The 105 International Women’s Day Quotes

International women’s day, formally hailed as International Working Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March.

It is the occasion where everybody commends every Woman in this world.

It is for us to honour their accomplishments, praise their stability, and glorify their strengths as they conquer this world with passion and love.

Behind every successful man is a woman ambitiously speaking life to him. Happy Woman’s day!

For all the devotion, For all the tender love and care. I would want to say thank you for being a woman—happy International Woman’s Day.

You are a woman made with love formed from sweet adoration, beautiful as you are, and this is your day, your shining moment. So stand tall because you are a woman.

A woman can bring light in any room, happiness in every smile and joy in all of our hearts; happy Woman’s day!

A home without a woman is a home without warm, luminous lights on it.


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Every tear that falls on a woman’s face is a way for her to collect ample strength to face the adversity in front of her.

A woman can convert sadness into joy, depression into hope and struggles into the fulfilment of success. Only a woman is capable of doing that.

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A strong woman stands fearless despite fear. Happy Woman’s Day.

You have fought through the agony, faced the world with a smile though doubt troubles your heart, you have confronted without cowardice. That is a true woman, and you deserve to enjoy this day. Happy International Women’s day.

A woman will be the best person that will pick you up when you are down because they speak life and love while they do so.

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When I look at you, I see the world in a different face. I have never seen it as beautiful as can be—happy International Woman’s Day.

In a woman’s eyes, you can see a spectrum of dreams. In her eyes, all are positive; all is good. That is how she always tries to see the world even if, in reality, it is not.

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The world is made beautiful because women exist in it.

A woman’s role is to be exactly who she is and when she is allowed to do so, it always results in something truly amazing.

Today we celebrate a creation like no other. A soft-hearted creature that is capable of carrying the whole world in her hands.

A woman is the first person to love you because you were conceived by one, and even long before you were in her tummy, she had loved you endlessly.

Women have a particular skill of loving unconditionally. Even if her heart is pretty much crashed and broken into pieces, they can still provide the whole complete package of love like no other.

I want you to feel exceptional today because you had made me think of one for the rest of the year. Happy Woman’s Day!

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More than all the gifts the world can ever give to a woman. The one she would treasure the most is the simplest thank you from a genuine heart.

I wish you a day full of bright smiles from all women of the world as we appreciate your goodness to us. Happy International Women’s day!


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Happy Woman’s day is the best day to thank you for all the hardship and sorry for all the pain.

No matter how much the world hurts a woman, she will always find a way to surpass it all.

This day is the most special occasion of the year because it is the day we celebrate all the efforts that you have given the whole year!

Every Woman deserves all the love they can get today and every day because they show love all around without any conditions.

Women have the power to change lives because they are the only ones who can provide energy in the first place.

All the Woman in your life has done their very best to fill you with love. It is the job of a woman to provide warmth to anyone’s soul.

Women are powerful beings in the life of men as they guide them towards the right path. Their angelic voices is a guiding force towards freedom and joy.

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A house needs to have a woman, as they are the ones who fill it with magic. Happy Women’s day!

Your hands make wonder as its touch can heal a soul—happy International Women’s Day.


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You were always there; you have kept me strong. You never failed to push me to the top. Thank you, and Happy Women’s Day!

Women are the best first aids there is they can give it to any emotional or physical pain.

You do not know how the little things you did for me became my biggest motivation in life.


A woman will always be a man’s foundation: his primary support and his source of strength.

You are beautiful even with your flaws. It represents all of the pain, the judgment, and all the suffering you have been through. You are very beautiful indeed—happy International Women’s Day.

A good woman knows that being strong is not something she can choose or not, but it is a need.


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A strong woman faces the world 24 hours a day and 365 days all in all without any doubt and fear in her heart but when she goes home at night. When it’s time to close the lights to sleep finally, she weeps silently then faces a new battle the next day.


Be the confident Woman that you are! It is your day today!

Women tend to look at problems straight in the face and give it the Pokerface look, saying, bring it on.

One can break a woman’s heart a couple of times but be careful because every time you do, she comes back stronger and braver than ever.

Do you know how deadly it is to have a woman angry but still smiling at you?


Most women are too much of something. She is either too firm, too beautiful, or too intelligent.

A woman will do anything to rise above any adversity given to her. Today is your day! Happy International Woman’s Day!

