but you are honestly the best person.

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Enjoy your big day because you deserve it. No matter how weird you may be, you are my love.

You may hurt me at times without knowing, but you are still the best man I have ever known.

Let me tell you that you make me smile even when you think you can’t; happy birthday to you!

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How do we celebrate your bday and make it into the best there ever is? Enjoy your big day.

Love, let us realize that there are things in the universe far greater than who we are.

Let us make this day that you will never forget, okay, happy birthday, crazy man.

Happy birthday crazy man; you surprise me with the way you look today, so formal.

May you always figure out that the best things in life, you work hard for, that’s it, my bro.

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Enjoy your life and enjoy this day because that is how you should be doing things, dear.

You make the most out of life by living in this moment, by trying to overcome every challenge.

Happy birthday crazy man; just keep in mind that I will always love you no matter what.

These feelings that I have for you are priceless; I just wish for your happiness, that I do.

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When nothing feels right, you are my safe place; thank you for being that to me, dear.

I wish you are here right now, and I am having a hard time breathing; still enjoy your big day.

Where do I even start to tell you that I care and that I am thankful you are there for me?

Happy birthday crazy man, you are always going to be the most handsome to me, okay, dear?


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Even when you say the things that I do not understand, still I love you the most, enjoy today.

This day is special for it is a day that is important to you, may you celebrate it with a smile.

Things are not always going to go your way but today I hope that you enjoy it, I love you!

I am missing out on the best day of your life but here is a greeting to tell you I remembered it.

Happy birthday crazy man, thank you for all the times that you believe that I can do great.

Who would have known that your eyes would be like open books, happy birthday crazy man.

Happy birthday crazy man, you are one of the best persons that I have ever met, thank you.

Promise me that you will be happy, that you are going to be alright because I miss you so.

No matter what the future may bring us, just know that I will stay by your side, always.

Stand near me and I swear that we will go together in this life, with our hands held tight.


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You have always been my savior and there is nothing less I want to do than be with you now.

You always share with me the good times and the bad times, happy birthday crazy man.

May you find the simple things the happiest moments of your life, just treasure each one of it.

There will come a time when you will realize what matters the most in your life, this day will.

I hope that one day, when you finally realize how important this bday is, you will smile at it.

Happy birthday crazy man, you will always mean a lot to me, for loving me a lot, dear.

Let us do our best to make this day memorable enough that you would want it years from now.

And I keep waiting but I know it is impossible, you are weird that way, really unpredictable.

How much more do I have to suffer, I am willing to do so just so you can have the best day.


How do I start telling you about how you are the greatest blessing in this life of mine, dear?

Happy birthday crazy man, I want you to know that you mean the world to me, I love you.

I miss our late-night phone calls and sweet exchanges, really, happy birthday crazy man.

Every text message from you automatically goes to my saved messages for you matter a lot.

I wish you all the best in your big day, may you have an awesome and enjoyable day today.

Believe in yourself because that is the only time that you will see how much you are worth.


No matter how other people try to bring you down, I hope you realize that you matter, boy.

Boy, you got me feeling like I am the world’s luckiest person by the way you stare at me.

Happy birthday crazy man, no matter what happens now, I want you to understand I’m here.

It has been such a long time since we had last met, right, but happy birthday crazy man.

Happy birthday crazy man, you really do make me feel like no one has ever made me feel.

Whenever you are near me, my heart just feels like it is going to burst, enjoy this bday, dear.


I do not know where to start but I want you to know that I love you a lot, enjoy your day!

Let us keep on giving each other smiles, on trying our best to be with each other on this day.

I want to remind you that you matter to me, that you are the reason for every smile I have.

Happy birthday crazy man, I guess my feelings for you still remain the same way they do.

Every time I see you, I smile because you are everything I wanted to have, happy bday to you.

May you enjoy every minute of this day, you deserve it, you deserve to be happy at least, boy.


You are the one person I can run to when I need someone to talk to, and you are the best!

I wish that you would get every goal that you have ever set, you matter to me, enjoy your day.

Happy birthday crazy man, you are the best kind of person for me and I hope you know that.

This is the moment we have long been waiting for, your bday and I love every moment, dear.

I am still waiting for the day that you will realize that I matter to you as well, enjoy today!

You told me that you love me and how I wish I am not with him right now, enjoy your bday.


One of the best things that ever happened to me was you, I will treasure you the most, love.

Let this be a day of happiness, of making things matter, of actually making progress, my love.

I wish I can be as pretty as her so that you would be crazily in love with me as well, dear boy.

Boy, if you see yourself the way I see you, you would realize that I care, I miss everything.

May you be happy, may you stop asking why you did everything you did, have fun in this life.

Happy birthday crazy man no one means as much to me as you do, for I love you a lot.


I change every topic when it comes to me because I want only you, I want you to be happy.

You are the one who changed the way I view things, I view life, enjoy this life, my dear.

And no matter what happens, I just wish that you can be the best there ever was, my love.

Happy birthday crazy man, may you always remember the warmth of my hand as I touch you.


I love you and I wish you can see that and sense it in every word that I have, happiest bday!

Do not cry, I will never leave you, I will keep on being here for you, you matter that much.

May you always try to be the best though it is hard, I love you a lot, enjoy your biggest day.

Happy birthday crazy man, I would not spend the rest of my life alone with anyone but you.