200+ Happy Birthday SMS Wishes

There are so many people to send a happy birthday SMS to, whether it is your family, friends, loved ones, or just a classmate or acquaintance.
The essence is that you greeted them on their birthday, and you made an effort to do so and not just say the lines of happy birthday.
They will surely appreciate this one if you do this.
Here are some of the SMS wishes that you can try out when you have a hard time thinking of a birthday greeting.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, just have fun today, happy bday to you!

Wishes do come true and one day you will realize it was in front of you, happy birthday!

It is quite nice to have someone to like you and make you feel special, wonderful birthday to you!

Amazing, is it not to be able to be with someone for so long? Best birthday and enjoy today.

You know what I want the way I want it, you know me oh so well, happy birthday to you!


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One day, we will look at this on your birthday and we will all laugh at ourselves doing the things we were least expected to do. Wonderful bday!

I keep forgetting that I have a soft heart, that I get sad when you are careless with your words, best bday to you!

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

There is a chance that things might be better than they were, best bday to you, dear.

It is impossible not to stare at your face when it is so beautiful. Wonderful bday to you!

Let us just say that there are things that happens for a reason, best birthday to you, girl.

Some days, I just want to keep all of my friends in touch with me but it is so hard. Wonderful birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

I may not be able to be with you 24/7 but I am still here for you, happy bday to you!

This birthday only happens once a year, might as well maximize it, happy bday to you!

I am so excited to spend your special day with you, happy birthday to you, have fun!

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Today is the most exciting birthday of my life and I hope you do the same, wonderful birthday.

The 60 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

You are my ray of sunshine on a stormy day and I thank God for you. Best birthday!

You fill my life with laughter, with love and with hope and I could not ask for more. Happy birthday to you and may you never forget me as you live.

My life will never be the same if you were not there, you complete me, wonderful bday!

Just think of one reason what is there not to love about you? Best bday to you!

You make me happy in ways that I did not expect nor did you, best bday to you!

Spiritual Birthday Wishes

You have made my life so much brighter, wonderful bday to you my beloved husband.

Happy birthday to you, my wife, may you always be like this: charming and innocent.

Friends definitely make life more colorful than it already is, best birthday to you.


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Every day of my life is spent looking at your picture because I miss you, wonderful birthday.

Give yourself some credit for still living and surviving up to this point, you are awesome! Happy bday to you and have some fun of your life.

Dear mother, thank you for giving birth to me, I am sending you best birthday wishes for you on your special day!

I promise to be there for you no matter how tough life gets, so happy birthday to you!

You are the stars in my dark universe, you make me happy. Wonderful birthday, my love.

Love, there is no one else in my heart but you and you alone. Best birthday to you!

Some days, it feels like there is something wrong with me, that I do not like to be alone that I want to be with someone that I know. Wonderful bday!

For everything that you have ever done for me I want to thank you, best bday!

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Whenever I see you, I space out because I look at you so dreamily. Happiest birthday!

Do you want to see the world with me? I want to see it with you, best bday to you!


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You make me wish that every time we meet would last forever, wonderful bday to you!

Always tell me that you care and I will do the same for you. Best birthday my dear!


Don’t be afraid that no one will love you, there is God who always ready to love you, wonderful birthday!

God’s power is greater than your problem, so just have a happy bday for today.

I know it’s hard, but, you need to move on from your past and be happy on your birthday.

Friends are people that you can count on, that you can trust during times of trouble, I will be your friend from now on, so happy bday to you!.


When you feel that the world is crashing down on you, I will be here, happy birthday!

Do not be discouraged by anything at all, I will stand beside you through it all, wonderful birthday to you!

May you find out what it was you have been looking for after so long, best birthday!


Reaching this point was not easy but you made it anyway, wonderful bday to you!

You are beautiful in ways you will never know and that is what made me love you. Best bday to you, my dear.

No matter how hard the wind blows, I will stand beside you until it stops, best bday!

Life is exactly the way it seems, you just need to claw your way out of the rubble, wonderful bday to you!


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Life is more of the battle of wills when you think about it, we can do this! Happy birthday.

You are going through your hardest days right now but that is okay, time will pass and you will be okay, I am just right here for you, happy birthday!

Later on, you will realize who your real friends really are and who are just there when they need you, do not let it turn you into a bad person. Best birthday!

You seem to be so full of energy even so early in the morning, wonderful birthday to you, love!


At first, I did not know what I was going to think but here I am not wanting to let go of you, afraid to be left alone. Happy bday to you and have fun!

Enjoy every second of your life because it might just be your last. Happy bday to you!

You are my best buddie that laughs at all of my jokes and I love you. Wonderful birthday!

Do not let this be the last birthday we celebrate together, more years to come, best birthday!

People may judge you from your appearance but it does not mean that is who you are, you are so much more if you look at it thoroughly, wonderful bday!

You will always be the person that I call when I need to talk to someone, best bday!

To the person who had withstand so many trials with me, best bday to you, sister!

One of the three things in life that you must have is hope, always be optimistic about things, girl.


When life feels like you are going to fail, just close your eyes and think of me, I will be here to support you all through out. Happy birthday to you!

You deserve to be happy because you have always been kind to others, wonderful bday, dear!

Life will give you things to think about but do not ponder too deep, just keep it simple, best birthday to you!

I do not want to tell you to stop doing the things you lab but to just maximize your time, wonderful birthday to you, my dearest.


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You are beautiful and awesome, if you do not believe me you can ask them around. Happy birthday to you!

You make me believe in magic again and that I what I truly wanted, so for now, happy bday once again!

You are my friend so why do I have these feelings for you? Happy bday, dear.


May you try your best to always find another place out, another way in, wonderful birthday!

I thought that you needed me but I guess you did not, I wished but it was not granted but I wish you a best birthday and hope that your dreams will come true.

There is no chance I am going to go there to prove myself, I love keeping things to myself, happy birthday, roommate!

Even when things get a little tough, I will be here for you, wonderful bday to you, dear.

Somedays it feels so surreal, everything around me does except you. Happy birthday!

You make me miss everything I had back home, I just want to tell you best bday!


Dear you make me feel as if everything in this world will make you happy. Best bday to you too!

Just stop for a minute and just breathe and edit all your problems out because you deserve to be happy even for a second, wonderful bday!

Just do the things you do with love and you will be fine. happy birthday to you, dear friend.

You are one of my best friends and I want you to know that you make me feel like I am especial, thank you so much, best birthday.

I find it amusing that you wanted to be my friend when I had nothing to offer you. Wonderful birthday!

You have finally made it, you are now so close to it so do your best and happy bday.

No one else would ever mean to me like you do, happy birthday to you, my friend.

I want you to know that I care about you, that I think of you and your welfare, happy bday my friend!

Just keep on pretending that everything would be fine until it finally does, wonderful birthday to you!