50+ Happy Birthday Sweetie Quotes and Messages

You have the person you love, and this person is the one you would love to be with every day because she is just a sweetheart, your best friend, your friend who is always there for you.
To that person you call sweetie, to your forever friend and person you love spending most of your time with, here are some birthday quotes that will surely help express yourself in words.

The bond between the two of us conquers everything. May you have a pleased birthday!

You are my best friend for life, sweetie, and I love you more than anything, have a great day!

Today is your extraordinary day, so you might as well make the most out of it, sweetie pie!

We can reach the stars if we try to aim higher and higher; enjoy your wonderful day, girl.


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You have reached the end of the journey, and you deserved it, you truly did, my sweet pie.

Happy birthday to you, I am proud to be on your team, sweetie, and I will always be!

Everything can be achieved if you do some hard work of it, keep working hard, sweetie!

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Sending you all of the love that I have here in my heart, have a great day today, you deserve it

I will keep on cheering you on towards the better days, may you have a happy day today, love.

You are my world, you are my universe, I will always be here, have an amazing birthday.

May you always try to shine the brightest no matter what, a wonderful birthday you may have.

I am always going to support you, no matter what happens to you, have a great birthday, love.

You are the one who always brings out the best out of me, a wonderful birthday, my sweetie.

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Keep on shining brightly even when others try to dim your sun out, a happy birthday, sweetie!

I know you are meant for the better things in this life, may you have the best birthday ever!

I hope that this milestone in your life leads to more amazing things have a great day, sweetie.

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Happy birthday, no matter what comes between the two of us, know that I will be on your side.

I guess we are good at keeping promises since we are still friends, have the happiest birthday!

You are all the traits I thought you should have, passion, craziness, happy, happiest birthday!

How do I tell you that I am so glad that I have you with me, great birthday to you sweetie!

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There is no one in this world that I like better than you, sweetie, happy birthday to you.

You are truly the complete package and there is nothing I can ask for, have a great day!

The universe rewards you because you are truly amazing at what you do, enjoy this day!

The world has become a better place because of you, happy birthday, sweetie, I love you!

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I am one of the proudest persons on earth because you are there, sweetie, love this day!

There are so many things that you desire, may you find them, happy birthday, sweetie!

Sweetie, I do not know how to tell you but thank you for making everyone love you the same.

You are one of those people who are natural on making people smile, happy birthday, sweetie

To you, who would always know what to say just to calm everything down, love your life.


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I wish you have the most amazing time of your life today, life has given you another year.

When it all boils down, I am still your friend, have a happy birthday, sweetie pie, I love you.

Life is all about being the smarter person, the wiser one as each year of your life passes by.

May you have the most amazing birthday today, sweetie, I cannot wait to share food with you.

I am sure you had fun today and I may be a bit late but I hope you find it at the right time.

You are indeed one of the forces of nature not to be battled with, congrats on another year!

I want you to know that I cherish every moment I get to spend with you, sweet pie, I really did!

You are an amazing person and I wish that you would celebrate your day with style, go on.

You have a bright future waiting for you, so just keep on pushing for victory, enjoy today!


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You got another complete revolution around the sun, congratulations, my sweetie pie!

Happy birthday, dear just keep celebrating the beauty that we all call life, enjoy today!


One of the special people in the world for me is none other than you, enjoy your, sweetie.

Happy birthday, sweet girl, you may be small but you are definitely have the biggest heart.

You grew up to be the most amazing person I have ever known, happy birthday to you!


And when times look bleak, I am certain that you will still be the same person, enjoy today!

Happy birthday, sweet kid, you are kind, generous and everything I expected you to become!

You passed tough times and it has made you even tougher, congrats and enjoy your big day.


Let’s get your big party started, happy birthday, sweetie, have an amazing day today!

May you enjoy this card that expresses all my love and gratitude to you, my sweetie, I love you!


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You are special to me and I hope that the party I prepared for you transcends just that thing.


I wish that this day of yours gets filled with awesome treats and a lot of surprises, happy birthday.

I wish that I get to spend the day with you because it is special to you and you deserve this.

May you have a day that is full of fun and amazingness like you are, happy birthday, sweetie!


You are the person that rocks this world of mine, may you have an astounding day, dear.

I may not be the showy type of person but I really do care for you, happy birthday, sweetie!

More than ever, I want to show you just how much I truly love you, have a great day!


A person like you deserves the most stupendous birthday, so you might as well enjoy today.

It was truly astonishing to watch you as you keep on growing older and older every year.

I was happy that I got to spend the day with a marvelous person like you, you are incredible!

Eye-opening is what it was to be able to spend the year you grew up with you, enjoy your day!

You really do look stunning in that dress, sweetie, you totally became a babe, enjoy this day!

May you realize just how astounding you look like today, what a day this has really been.


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Happy birthday, you are the reason why I keep on fighting this hard battle I am in, sweetie!

The world may seem like it is ending but I am always here for you, have an awesome day!

Birthdays like yours are a reason to celebrate which is why we definitely should go out, dear.

Sweetie, you are as attractive as you perceive yourself to be, so show the world, happy birthday.

Make the world feel sorry for rejecting you at times when you deserve it, have a good day.

What makes a good day is the fact that you feel amazing and all, may you feel that way.

Flowers and cake are totally the best birthday combination ever, you deserve both of them.

When people ask what I like about you, all I can tell them is everything, have a cute birthday!

All I can say is that the most terrifying thought is not to be with you, enjoy this day of yours.

There is no one in this world that is quite as lovely as you are, have a happy birthday, sweetie!

No matter what happens, the important thing is you never gave up, have a beautiful birthday.

Birthdays are amazing because it signifies another year of life, may you enjoy yours, sweetie.

The best thing about loving a person is being there for them every birthday, enjoy today!

I want to give you everything you will need in this world but you need to enjoy them, sweetie.

The best things in this world are still free though hard to find, have the happiest birthday!

At the end of the day, the people who matters are the ones who cares, happy birthday, sweetie.

You are only as good as you think you are, have fun and enjoy a fabulous birthday celebration.

I know that things are not going to be easy but you will find a way, happy birthday, sweetie!

I may not be the best person for you but you are for me so I hope you have a great day.

For the brightest star in my life, sweetie, may you have the most astounding birthday party!

You can do all things with God’s grace so just keep fighting, enjoy this birthday of yours.

There are going to be some hunches on the road but it will help you, happy birthday, sweetie.

I wish you luck in everything you decide to pursue, keep reaching goals, the best bday to you.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming a bit more than usual, enjoy this day of yours, sweetie.

It all comes down to being yourself or changing who you are, choose wisely, choose right!

Happy birthday, sweetie, you need to understand that you deserve everything you have.


You might think that you are going through hard times but that is life, live your life, dear.

It is so hard to find people to accept who you are but you will, enjoy this birthday, sweetie.

Keep living until you finally find your purpose in this big world, have the craziest birthday!

You may not feel okay but eventually you will, have the best birthday party ever, sweetie!

Once you get to where you are meant to be, you will be happy, congrats on another year.