Happy 96th Birthday Wishes

Turning 96 is certainly no joke, it is a milestone that should be celebrated with joy.
After all, there is nothing better than celebrating one of the moments that should be done with a smile on everyone’s face.
You should greet that person a happy 96th birthday and wish him or her the best.
Send up some happy 96th birthday wishes to your loved ones.
In the case that you lack the message you want, here are some happy 96th birthday wishes that you can use.

Leave some cake for me, gramps but do not forget to enjoy it as well now happy 96th birthday!

To the person who taught me how to be patient, I wish you will have the best bday ever.

Your presence in my life has meant a lot to me so do not be absent, keep living a good life.


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Thanks for all the tips you gave me when I was weak and all alone, I want you to enjoy today.

Happy 96th birthday, I would always pray at night to God to keep blessing you more each day.

You have always been perceptive, that is one trait you should be thankful for, Papa, enjoy.

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

No matter how many years seem to pass by, you still make me smile with your jokes, Gramps.

I think you are amazing, that in your own way you are wonderful so have the best bday ever.

For all the daily reminders you gave me in my years on earth, I wish you would enjoy today.

I know it is very hard to imagine how life would be if you were not here, let us not do that.

You always find a way to see me no matter how busy I may be so have a safe trip, always.

All I want right now is to express what I feel for you being in my life so happy 96th birthday!

I think of you and I realize that you are one rainbow filled person, enjoy your big day now.

I am often praying that you may finally find what you are looking for, have fun for today!

Happy 13th Birthday

You gave me all my best childhood memories, thanks for them all, enjoy your big day now.

You were there for me on every single event so now let me do the same for you as well.

I think of you and all I can remember are the smiles, the laughter and fun we had shared.

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Happy 96th birthday, grandma, I bet you still cook the best cookies in the world, don’t you?

All the inspirational messages in this world are for you from me as well happy 96th birthday!

Some people might not want to thank their grandpa but I want to thank you from now on.

You truly left a great legacy to our family: me and so I wish you all the best for this day.

The best source of happiness in this world is you: for me you will always be so have fun too.

Sending you tons of virtual hugs and kisses until I finally go to you and visit you as well!

Happy 96th birthday, what a good model you truly are to a wonderful life, enjoy this very day.

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes

Whenever you give me advice, I heed it for I know you will never be wrong anyway as well.

Thank you for always being there when I want you to, you are truly one of the best people.

Never will I ever forget all the things you did for me, I would go to you if I was there, enjoy!

I wish that you would find the one thing you need in the world, Pa: some peace of mind.


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What you are is an armor that protected me for a long time happy 96th birthday dear grandpa.

On your 96th bday, I want you to believe that things are still out there for improvement.

Today let us leap with joy for you are turning another year older, wishing you more years too.

It was such a great day last year, your bday and I hope this day is also great for you, gramps.

Whenever you do not feel fine, come to me & I will make you your favorite food, enjoy today.

Sweet days up ahead for you that was my strength when I needed it most happy 96th birthday!

Cheers to you, the oldest man, no, I meant the best person I know, enjoy your special day!

I would not tell anyone you are ninety six, it would be our little secret, Papa, I love you!

Here is to you and another year filled with joy and laughter, enjoy your life, we love you so!

I hope that you will forget the troubles that are clouding your mind and just celebrate.

I will be the one to support you all the way now, do not worry any longer happy 96th birthday!


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Grandpa, your hair may be thinning but your heart is just as big, enjoy this special day!

I am truly proud of the person you are, I bet my children feel the same happy 96th birthday!

Times change, we both know that and yet to me you will always be the same, happy bday!

To the person who gave me dinosaurs when I was scared to death, I hope you enjoy your day.

You’re my angel, protecting me and guiding me rightly, thanks & I wish you all the best today.

I know there are days when you feel tired but please do enjoy this special day now, I love you!

Happy 96th birthday, I take your words like the gospel for I know you know more than I do.

I still remember how much you love me, well I love you as well, enjoy your special day too.

As far as I know, I do not know anyone as old as you are so do enjoy your day a lot, as well.

You fought all the skeletons and the dragons for me when I was a kid, so enjoy today now.


Remember that your grandchildren love you a lot, so have the happiest bday party ever.

You always showed the love and care I needed so I wish you’d have a happy 96th birthday!

We respect you a lot, gramps so just calm down and truly enjoy your big day now.

With your wisdom, I bet you can solve any problem in the blink of an eye, happiest bday!


You are compassionate in everything you partake in so I wish you all the best as well.

I will invite your friends to this bday party of yours so that you can have more fun as well.

I hope you accept kisses and hugs as gifts, they are all I have right now happy 96th birthday!


The gifts and the hugs that you will get are all proof of how great a person you are, gramps.

I think that what counts the most is how you lived your life, I am just so happy for you!

The best thing that ever came into my life is you, I’m glad you were my father, enjoy today.

What a fantastic man you truly are, a genius that is humble to, have the happiest bday!

I love every story you have ever told me so thank you and have a really happy 96th birthday!

Nature is very nice to give us all what we have, I am glad to be with you as well, enjoy today.

This day is for the best grandpa in the world, an awesome dude that is meant to be loved.


You are very important to us, we wish you would always remember that, happy bday!

Your shining light has reached for me all the way down the dark empty road, thanks & enjoy.

It is your smile that keeps us going, letting us know that you are happy makes as happy too.

One of the people I value the most in this life is you so thanks for it all happy 96th birthday!

The experiences you have had are truly meant for the best, we wish you all a happy bday.

You made me so proud of my family, that is all on you, gramps, so enjoy your special day.

Just thinking of you already makes my heart feel so warm, Daddy, happiest bday to you.


Thank you for listening to me when I wanted someone to talk to, this time I will listen to you.

Happy 96th birthday, I hope you live longer to see your grandchildren, my dear father.

You gave me advices you gave me helped me a lot so I am truly thankful, have fun today.

The way you raised me is something I will always be grateful for, Ma, enjoy today.

Thank you for letting and helping me sort things out by myself, you are truly the best.

Happy bday, this is my thank you for all the times you comforted me, I love you a lot.

You are already blessed so much but I hope you would be more than happy 96th birthday!


Just being able to interact with you already brightens my day, I hope I can make you smile.

You gave me enough confidence to trust in myself so I wish you have tons of fun as well.

Whether you are far away from me, you are always going to be in my heart, enjoy today.

Your love saved me and for that I am grateful, enjoy your special day, my dearest gramps.

You are one of my sources of strength so thank you so much and have a happy 96th birthday.

Granny, you did save me so many times, I wish I can make you happy for today.


All my best memories have you in them, I guess you were always going to be my hero, Papa.

Happiest bday to the one person that gets me, I wish you all the best, enjoy your big day.

Happy 96th birthday, thank you for being one of my happy places in this world, enjoy well.

You are already a permanent in my heart, so may you keep on being that to me now.