Birthday Wishes For A Dog Lover

There are many people who love dogs, and if you have a friend or a family member that loves them, here are some birthday wishes for them.
If you are rushing, should you not have the time, or if you just want to have a go at it, then here are some birthday wishes for dog lovers.

I know how much you love dogs and I know they love you to, happy birthday to you, my friend.

Our age should probably be measured in dog years then we can have more birthdays then!

Happy birthday, the dogs are probably waiting for you back home because they love you too.

Dogs just make the world a better place and I know you know that, may you have a great day.


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I wanted to greet you a happy birthday so I will leave you alone and let you dream in peace.

I brought you a puppy home for you to take care of because I know you are a dog lover, girl!

May you have the happiest birthday ever, you can lick me one time for every year of your life.

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You love dogs so much you are adapting their manners but I still love you just the same, dear.

I think it is fun to be a dog lover especially in the world that we live in right now, enjoy today!

Let me know if I can help you in any way for your birthday because just like you I love dogs.

There is just something about dogs that attracts you and I get that, I am a dog lover as well.

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I plan to make you happy by arranging the best birthday for you full of puppies and dogs!

Let us have a dog runway on your birthday, I know that is going to be so exciting than ever.

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Happy birthday to the boy who love dogs more than any other person in the entire universe.

Every dog in the world has its own day and today is yours, happy doggy birthday to you!

I will scratch behind your ears just like a dog would to itself, happy birthday to you my friend!

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Happy birthday, my friend, I know for a fact that you honestly love dog, it is so obvious.

Thank you for always being with me and sharing your love of dogs, happy birthday to you!

We can sing your birthday song together and I can sing while you bark, just kidding, dear!

I miss how we cuddle with our puppies because they grew up so fast, happy birthday to you!

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I know just how much in love you are with dogs and it makes you adorable, have a great day.

You need to have more fun, less barking and do more wagging your tail, happy birthday!

My wish for you on your birthday is you finally find your best dog friend that you can have.

May you always find it within you to help those stray dogs out in the street, have a great day.

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If you are having some thoughts about your birthday, just wag your tail and I’ll get it!

You are one of the cutest dog lovers I have ever seen in this world, enjoy your birthday!

Today is a great day to have some fun with your dog so go out there and enjoy this day.

My plan for today is to just let you celebrate your birthday with a blast you, dog lover!

I bet it would make you happy if I tell you that I got you a new pup for this birthday of yours.


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I did not buy any cake for this birthday today but I did buy you lots of treats, my friend.

I know you love your dogs so instead of buying you gifts, I bought treats for them instead.

I love the way take care of your dogs so I thought I would help out on your birthday, friend.

Happy birthday to the only dog lover in the gang, may you enjoy this day and have fun.

I will give you a big canine kiss that will leave your face all wet and glistening, my friend.

I will never be too busy if it is you because I adore you with all my heart, you dog lover.

There is nothing in the world that you would trade for your dogs, enjoy your birthday, man!

Brother who would have known that you would love dogs, congrats and happy birthday!

I will love you no matter what you like even when I am allergic to them, enjoy this day.


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You are always going to be my favorite friend, I hope you may always have fun, forever.

Things are never going to be easy with a new dog around but you will get used to it, dear.


Who would have known that a cat lover like me would have a dog lover friend like you?

Happy birthday to the guy who loves his dogs more than he loves himself, hope you are happy.

It is the time of the year where you get to celebrate how amazing of a person you truly are.

Congratulations on adopting yet another puppy to add to your house, I wish you the best!


You see, life is all about finding the right person to live with, yours is you dogs and pups.

Your dogs are amazing and I just love touching their furs, happy birthday to the owner!

There is nothing wrong with showing what you love to people, it is being proud of yourself.

I want you to know that I am proud of you for giving shelter to the dogs that were in need.


There is no one else in the world who loves dogs more than you do, happy birthday to you!

Dogs are truly man’s best friend and I can see that in you, happy birthday to the dog lover.


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You deserve a day out with your dog and today is the right moment for that, enjoy this day.

May you have the most amazing celebration of your life together with your dog, my friend.


You are my best friend and your dog is yours so we will celebrate your birth together, us three.

I just wish you know how amazing you are for taking care of that many dogs, enjoy this day.

I hope that you have a great day because you honestly deserve it for all things you do in life.

Your dog will be proud of you if he can speak because you are truly amazing, my dear friend.


No one in this world can ever compare to the love that you have or your dogs, happy birthday!

Happy birthday, I hope that you will forever enjoy the happiness your dogs bring you, friend.

No matter what the situation is, you can call on me to help you with it, I promise you that.

I may not be able to bark like your best friend would but I can tell you that I really love you.


Sure enough I am not as fluffy as your dog but I will shower you with hugs, happy birthday to you.

You are the best person and I know you have a kind heart, it shows in your dogs, enjoy today.

There are not enough words to tell you and express my love for you, happy birthday to you!

You are clearly one of the types that are sympathetic and your dogs prove just that, my dear.

Happy birthday to you, the one who kisses his dog every single day of the year to show love.


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Your compassion shows in the way that you take care of every dog you have in your house.

I will always be by your side and I will help you in raising every pup you have, enjoy today.

I hope you get to enjoy your birthday despite everything that happened to your dog, my dear.

Some dogs just have to move on to the next life but they will still be in your memory, friend.

Happy birthday to you and your dog that was born on your birthday, you deserve to be happy!

I wish that I can be there to support you and your puppy because you are both awesome.

There is nothing more I can say but that you are happy taking care of those pups with you.

Let us take those pups to the vet and have them shot so that you are safe, happy bday to you.

Even when the world falls apart, I bet it is your puppy that you will always get to safety first.

Happy birthday to the man who is willing to give it his all for the dogs that he loves so much.

Happy birthday to the most talented dog lover in the world, may you enjoy being with him.

Maybe you should join some contests for fun just to see if your dog has another talent.

Dogs have a natural talent of making you smile that sometimes I wish I was just but a dog.

There is nothing in this world for me anymore but you and your dog means the world to me.

You are practically the most awesome person there is in the world and so is your dog!

Enjoy this birthday and next year let us have more fun the next birthday that you celebrate.

Every day is a brand new day to celebrate with your dog but today is your special day.

I will take care of your puppy for this day so just go out there and have some fun.

You are not allowed here, I will look after your puppy, stop worrying and party all night!


There is nothing in the world that can beat puppies for you and that is the real truth.

I wish that I was there for you and your puppy when you needed me, happy birthday!

Your best friend is a puppy and that says so much about your character, indeed.

Happy birthday to the most awesome dog lover in the world to whom is my best friend too.