Happy 101st Birthday Wishes

Someone is celebrating a birthday past a hundred. A happy 101st birthday wish is necessary.
This is one of those rare moments when you take away all destructive emotions and focus instead on the good side of things.
Greet that person a happy 101st birthday and show them that you love this day.
Celebrate their bday with a greeting and if you have no idea what to say, here are some happy 101st birthday wishes to help you out.

Every wrinkle that you have on your face is proof of the life you lived. Happy 101st Birthday!

One of the things I like about you is that you make everything in my life so simple indeed.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t copy the dishes you have made. Please help us out now.


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What you put into the food you cook is magic; it makes things a whole lot easier.

You are the pro in everything that I know, from knitting to wrestling and more games.

You always treated me as if I am royalty, well you are the queen; happy bday to you, grandma.

Happy 101st Birthday, do not be ashamed of the wrinkles on your forehead; you are beautiful.

Indeed, I was taught at school; my grandma has been trying to teach me all the time.

Books can teach me a lot, they say, but I guess they do not have my grandpa’s way of doing it.

You are more than just a teacher; you are my very ideals in this world, do not disappoint me.

Happy 10th Birthday

Life should have been a fairytale, but it did not turn out the way we expected it; happy bday!

All that I hope is that I will inherit the personality of your gran, happy 101st Birthday!

To the person who has been such an inspiration in my life, I wish you the best, grandma dear.

Happy bday to the person who always took care of me when I was feeling sick and alone.

Happy 13th Birthday

No matter what, I will try my best to live up to what you teach me; I love you!

Having you as my gran makes me feel like the wealthiest person in this world, happy bday!

Happy 101st Birthday, how I wish to be just as graceful as you are when I reach your age.

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You taught me that there is more to life than just me; thank you for everything now.

I want to tell you that you are more than excellent for me and that your life is indeed remarkable.

You are the epitome of how to be happy; I wish you would enjoy today, dearest granny!

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I wonder if my mom has adopted because she was not as graceful as you; happy bday gran.

Your wisdom is one of the things that I admire the most about you, happy 101st Birthday!

Thanks for passing the best qualities directly to me, gran. Have the best bday party ever too.

For the memories that were wonderful that you gave to me, may you enjoy your bday today?

Birthday Wishes For Myself

The best period of my childhood were the moments I spent with you. Happy bday to you now.

I want to grow old happily just like you did, so for this day, I wish you a happy 101st Birthday!

Like the warm cookies that you always baked us, you are fabulously friendly and lovely, gran.

Us kids become more tolerable because of you, so thank you for everything, dearest granny!


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You teach us why we get scolded by our parents, and we wish you a happy bday now.

Happy 101st Birthday, you have a heart that is genuinely made from gold; I wish you the best.

The gap may be vast between you and me, but I look forward to always being with you!

The best cartoon character should be you: super granny, always saving our day too!

You saved me when no one else could have, and I do wish you would have a lot of fun now.

If I can go back anytime, I would do so when I was with you, have the best bday ever now.

Nothing means to me more than you do, gramps, so have a pleased 101st birthday!

All I have now would mean nothing if not for you; thank you for everything; I love you so.

I dedicate all my success in life to you, and I hope you will enjoy this day very well.

Though times may seem a bit rough, know that I am still here, have a good bday now.

You are the roots of this family, and no fruits would bear if you were not there; happy bday!


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Gran, I am so proud of you for being your person; I hope you enjoy this big day!

I remember you waking me up gently every morning, and I am lucky to have you, gran, enjoy!

No amount of money can ever get to your level, granny; happy 101st Birthday!

This is your day to celebrate and commemorate the life you have lived. Happy bday to you.


What matters the most to me is that you are happy. I hope you will do what you want, enjoy.

Today is a day for celebration and telling the world just how wonderful it is to live, granny.

They may not know it, but for me, you will always be the best person in the world, happy bday.

Happy 101st Birthday. May you remember that I am always right here for you, all the time.

You are my foundation of the manners that I have, my very personality. Happy bday to you!

Gramps, you taught me the art of fishing that I have loved up until now; I wish you the best bday too.

All that I know is that I enjoy being with you, so I wish you would have fun on your day too.


It was those arms that cradled me good and well until I was able to be myself once more.

What can I say but I am glad you are a part of this life; I wish you a good day.

And if there is one wish I can make for you, I hope you live even longer. Happy 101st Birthday!

Though a lot may not tell you this, I would. You are very special to me. That is the truth, gran.

I hope that the blessings will keep on pouring for you; enjoy your big day too.

You may have hit me once or twice, but you are still going to be my only love, indeed.

There is no other place that I would rather be than beside you all along. I wish you good.

I am so happy to be here right now as you celebrate your big day, and I wish you the best too.


Happy 101st Birthday, you should blow your candle, for there are so many on that cake too.

There are many ways to greet you on your special day, but I believe this is the best one.

Enjoy your day, and may you have lots of reasons to leave a couple of years more; we love you.

Granny, we wish you all the best to get on your big day; happiest bday to you.

To my dear grandma, you are the best thing that ever happened to us; happy bday to you too.

No obstacles are blocking my way so we can celebrate your special day; enjoy today.

You add maturity along with your beauty to this house, and granny, have a happy 101st birthday!

I wish I could add a smile to your face for this moment of yours; happy bday to you now.


Come and let the sunshine in today as it is your big day. Have tons of fun and laughter too.

Tomorrow is another day for you to go out there and play, so do enjoy your big bday celeb!

Granny, it would help if you did what makes you happy. That is the right way to go about it now.


With your lifestyle, it is no wonder you are still fit and healthy now; happy 101st Birthday!

If for some reason you do not feel well, may this celebration make it up to you, enjoy it too.

For there are words in which you will realize that you matter, and I hope you get it from me.

All I had ever wanted was to be with you, gramps, and now let us celebrate your Birthday.

Sometimes, we feel like things are not enough, but they are: you are, happy bday to you now.


Happy 101st Birthday. Do remember that you are my favourite person in this world indeed.

No one should tell you that you cannot do anything; go and show them yourself.

What you are matters, so let us bring peace to you by wishing you a jolly bday as well now.

You need to have fun and remember that the rest of the world sees you too.

When they tell you that you are too old, show them that no one is too old to be happy, gran.

You can simplify everything by giving me one big hug, so thanks and happy 101st Birthday!

You taught me the meaning of life, and now I will do my best to live up to your expectations.

I am hoping that you get more time to spend with me, happy bday too.


I wish you know that you are more than necessary to us; we want you to be with us more.

In our eyes, you will always be the best, so go and enjoy the day away; happy bday gran!

Happy 101st Birthday, you make me smile just by seeing your face; you are my gramps.

One of my favourite people globally, and now I wish you would have a happy 101st birthday.

Happy 101st Birthday, may the best wishes you made finally come to you in this world now.