Happy 75th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are the most spectacular day of anyone’s life, and they deserve a celebration.
How sad a celebration is without the messages all meant for the celebrant.
If you know a person who is turning 75 soon, sending out some greeting cards that are specialized will make them realize how special they are to you so here are some awesome happy 75th birthday wishes that you can use to greet them and tell them just how much you think about them every day now.

May every wish you’ve ever threw a coin on the wishing well come true happy 75th birthday!

And I know it, your warmth is the one I will always remember, happiest bday to you for now.

You made every single memory of my childhood so much better so thanks so much right now.


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God has given all His love and all His warmth for you on this big day of yours happy bday.

I cannot even fathom having a mom that is greater than you are, thank you and happy bday!

Your value is something that just increases every single year, have a happy 75th birthday now.

100 Birthday Wishes

For always believing that I am capable of something greater, I wish you a really good bday.

My very first teacher is now celebrating his 75th bday and I can’t be happier now, my Daddy.

I just want to tell you once again that I am just so happy right now, I wish you all the best too.

I appreciate all the things that you have truly done for me I wish you a good bday for now too.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

To the most amazing woman this entire universe has been graced off, I wish you a good day!

Happy 75th birthday, this must be the way nature is telling you that you need more cake too!

To the world’s best mother in the world I wish you the happiest bday, may God bless you well.

God has blessed this family by bringing you, Mom and so I hope you have the best day too.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

I hope you felt how special you truly are today and that you are truly loved by me as well now.

Thank you for always being the person that stood by my side when I needed you to, my mom.

I love you for always being the wonderful Mom who looked forward to seeing me happy bday!

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Do not think that you are turning 75, instead think of it as you enjoying a happy 75th birthday!

Happy 75th birthday, you already know the secret to staying young so go and exercise as well.

For all the times that we have shared together, us two, I wish you have a great bday, my Pa.

I love every single time that we laugh and have fun, so have a good bday party just as well!

You brought a lot of happiness in this life of mine ever since I came into your life, happy bday.

No matter how great of a gift others give you, mine is the greatest gift of love, my dearest Pa.

What matters most is your age so go ahead and live a healthy life now happy 75th birthday!

For me, you have been, you are and you will always be the best Dad I ever had in this life too.

Just know that I respect you a lot, I care about what you think about me even now happy bday.

For the lessons that you have taught me throughout this entire life, have the happiest bday!

You have given me so much valuable things so thank you and may you have a great day too.


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I wish that you would find the courage that you need to be honest today, happy 75th birthday!

I think that the greatest gift that the Lord has given us is you thanks and happy bday Mommy!

For the best aunt in this world, here is a greeting from your favorite niece, enjoy your day!

Thank you for always supporting all the things I wanted to pursue in life, have a good bday.

I am just so proud to tell the world that I have with me the best father anyone can ever have.

Happy 75th birthday, may you have the strength to blow all of those candles out by this time.

You were my guide since day one and I can’t thank you enough, have a good bday for now.

For the sweetest memories we have made, I am wishing you a good happy bday on this day.

No one can be as incredible as you are and I am just so happy you are my Dad, happy bday.

You have always been my source of strength and my inspiration, have a good and happy bday.

Do not get weird though you are growing older, stay the same as you are happy 75th birthday.


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May you always remember that you should be happy every bday you will ever be through, Pa.

Ma, I want you to know how I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be with you now.

I was raised by a caring and truly providing Dad and I can’t help but be happy for him too.

For all the care and love you have provided me with as I grew up, happy bday to you now.

You know that you are old when your toys are being collectibles already, happy 75th birthday!

I do not think there is a greater bond than the one between us, have a great bday for now too.

I am just so lucky that my father has been someone like you, have a good bday, enjoy it well.

Today is truly the perfect time to tell you that I love you for showing me the right way, Mama.

For all the things that you did for me and are still doing, thank you and have a good bday!

Happy 75th birthday, your toys are now antiques but hey, have a good bday party, have fun.


For the precious memories that you have given me that were the best of my life, happy bday!

May this bday of yours be filled with wonder and that you become the happiest person of all.

Your day should be filled with joy and happiness, have a good bday, I love you so much now.

The happiest moments of my life were those with you in there, have a bday full of wonder too.

If you know it, bday are actually good for your body so have a really happy 75th birthday now.

Filled with fun, with care, joy and love, that should be how you should celebrate your big day.

I am thankful to you, my Dad for always supporting my crazy antics, have a good bday today!


A friend like you is truly for keeps and I am happy you are here for me right now as well too.

You have just made this day more special by being here, have a good bday and be happier!

You know a true friend for they do not forget your bday, only your age happy 75th birthday!

You should spend a marvelous day just relaxing and having tons of fun by this time, my dear.


There are a lot of reasons to smile and I hope that you realize your bday is one of those days.

Throughout the years, you make me feel special and I hope I can make you feel that today too.

May your heart be filled to the brim with happiness, joy and sweet thoughts too, my friend.


Happy 75th birthday, I wish that when you remember me, it is as a friend that is good to you.

I treasure all our memories together, I hope you know that, happy bday to you, my dear Mom.

You have given me tons of reasons to smile and for that I want you to know I am grateful, Da.

How handsome you truly are even now at 75 my husband, have a good bday and have fun too.

You have helped me achieve every single dream that I have wanted to so have a happy bday.

I want you to know that I have always been thankful for all that you are, happy 75th birthday!

You are all that I have ever wished and dreamed about, thank God I still have you even now.


You are someone who will always be forever young to my eyes so have a good and happy day.

What you deserve is to enjoy every moment of the rest of your life for now, have a good day!

For all that I am right now, it is all coz of you, my mother so have a happy 75th birthday now.

May happiness really come your way now that you are 75, have a really good day just as well.

I wish that you would always be surrounded by all kinds of love as you grow older each year.

There are moments in this life that I want you to know that I am so happy for you right now.

Peaceful are the moments that I have spent with you so have a great bday party for once now.


On this big day of yours, I need you to know you made all the difference, happy 75th birthday!

I think only of good thoughts when I think of you, have a happy 75th birthday, my dear mom.

You are always in all of my prayers and all of my thoughts, have a good and happy bday too!

Happy 75th birthday, make it as special as you have always been, I love you a lot just as well.


Every single day of your life has been leading up to this, so for now, have a good day too.

May you have a good time today and that you have the best day of your life, enjoy it for now.

You are the one that understands me best and I thank you for it so have a happy 75th birthday!

You inspire and hug me tight every time I am feeling down so now have a happy 75th birthday.