Happy Birthday To A Crazy Friend Wishes

You have that friend you might suspect is a bit mad, and you still adore and love that friend.
They are the one that brings happiness to your set of friends, and you can’t help but have so much likeness for that one person.
It is important to remember the special day of that friend and find a way to celebrate with them.
Here is some happy birthday to a crazy friend who wishes that you might want to check out and try when you have the chance to do so.

Cheers to all the laughs and smiles that we have shared; happy birthday to a crazy friend.

You accept me for who I am no matter the differences we have; thank you so much.


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And no matter what happens, I will always be here for you; happy birthday to you, dear.

You are the one person I would always look forward to seeing, and I hope you enjoy today.

May you always see the best in people as you do have the most incredible birthday ever.

And even when I thought I couldn’t be anyone necessary, you show me that I can, thank you.

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We’ve been together through thick and thin, that’s true; happy birthday to a crazy friend.

I wish you are happy right now because you deserve to enjoy your life, my dear.

I wish you would look at me the way I look at you, my best friend, and you inspire me to live more.

I wonder if you will ever realize just how amazing you are, for you’re the best, dear.

Let me tell you that I love being with you and we should celebrate more of this type of day.

And when the moment comes when you do not know who to lean on, tag me, and I’ll be there.

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The one person who knows me both inside and out, happy birthday to a crazy friend.

This is your day. Never let anyone tell you that things are not going to work out for the best.

You should admit that it is a day to celebrate because you are getting older; you need to.

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Come on and keep smiling. Show the world that you can conquer it if you ever want to.

And when things feel like they are not going so well, I will show you that you mean a lot.

Happy birthday to a crazy friend who has promised to be with me until the very end of time.

You are worth every moment in this life; I wish no one would tell you otherwise, my pal.

My best friend, you are my BFF, the one I would love to grow old with. That is what you are to me.

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I will tell you a story where everyone loved me, and I loved you, my dearest best friend.

Happy birthday to a crazy friend, whom I have been missing for the past few years already.

You will always be the one person I run to when I feel so blue. You are my best buddy, bro.

Someday we’ll make it; someday, we will be together and have all the fun, my buddy.

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You are the one who knows the best and the worst of me; happy birthday to a crazy friend!

I wish I could be celebrating with you today; that’s all but happy birthday to a crazy friend.

Let me show you how much you are worth, that you are more special than you think.

Enjoy your birthday because you are the best person I know in this life, my buddy.


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We will conquer the world, you and I, just like we did before; I miss you so much, my dear.

Someday soon, you will be with me, and when that happens, I will be with you throughout.

You are still the epitome of madness for me, for sure; happy birthday to a crazy friend!

This day is the best day ever because it is a moment to rejoice, for it is just one of the best.

Should I tell you that it matters to me that you are happy? Yes it does because you my bestie.

And when no one feels like saving you, I will be there for you through it all, my best buddy.

You will always be my pal and I will always love you through everything that happens, dude.

May she always be blessed with what she deserves, happy birthday to a crazy friend.

It may seem that the world is giving up but you should not be discourage, we will get thru it.

If this day of your birth seems like the worst day, I swear I will do my best to make it better.

I wish that we will stay the same, you and I like we used to be, like we always have been, dear.


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Happy birthday to a crazy friend for it has been a long time, indeed until we have last met.

Can I just tell you that you matter a lot to me, because I love the way you always have been.

I wish we can just be like this forever, always together, appreciating each other, my best bud.

You are always going to be my favorite buddy, because you matter a lot to me, that you do.

I will be that person who will always have your back, you can rely on me, trust me on that.

I can only wish that I am beside you right now and ever, happy birthday to a crazy friend!

I wish that you would be there for me as much as I am here for you because you matter.


May you realize that there are some things in life that matters a lot and you are that to me.

I wish you all the best specially on this special day of yours, have all the fun you can get.

I am just going to be with you through every step of the way and I want you to know that.

Happy birthday to a crazy friend, I hope you know that I will be here until the very end.

You will always be the one I call when I need someone to talk to the most, my dear buddy.

Let us catch up more and celebrate the life we are living because you deserve this, of all people, you deserve it a lot.


You, my pal, needs some pampering time and you need it right now so just have fun.

Let go of your inhibitions for you are in the company of people who will accept you for you.

You are the one that I truly adore the most for you are cool, happy birthday to a crazy friend.

When you do not feel good about yourself, call me and I will tell you great things about you.

For you are the reason why I started thinking I can do great things, thank you so much, pal.

You deserve the best bday party ever and I will try my best to give that to you, my dear.


Of all the people in this room, I hope that you are the happiest one coz it is your big day!

And the world may not know you but I do and I love you so, happy birthday to a crazy friend.

You are special to me and no one can ever say that you aren’t, I wish you all the best, pal.

Buddy, I wish you will listen to me when I tell you that you are worth every sacrifice I made.

When the storm comes, I will tell you that it is going to get better, it will get better, pal.

You have been there with me through it all, bestie and now I will keep holding on to you.


Happy birthday to a crazy friend, let me know when you feel like being with me once again.

If I am to make a decision right now to be your friend again, I swear that I will, that I do.

And I will be honest with you right now, if I get to live once more, I would be your friend again.

For sure, I will conquer the world just to be with you because that is how much you matter.

We can never be just simply pals, you are my best pal, we are partners in crime, enjoy today.

Remember that I love you and that I care about you a lot, happy birthday to a crazy friend.


Have all the fun you can get today because that is what matters the most, that you are happy.

Fill yourself up with joy and be reassured that everything in this world matters, you are okay.

You may seem weird and you may act foolish at times but the heart knows you are kind, pal.

Thank you for staying with me when I needed you the most, thank you so much, my beloved.

Happy birthday to a crazy friend, you are the one I think about in my quiet moments, for sure.

And I love you, even if we are but two people who are so much different, I love you the same.


Your love is what makes me feel inspired to wake up the next day, just so I can be with you.

I want to be with you, I want to celebrate your big day with you at this very moment, dear.

How delightful it would be to actually be with you on your big day I wish we can be right now.

When everything in the world comes crashing down I’m here happy birthday to a crazy friend.


Happy birthday to a crazy friend, may we keep every promise we made to each other, one day.

It has always been you and me but you know, I love the fact that we are buddies, you and I.

I promise to be with you and as much as I possibly can, happy birthday to a crazy friend.

It has been a hell of a ride to be together with you, for sure, happy birthday to a crazy friend.