Happy Birthday Crazy Brother Wishes

Your brother is undoubtedly one of a kind and to honor that and let him know that you care about him, it would be great to remember his birthday and, more than that, greet him.
You can do this together by reminding him of how crazy he is.
Here is some happy birthday crazy brother wishes that you can use to inform him that you want to celebrate his big day with him because you are the best sibling in this world.

Happy birthday crazy brother; I wish we could have more time to bond together, you know?

Hey bro, you may be weird, but I love you a lot. May you have a lot of fun on this special day.


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I am so happy about all the things you have achieved in your life, and you are the best bro ever!

May you always find happiness and peace in the things you do, my big bro. I care for you!

There is nothing you can do that can take every piece of admiration I have for you, my bro.

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You are one of the best brothers that I have, and I thank God for this day of your birth.

I may be older than you, but I sure know how to have fun; happy birthday, crazy brother.

How I wish you were still closed so that our family could somehow celebrate this day with you.

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Why did you leave for a college so far away? Until now I still cannot understand that, sibling.

I want to give you a heads up that you are fantastic. Happy birthday, crazy brother.

Everything feels so messed up right now, and I don’t know what to do, but I miss you, bro.

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Happy birthday crazy brother. May you always know that I love you and I am here for you.

You are the best sibling in the city, maybe even in the world; happy birthday, crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother, you may be far away now, but we’ll get together real soon.

How are things going to end? I am not sure, but I pray for your bright future, my dear sibling.

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You are one in a million, you are the best sibling I will ever have, and you matter to me, dear.

I remember how you helped me build that treehouse in the backyard; I am proud of you, sir.

No one ever really matters to me more than you do; my sibling is the best one for me.

I wish there were someone out there who will realize how awesome you already are, dear.

When no one in this world is there, I promise that I will be, always and forever, my bro.

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My comrade, you are the one sibling that get me no matter what I try to do or say.

You are so busy with college, but please make time for me, happy birthday, crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother. May you get that one goal that you have worked hard for.


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You are the best gift I ever had; happy birthday, crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother; just know that I am more than proud of what you’ve done.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet me, my dear pal.

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You, my pal are the one that I can talk to about anything at all, enjoy this birthday of yours!

You light up my world with the things you do though they may be weird, thank you pal.

Enjoy this big day of yours, mate, I know you can do all things that you put your mind to.

Amigo, we are in this together, through thick and thin, I will be there for you, I swear that.

You will never be alone as long as you are with me, compadre, I am just right here for you.

When nothing else seems right, I will keep cheering on you, my bro, you matter to me so.


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I am always happy to see you, you are my idol and I wish I can celebrate this day with you.

You are my confidante, the one to whom I can tell every secret to, enjoy this day, if you can.

Pal, I wish we can spend a whole lot more time together, I miss you a lot, that’s for sure.

Let us keep bonding more, my sib, you are the one I want to bond with right now, my dear.

They may turn the world upside down but you still are my bro, happy birthday crazy brother.


You will always be my number one idol, the one I will always look up to, enjoy your life bro.

You are my pal, the one that I need the most right now, happy birthday a lot, I want you here.

I wish you can see what I’m doing right now, how I try my best to do things, mate, look at me.

Today is a good day so I am going to show you some things you can do more, my dearest pal.

You are the one I love the most in this world and I want you to know that, I love you, chum.

My amigo, you may not notice it buy I am proud of all that you have done in your life.

We are both partners in crime, that’s for sure as much as we are friends we are siblings.


I learned to ride a bike because you taught me how and I appreciate that a lot, my dearest pal.

Thank you so much for being there for me, because it gave me a lot of confidence, dear chum.

Happy birthday crazy brother, keep your feet on the ground even when you are popular.

You deserve everything that you have right now, that is true, happy birthday crazy brother.

I want you to be as happy as you can be, for you are kind, happy birthday crazy brother.

I wish that you would have a great bday party and that I am going to be there on that day.

May you get that dreams that you have long dreamed for you deserve everything you want.


Happy birthday crazy brother, you have been always partial to me and now I’ll dote on you.

What do you want for today, name it and I’ll get it for you, happy birthday crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother, have all the fun you can possibly get on this day, alright?

Sometimes when I look at you I see everything that I want to be in the future, thank you bro.

You are my pal, you are the one that matters to me, the one that I look up to ever since then.

We were still kids then but still I want you to know that you matter a lot to me, that you do.

No matter what you do, I swear I will still look up to you, you are my superhero, my pal.


My childhood days was fun because you were there to guide me and help me, big bro.

I have been looking forward to you going home for thanksgiving, on your big day, my pal.

You are the one that makes me rethink things again, thank you so much, my dearest bro.

May you have the happiest bday ever because you are so awesome and it matters a lot.

We are alike, a lot, you and I and it seems to me that you may as well know how I adore you.

My dear brother, I want to be there for you when you graduate at that uni you are right in.

Happy birthday crazy brother, thank you for always being there when I need you the most.


How do I begin to tell you that I want you to be just like you when I grow up, huh, my mate?

It is your bday today and I wish that I can make you as happy as I can, you matter to me.

Then again, I think that you are the person that I want to be with in the near future, my dear.

Let me know if you can be with you so that I can be a whole lot like you, my dearest sibling.

To my favorite sibling, I wish that you would realize how much I adore you a lot, that I do.

When things seem to be coming to an end, may you be here with me and just stay with me.

Happiest day to you and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you have done, bro.


And you somehow found a way to protect me from those bullies and I just have to thank you.

I try my best to accept that you are on your way to greater things and still I miss you a lot.

How do I even begin to trust you when I just want to one with you all the time, my big bro.

I am so tired of everything right now and I wish you were here, so we can unwind, my pal.

I have realized that I am going to be the best person because I feel a lot like you, really.

Happy birthday crazy brother, for always coming to my rescue, know that you are my hero.

Just tell me that you will be there for me and that is enough, enjoy your bday, my dear pal.


Bro, I want to tell you that I appreciate all the things you have done for me all through time.

You are still the one person that I want to joke around with, every inside joke matters, pal.

May you realize that you are the best person that I grew up with, you are my little bro.

My pal, how long has it been since we last saw each other, we should really celebrate now.

Who would have known that I would idolize you so much, happy birthday crazy brother.

Happy birthday crazy brother, even now, just seeing you gets me all hyped up, really.