Even if you strip her out of her make-up, her dress and jewellery; You can never deny the fact that she is a woman. With or without these, she can still encompass grace within her.


Just your mere presence can bright up any room you go to. Happy Woman’s day!

Celebrate this day full of happiness. You have been giving a lot the whole year. Do not forget about yourself.


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There is no one to compare a woman to. A woman can do a man’s job, but it takes time to take a woman’s job—happy International Women’s Day.

Keep your heads up, high, Woman! It is your day today!

Life would never be more fulfilling if women never existed on this planet.

From daughters to ladies to wives to mothers, Women at all levels will always be lovely.


Women own the most compassionate hearts. Happy Woman’s Day!

There are so many roles that you are juggling, but even so, you are the best person to do them all! Happy Women’s day!

Always trust a woman’s instinct. It is always accurate as it comes from her heart.

Being a woman is a lifetime career with no day-offs, but the pay is priceless.


I might not see you every day, but your beautiful voice resounds in my thoughts. Thank you for all the advice.

All would belong to come back to the warmth of the embrace of a mother.

Here’s to all women out there who held their aspirations high to help other women reach their dreams as well.

Bless the Woman who thinks of others before herself.

When a woman speaks, all ears are on her when she says it is the pathway through her deepest thoughts; it is her secret weapon.

No one in this world can ever shadow a woman’s brightness and shine.

The greatest battle of a woman is a war between her and herself only.

Women run this world. Enjoy and Happy Women’s day.

Everywhere you go, women are always leaders and heroes. Go to big companies you see women leading teams. Go to their homes, you know, a homemaker raising beautiful children.

Never let anybody look down on you. You are a strong woman. You are unstoppable.

A woman who can comprehend the problems inside a house can handle the problem of a bigger scope called society.

Never disrespect a woman; you are conceived by one.

I can never think of advice better than what my mother would give.

If only men could fully understand how women think, there would be peace in this world.

A woman values every smile that comes across her eyes. And on this faithful day, she deserves a bunch of it!

Give a woman the tools she needs or give her nothing at all. She can be bring something out of her creativity and perseverance.

The only thing a woman needs for her to be given strength is love.

Women have an important integral function in everyone’s lives, and it is to be themselves.

Some women have no sense of reality at all because they always dream and hope for the better.

One of the beautiful things in a woman is when she starts to believe in herself.

Be proud that you are a woman. A lion-hearted woman.

When a woman wants a man but cannot have it, she decides that she would be the man she wants to marry.

It is okay even if you are unsure of what you want to be. Just know that you wish to be a good woman someday, and that is already a good point to start with.

Women are tiny bits of heaven here on earth.

The most feared creature on this planet is a woman who is not afraid to be judged.

The very reason why ladies are fond of diamonds is that they have the same personality; they are not easy to break.

Never underestimate a woman, and if you do, you will surely regret it.

A Strong woman gets the job done. Weak ones depend on others.

Shattered at heart, but she remains fierce in the flesh. Happy Women’s day.

International Women’s day sayings list

Happy International Women’s Day to a woman who has always inspired me with her kindness, boldness, and love.

You deserve a day for all you have done to inspire my life—happy International Women’s Day to one of the best.

Everything that you have done through the years has helped me to learn how a woman should act. Thank you.

You have shown me a great example of all that a woman can do. You have inspired me, and I am grateful for you.

Thank you for being so strong and bold and showing me that a woman can be challenging. I hope you have a great day!


Happy International Women’s Day to someone who doesn’t let anything hold her back. You are a great example.

I have always looked up to you, and I want you to know that I am grateful for all you have shown me about being a woman.

Being a woman is something that you should be proud of. There is nothing that you can’t do. Have a happy day!

You deserve a great International Women’s Day because you are one of the greatest, bravest women I know!

I hope you have a fantastic day. You deserve a day that is dedicated to you because you have inspired me in many ways.

Thank you for all of the things that you have taught me. I appreciate you and the fantastic things you have done as a woman.

Have a Happy International Women’s Day! You should have fun today and celebrate the fact that you are a strong woman.

Happy day to one of the kindest, bravest, and smartest women I know. Every day should be dedicated to you!

Happy International Women’s Day to the one who has always been there for me. I am grateful for all you have done.