Happy 84th Birthday Wishes

The world is filled with mysteries, with things that make you wonder and feel alive as well.
See, the place you live in has been wonderful indeed but at 84, you can still make a mark.
Every single day that you get to have is another chance you get into making your journey into an amazing one.
It is always nice to enjoy life but even more to celebrate it, for the person turning 84 today, go greet him or her a happy 84th birthday.
Below are some happy 84th birthday wishes to help you out so you can find the right words and say them at the right time.

For me you will never be someone that is out of style remember that happy 84th birthday, Dad.

Enjoy this day, you need to get out there as long as you can so that you’ll live a happy life too.

For now, just remember that things always happen for a reason, believe me on this one now.


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There are some things in life that you can only get through hard work, one of them is this.

You can never rid of me and I of you, after all I am glad to be your son happy 84th birthday!

I want to tell you to enjoy this world before you start forgetting it, happy bday to you, Mom.

I just wish that you would never forget all of the memories that we had shared back then too.

And out of all the people in the world, all I needed was you, thanks and have a happy bday.

I would not exist without you so cheers to you today and have a really happy 84th birthday!

You are one of the best people I have met and life can’t get any clearer than this, my dearest.

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Ma, thank you for leading me, guiding me and holding my hand all the way, happy bday now.

There is no one I find greater than you for you are the light in this lonely life of mine, Mama.

I just want you to know how much I care for you, Pa, happiest bday to you for today, enjoy it.

Thanks for always giving me lessons on ethics back when I was a child happy 84th birthday!

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There are some things you will never exchange anything for and you are one of them to me.

In this world where everything is strange, I find you a lost case, enjoy your bday, hugs to you.

May you find the light that you are looking for and remember to thank everyone in your life.

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You are a living proof that when you work hard enough you will get all that you want in life.

Happy 84th birthday, I always thank you for you are the reason why I know who I am now.

Treat your wrinkles as medals that only grow a whole lot more with age, keep going with life.

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You are who you seem to be now coz of the choices you have made before, enjoy your day too.

The roots that you had established before will be useful to you by this time, happiest bday too.

You made my childhood happier, you did that to me so have a happy 84th birthday for today.

What you are now is special & I want you to know that I truly care for you, enjoy this day.

If you have the ability to see the beauty that is around you, you will never really grow old.

You see, the secret is all really in your mind, on how you perceive things, enjoy your big day.

Some people get confused like I did so thanks for helping me out always, happiest bday too.

I never really got a choice in my parentage but I’m glad I had you, Ma happy 84th birthday!


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You colored my life in ways that you never know, you have helped me friend, happy bday!

Never let your other factors change the way you view this life and just enjoy it through now.

No matter how old you get, there is one person who knows you best, thanks & happy bday.

Nothing can be boring as long as you are with me, thanks for everything for now as well.

Happy 84th birthday, I bet life would not be this fun without you here, thank you for all of it.

It seems that no matter where you go there are people who cares, I am truly happy for you.

Finding that person in your life that matters most is hard but when you do, it’s a joy, really.

In this life, you are the one I held on too, during my weakest times, now hold on to me, Mom.

Remember the stupid things we did back then? How about doing more of them today, friend?

May your spirit keep being enriched by love & by hope, now go have a happy 84th birthday!

You have a gift, the eyes that knows what to happen, happy bday to you, there is more to this.


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Having someone like you as a parent is a real privilege to me, have the most wonderful day!

You are one of the people that I know can lead in this life, have a happy 84th birthday, Papa.

What you have become today is truly coz of all the hard work that you had done, happy bday.

People come in your life and some of them stay but a good friend always will, happy bday!

In the years to come I hope that you will always remember to keep in mind to be happy too!

Optimism is a trait I would never want to remove from you, have a really happy 84th birthday.

I hope you would like to blow this cake that I have especially made for you, enjoy your bday!

I bet you would like to imagine the world if you had done something else, don’t just enjoy it.

See, you can hurt people but they are bound to forgive you, be sorry and live a happy life now.

It may take you some time to heal but eventually, you will, have the best bday party ever too!


Today is but another notch in your rope, a milestone you overcame, happy 84th birthday too.

There is not much people that I know who are quite like you but I very much appreciate you.

I can never truly get enough of what you give me: love and care, thanks and have a good day.

I know how sensitive you are by now, honestly I don’t care, I still love you a lot, happy bday!

I do wish that you would keep on being blessed with happiness from now, happy 84th birthday!

I am glad that you have someone who will always take care of you all the time, happy bday!

Find someone who will keep you locked tightly in their arms, hope you did enjoy your big day.


I sweat to you that when you reach 84, I will let you have the remote control, enjoy it today!

It is hard to find things to make you happy but you made me happy, enjoy this day, my dear.

Happy 84th birthday, I know you can be more confident in the future so think of what can be.


I will never stop trying & never stop listening to whatever you have to say, enjoy your bday.

May your dreams always be bigger than anything else there is, enjoy your special day as well.

At this age, I hope you are satisfied with how your life went, I’m so proud of you already, Ma.

Happy 84th birthday, there are still tons of possibilities along with opportunities to come now.


There are so many reasons to stay happy: you are one of mine, enjoy your special day, Daddy.

I bet you had fallen so many times before, thanks for choosing to get back up, happy bday too!

You need to find something, that is why you get lost, enjoy your day and have tons of fun too.

Do not worry about anything and just focus on yourself for now, my dear happy 84th birthday!

At 84, you still look as pretty and as strong as ever, what is the secret to that? Happy bday!

One of the things I love about you is that you stuck with me, thanks & have the happiest bday.

It is sad to think that some people can easily suck your happiness out, let me fill it in for today.


Sometimes you fight with the ones that you love so you can understand better, enjoy today too.

Every heartbreak that I had been in, you guided me out, thanks & have a happy 84th birthday.

When I look back it seems we still lack some words, I hope you enjoy today, happy big day!

I know how much is going in on your life and I am happy to see you smiling all the time too.

See, there is so many secret a person has, thanks for sharing with me, enjoy your big day now.

And in the middle of trying to find who I am, I found love and it waved hello, happy bday now.

As long as you keep on trying now that you will never ever fail in my eyes happy 84th birthday.


The greatest thing that anyone can give you is the gift of love, nourish it and be contented too.

You bought some baggage with you, let me relieve them off, enjoy the store and have fun too!

She does not realize she was beautiful & she only did when I told her, I want to try again too.

Happy 84th birthday, today just dance with nature, with faeries and live out your dream too.


Working with people keeps me busy so I won’t think about anyone but you, happy bday too.

Just letting you know that I care and I wish you would always keep on smiling as well now.

Stop worrying about the things that are yet to come, you deserve better, enjoy your bday too.

Age is nothing compared to the amount of joy you have received, happy 84th birthday to you!