Happy 88th Birthday Wishes

The generic greeting of happy 88th birthday is something that you should not use when greeting your loved one on their 88th birthday.
Adding a few more words won’t hurt you, and it would also make your message more personalized so you can have that flair.
Now, if you have a hard time when it comes to thinking about those types of things, here are some happy 88th birthday wishes to help you out.

May you find happiness when you want to but for now just enjoy this day happy 88th birthday!

I feel like I am at my best whenever I am with you so please let me spend more time with you.

May I never see you all gloomy ever again for you are truly a blessing, enjoy your big day!


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You are the mother of my father and yet you are so different as well, happy bday to you too!

No one else I have met is as courageous as you are, do have a good time happy 88th birthday!

One of the qualities I find the most magnificent in the world is your attitude, gramps, enjoy!

100 Birthday Wishes

The best moments of my childhood are those spent with you so live a hundred more years now.

I wish that I will be able to make it, that your age will only make you wiser, enjoy a big bday!

Wishes of good tidings and blessings come your way for your special day happy 88th birthday!

Happy 88th birthday, whatever you want, I will give to you so just let me have some fun too!

As delightful as ever is what you are so do not forget to have tons of fun right now as well.

I will forever be cherishing all the love that you have given to me, enjoy a special day too!

As delicious as your cookies are, the happy your day may be, have the best day of your life.

Thankful is what I have always been to the Lord for giving me a gramps just like you are.

Happy 13th birthday

You may not know this but I actually look up to you a lot, so just have a happy 88th birthday!

You are even sweeter than my own mom and for that alone I want to thank you so much too.

You never scolded me nor did you yell, this is why I love you a lot, may you enjoy your day!

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We may have a gap coz we are from different generations but I love listening to you still too.

Happy 88th birthday, don’t think of anything and just have some golly fun right now, grandpa.

To me you are my own kind of superhero for you are truly amazing & wonderful as well now!

35+ Happy Birthday Guy Friend Wishes

Even when I am not being a good boy, you still like me a lot, may you have the best bday ever.

You gave me so much attention and a whole lot of love so thanks for giving me tons of hugs.

For making me feel comfortable, thank you and I wish you would enjoy this day a lot as well.

Father, you may not know this but I really do like you a lot, enjoy today happy 88th birthday!

I think you taught me all the best things that this life can offer and for that I thank you a lot.

I love you a lot and so let me wish you the best bday ever, hope you have a lot of fun as well.

I have never seen anyone with so much freedom better than you are but really, happy bday!

There is no one else I want to please better than you, so for now have a happy 88th birthday.


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My heart is filled with gratitude towards you so let me thank you a lot, happiest bday to you.

Let me live a wonderful life & uphold your legacy as well, enjoy a happy bday, my dearest.

The only thing that you deserve is the best in all the ways that matters, have the best day.

You are like my parents only sweeter, I prefer you a lot, have a really great bday right now.

Happy 88th birthday, what can I do now but to tell you that you are the best one in the world.

My heart is filled with gratitude towards you so I wish you would have only the best day ever.

Sending you all the best and cutest wishes in this life, do enjoy it and have tons of fun today!

I want to show all you all of the gratitude I feel by hugging you a lot, have a nice bday today.

For your bday, may you enjoy a lot of happiness and good health as well happy 88th birthday!

You know that you are wonderful but I’m just saying it again so you don’t forget, enjoy today.

You gave me a sense on what unconditional love really is so have the best bday ever grandma.


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I just want you to know that you are the most perfect grandma I can ever have in any sense!

All the best things in life comes in three but you alone is worth all enjoy a happy 88th birthday.

Our family is totally blessed to have the most wonderful grandpa there is, have the best day!

We wish that you would really enjoy this great day of the life you have been living so much.

You know what? Your bday is already colorful in a lot of ways so blow out all those candles!

For this family, you are somewhat the nucleus, holding it so it does not fall apart, happy bday.

Happy 88th birthday, you really are the best there ever is so give all that you can in living too.

Let us not just let the day pass by with you not even smiling, have the best day ever for today.

I am really simple minded: I wish that you would be really happy no matter what, happy bday.

This day is but another celebration for your kindness and your generosity so enjoy it well too.


There really ain’t anyone that is quite like you, so I wish you will have a happy 88th birthday.

I want to tell you the things that you are: kind, amazing, sweet, generous, I can go on and on.

From the deepest corner of my heart, I want you to be as happy as you can be, happy bday!

You simply brought out the best in me & I have to thank you for that, you deserve it a lot too.

If you want to be a princess for today, there is nothing wrong with that, enjoy your bday celeb.

School can’t teach me what you taught me, thank you for everything and happy 88th birthday!

I want to be that person who will return to you a successful person indeed, enjoy your bday!


One day, I bet you will finally be able to show the world what you are really made of now.

I hope that I am making sense when I tell you just how much I really care about you, enjoy!

Having a granny like you is one of the best gifts I have ever received so happy 88th birthday!

My wish is that you get 10 years more and so you can share more of your love to the world.


I hope that I will be able to show you how much I cherish all the memories we have had too.

You are truly lovely as well as kind & I wish for nothing more but that, so do enjoy it a lot.

Happy 88th birthday, the day I met you was the best day of my life, that is the truth, believe it.


You are the biggest part of me, most of my influences come from you, the best truly, happy?

You told me you were my biggest fan and that counted so much to me, thank you for that too.

All I hope is that you will be able to do whatever it is that you want in this life, enjoy it well.

You should look at your bday as an opportunity to grow and get along more with family too.

I look at your face and I see what I want in this world so have a happy 88th birthday, gramps.

All the best wishes to the woman who believed in me since day 1, you deserve this all in all.

The one that I adore the most is you for you gave me all the courage I needed back then too.


Grandma, thank you for choosing me as your favorite though I am only one, happy bday too!

You need to have your spa treatments so you can relax more, let’s go & happy 88th birthday!


I pray that the Lord may bless you today with what you want to have, happy bday to you too!

Grandpa, you told me tons of experiences that I was too foolish to fill it all up, just do that.

May this celebration of your life be a way to find the things that are truly meant for you too.

Happy 88th birthday, who knows me better than myself but you for you know me the best too.

Without your guidance, I am but nothing but a child without any strength at all about it all.


To the angel of my dreams, I wish that you would have tons of fun as well and when I will him.

Just like a glue you will always be fussing over the smallest broken pieces of our family now.

I never see you gloomy ever and that is something I completely adore, happy 88th birthday!

They say that no one is a hero, but you, grandpa is that for me, so do enjoy it a lot, really.

What I want to do now is to switch seats until you remind me to take you home for today too.

She will see the best in you, and that alone can be accounted for, there is a conversation.