Happy 90th Birthday Wishes

If you know someone who is celebrating nine decades of their lives, you must go and greet them with a happy 90th birthday.
Just imagine how lucky they are to get to live ninety years.
It is very much essential to do that.
It would help if you did what you could to make sure they enjoyed their special day as well.
So here are some happy 90th birthday wishes that ought to make them more comfortable for their day.

There is a new decade out there waiting just for you. Enjoy it well. Happy 90th birthday!

Life is so much brighter with you around, so I hope that you enjoy your special day today too!

Your works are all recognized all over the world & we are all proud of you, enjoy your day!


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The stories of your life will forever live on so do spend the day doing what you want to do too.

Fill this life with memories so that you can live a whole lot happier, today is your day, gran!

Happy 90th birthday, I bet you had tons of beautiful memories for the last nine decades here.

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I bet there are a lot of good things that are coming your way so do your best & enjoy your life.

Thank you for being the remarkable person that keeps spreading kindness, enjoy your day too.

Your only problem for today would be that there are too many candles for you to blow away.

I am glad to have been part of your happy moments, grandma I wish you happy 90th birthday!

Spread happiness where you go, that is what you had taught me, thanks & enjoy your big day.

You inspired everyone in the family to be a better person, thanks for that gramps, enjoy today.

Gramps, I think you should start acting your age, being ninety should give you a good start.

You held the family together when we almost fell apart, may you have the best day for today.

Happy 13th birthday

Happy 90th birthday, it can only truly get better from here on out, I bet that is it, enjoy life.

You are really the one who gives the best meaning for this life, have the happiest bday too.

This milestone of your life should be celebrated a lot & just enjoyed, hope you have fun too.

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Nothing ever comes cheap in this life so let me spend money for your bday celeb, dear granny.

Singing is my passion so this time let me do some number on your party, have the best day!

May your previous years keep you as happy right now as you age today happy 90th birthday!

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All the marvelous wishes I lay for you from my heart for I love you a lot, dear gramps, I do.

What I wish the most is that you’d have a friend who will be there for you through & through.

I bet you’d have a lot of fun for today just like you deserve to for all your years of hard work.

Happy 90th birthday, you are truly a comfort for our family, I wish nothing but the best too.

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Today is a year anniversary of your eighty ninth bday, I hope you are having tons of fun now.

This is a journey for your life, that you may have the time of today, survive & realize things.

You see, this life has all those turns along with twists but if you strive hard, you’ll get there.

Success will come to you when you least expect it to, so just enjoy life and happy bday to you.


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I bet that your life would be happier if you have a good party today so happy 90th birthday!

When we celebrate your day today I wish that you would have tons of fun for this very day.

Let us throw you a party for being the best person you’ve become, you deserve that, granny.

Thank you for being that glue that held out to our family to be better, have the best bday too.

May the sun shine upon you so that you will be filled with the warmth from the sun, darling.

May a prosperous day finally come your way for you truly deserve that happy 90th birthday.

The glow of the sun is red & orange, it sure feels warm to, you should try this one out too.

I am so jealous that you have 90 candles, well, that is the way it is with this life, my darling.

You should try all the media accounts of the one you love to invite him over for lunch now too.

I think what you should do would be to just have fun, relax & realize that you are lucky now.

What you need is some joyful way to celebrate your special day, so be it happy 90th birthday!


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You know what, you ain’t old, what you are is classic do not forget that, have fun today too.

I know every day has been a battle but I just have to say I’m proud of you gramps, keep going.

Happy 90th birthday, you are not really ninety but a ten year old with eighty years of XP, dear.

I can’t even believe how fresh you look now, granny I sure hope I got your genes inside of me.

There are moments when I look at you & tell myself I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Gramps, thanks for giving me a lot of laughter in this lifetime may you have many more years.

Grandpa, may you have a wonderful time of your life right now as well happy 90th birthday!

I owe my whole world to you, wish that you would take time off your busy sched to celebrate.

One day when you start forgetting things I will be there to remind you, enjoy this day for now.

Do not worry about the future, I will keep being beside you, gramps, I will be there for you.


What a lot of memories you sure have got there, granny come & share them with me again!

Happy 90th birthday, I think you are truly in need of a celebration for this bday of yours now.

This bday is going to be filled with surprises so you better ready your heart, my dear gramps.

As you are turning 90, I just thought you would want to know a lot of people just adores you.

Fantastic is what you truly are, so let’s celebrate a lot of fun for today, I love you a lot gran!

Granny, today I will bake the apple pie that you always used to bake then happy 90th birthday!

May you have tons of years in life now for you truly deserve to live every single one of them.


My wish for you is totally stuffed with hugs & kisses for your big day, I hope you have fun!

Your presence alone makes people want to strive to be a better version of themselves, gramps.

You lit up the sleeping soul inside of me so now let us celebrate your big day, go & celebrate.

Gramps there are moments when you need to rest a bit so do just that too happy 90th birthday!


I bet what you really need now is someone to do crazy things with: well you sure got me now.

Today, let us do whatever it is that you want, no objections on my part, I promise that to you.

No matter how crazy you are, granny remember that I still love you a lot, that is the truth of it.


Happy 90th birthday, let us celebrate the day that you were conceived into this world before.

To a very special person in this life of mine, I wish you a really happy bday, hope you enjoy it.

May this day be as wonderful as you have always been to me, have the best bday party ever!

There is good in the world, you just need to search it they tell me, well I found it all in you too.

When the time comes when I feel alone, I just need to be beside you and I will be by my home.

Years ago, you were but a teen like me, now look at you all grown up too happy 90th birthday!

Turning 90 is a big milestone for you so I just have to say that I am absolutely proud of you!


I bet you really have the elixir of life for having lived so long, enjoy your stay in the planet.

To the most incredible woman I know, my gran, I wish you the beautiful skin you always want.

You always seem to have something to do, never idle is what you are, I hope you enjoy today.

Thank you for being a remarkable gramps, so for now may you have a happy 90th birthday!

Your life is filled with a lot of fun & I can’t help but be happy for you right now, I love you!

Gramps, what a big man you still are & also as adorable as ever, I love you to eternity too.

We had our share of moments, you & I, gran so let me tell you just how much I adore them.


Happy 90th birthday to you, dear granny I hope you’d have the time of your life for this day.

And I found myself coz of you so just let me tell you at the very least how much I love you too.

Counting to get to your age is now a struggle for the preschoolers, but hey enjoy your big day.

Here is me hoping you would celebrate your bday w/ a big smile on your face, my dear gran.


And in this world you reminded me of how special I am, thanks & have a happy 90th birthday!

Gramps, my childhood seems like a million light years away but I sure am glad you are here.

No one should be able to tell me what I can’t or can do, I will always stay beside you, gramps.

Happy 90th birthday, life is happier with you around so please get more years for yourself too.