45+ Have A Nice Day Quotes

Everyone wants to have a nice day, wants everything to go their way, for nothing to go wrong and for things to keep being what they are.
The truth is that it is going to be hard to have a nice day especially when someone important to you is going through something problematic, however to have a nice day is something that you are responsible for, do not let anything or anyone ruin your chances to have a nice day.
Here are some quotes about having some very nice day that you can try out to make you happy.

Wherever you may be right now, I wish that you would have a nice day, after everything, love.

Whether or not the sun is shining, you have got to be thankful that you are alive, you should.

Every single moment of your life is another chance at life and so you should just keep going.


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If you think today is not a good day then maybe you should try to miss one, my darling girl.

You are my favorite person in the world and my days are complete whenever I get to see you.

You who is reading this right now, I hope you will have the best days of your life from now on.

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Know that every second that passes you by is an opportunity to just keep being alive, my dear.

Some days are much better than all the other days while some just feels so wrong and all that.

I wish that no matter how many mood swings you may have, you get to have the best days.

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Even though we do not see each other anymore, I still do wish you have a nice day, my baby.

You can’t expect your whole week to be perfect but as long as you have a good one, you’re ok.

Stop waiting for something to happen and start taking action to make your life a lot better.

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You need not wear war paint on your face for it to be the best moment of your life, my dear.

The start of your morning may not be that okay but eventually it will get better, that it will.

We may have broken apart, forgotten each other but still I want you to have a nice day, dear.

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There will be dark and bright time, but you have to make use of every opportunity in this life.

The end should always be good so that you can always have a good start as well, once more.

If loving you is what makes every single morning so much easier, I want to love you my life.

You are going to be alright, you just have to do your best every single moment of your life.

I miss the way you would tell me every morning to have a nice day, you always were so sweet.

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It is important to make plans ahead of time so that you can manage things a whole lot better.

Oh, what a wonderful morning this is, with the sun shining so brightly early, that it really do.

I wish you would never forget the good days of your life just because of some bad ones, baby.

It was the way you told me to have a nice day that I knew I am going to want to marry you.

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I have never seen you like this before, you look so happy and energized at this morning.

It is never too late to do something that you like, just have some fun today and you’ll do ok.

For now, what you should do is get some good night’s sleep so you can have a great tom.

Your tomorrow is going to be a whole lot better if you put your mind and soul into things.


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It is never too late to start thinking that there will be a nice way to start living your life, dear.

The way you say have a nice day always lift my spirit up and I cannot help but wonder, love.

Start thinking positive and your life will be a lot better than it used to be that’s for sure, girl.

I believe in the universe that is conspiring to make things nicer for all of us, believe it too.

There are times when I just want to give up but I remember that you are still there for me.

There is still some good in you and I can see that clearly, would you see it in yourself as well?

Take a deep breath and smell the fresh air, maybe it is going to be a good season for picnics.

Should we head outside to the park and just have a nice picnic, you and I, maybe we should.

If only I can have a nice day with you, I would gladly sacrifice all that there ever was for that.


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For all the right reasons, I want to be the one who will be beside you through everything, boy.

I want you to enjoy your life and just have all the fun you can ever get in this journey, darling.

Go on a jog this morning and appreciate the life that you never thought you would ever have.

You might need some good news in order to have more fun than you ever can, you should.

Wake up and breathe in some good fresh air that would really rack up your brain, my dear.

You need to find some peace within yourself so that you are able to eat some amazing life.


When I get to have a nice day together with you, I will stay at home and just watch with you.

Forget it, all I wanted to do is be with you every second of my life, for I care a lot about you.

You need to grow up and just keep on improving yourself that you really should, darling.

If things go the right way, you will be alright, you will see that things happen the way they do.

When you are in a bad mood, I hope that you just try to be the best that you can become, love.

Mind yourself and always keep on loving your life the way that you used to before bad times.

My definition of have a nice day is to remember me all the time even when you are busy, girl.


Have a nice day, love of my life, know that wherever you go, I am always in your heart, baby.

I just wish you would have a nice day and that you would be happy for the rest of your life.

There will be moments when you will feel that things are not going your way, keep going.

Maybe you will be alright, but for now, you have got to deal with the things in your life.

For sure you will have the best days of your life but for now you need to just calm down, dear.

I want to be with you through everything that you will be at, so let me be & keep me company.

I may not look like it but I am actually wishing that you would have a nice day, I swear that.


You will do just fine, you have my full support in doing the things you love to do, my darling.

Honey, I have got to tell you that tomorrow will be another great day, you deserve happiness.

And if tomorrow never comes, then you must keep in mind that today will at least be great.

I want to be with you until the very last moment that is possible, I love you forever & always.

Have a nice day and do not forget to thank Him for the blessings that you have received, dear.

Would you care to spend this morning with me, so I can cheer you up real good, you need it.

Maybe you would love to be the best thing that ever happened to me, it feels really good.


You are my inspiration in doing great things, it seems impossible, but I know it can happen.

Come and let us make more friends today because we deserve to, let us keep being together.

May you always have a nice day because a kind person like you truly deserves that, my love.

Let me be with you until you are feeling a little better, until you think that things will be okay.

I just want to be as happy as I can be, I want to be the best I can be and so I will be here.

For now, what I can do is to just keep being the best that I can be and just love myself more.

You need to love yourself and tell yourself that you are going to be more than fine if you can.


I just love the way things are right now my love and I want to keep on doing just that, dear.

May we always go be with each other all the time for as much as possibly can, my honey.

If you want to have a nice day, spend the day doing good deeds and it will come back tenfold.


Would things always go the wrong way, because I did not know what to happen right now.

Girl, I will be with you until the last moment of forever, that is the honest truth, my baby.

So stay with me until you can because I want to be as best as I can be more than ever, lady.

Every day that I get to see your lovely face is truly a reminder for me to have a nice day, dear.


When you wish that I would have a nice day, I silently send a prayer for you, that I do, honey.

You, my lady deserves to have a nice day after all the suffering that you have been through.

I just wish you would have a nice day and that you get to be better than ever, for I love you.

There is not much to say but that you have a nice day and you get on with your life, darling.