Happy 95th Birthday Wishes

When someone very important to you is turning 95, what excuse do you have not to greet that person? Well, good news is that there are specifically birthday wishes that would help you to greet that person a happy 95th birthday.
Not a lot of people reaches this age, so you should really be grateful for that person indeed.
Here are some happy 95th birthday wishes that should help you out in expressing what you feel so the other person would understand as well.

Real friends tend to be hard to find but I found one in you, grandpops, happy 95th birthday!

You will always have a place here in my heart, Gramps, no one else would replace you then.

Even through the darkest days, you reached out for me so I will for you too, happy bday!


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I bet you would not even need an ounce of exercise from this moment forward, I love you.

You are one of those people that are truly noteworthy no matter how I look at it, my dear Pa.

I feel that I am so lucky to have such a cheerful granddad like you are, happy 95th birthday!

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You remind me of good times, of warm summers and springs, thank you for the memories!

I bet we can still party together to celebrate your bday like we always did, Papa, happy bday.

What an incredible milestone this is gramps, only 5 years away from a hundred indeed now.

I can’t help but to congratulate you for all the things you had done in my life, thank you!

Happy 95th birthday to the man who always listened patiently to me when I need him the most.

Your kind and loving heart has sustained us truly for a long time, happy bday to you, papa.

There is no one else that loves like you love your children, we are lucky to have you Mama.

Have the best day of your life, the best night too, I wish you a really happy bday now.

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This is a milestone for the century, I wish you all the best this life can offer to anyone here.

How sad life would be without you in it, you made growing up easier, happy 95th birthday!

I just wish you would remember that I am so proud of you, enjoy your big day today!

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For the extraordinary person in my ordinary life, thank you for being part of it, happy bday.

The heart cannot complain when it is loved by you, you are the best, happiest bday to you!

My heart will always speak of praises in your name, I wish you all the best now, enjoy today!

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A wonderful person in my life: that is what you are to me, happy 95th birthday to you Pops.

You are one of those people I do not need no social media to remind me of your bday, Papa!

I hope you enjoy to the very max today for I would truly love seeing you smile, have fun too!

Your new age should not matter as long as you can keep on being happy, that is my wish too.

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Cheers to you and your selfless heart for always putting me first, Dad, happy 95th birthday!

For being so reliable & always being the best that you can be, I wish you all the best as well.

You always have been inspiring, I hope you inspire me even more from this day forward.

We celebrate today not just you turning 95 but also all of your wonderful achievements then.


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I bet you never expected you would reach this age but you did so happy 95th birthday Papa!

What you are is phenomenal, certainly also the best there is of your given age, enjoy today.

Of all people in this world, I promise you that you are always gonna be my favorite, Mama!

Today we celebrate happiness, the honors you have achieved and your bday as well, Granny!

You always did put me first so this time let me do the same for you happy 95th birthday!

Cheers to you shining even brighter than ever to give hope to everyone in the family, gramps!

I can’t even believe that you are 95, to me you will always be like the mom I always had.

Ma, let us celebrate this life, you have gone a long journey of 95 years, after all, I love you.

I love you a lot Dad even when I do not show it, just know that I really do happy 95th birthday!

And believe me, you are always here in my heart, always in my mind, hope you have a blast!

On this milestone of yours, I hope that you already found peace within you, you are the best!


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Today I am thanking the heavens for giving you another year in this world happy bday to you!

I wish you tons of happiness on your very special day and that you have a happy 95th birthday.

What I want is that you have a lot of years to celebrate the blessings given to you by our Lord.

I will try my best to make this day memorable as you turn 95, so just enjoy your day now.

All I want is that you be grateful of this day and the love that you have given me, I love you!

Happy 95th birthday, thanks for being that shining star that guided me all throughout this life.

All the happiness and all the peace in the world is my wish for you on this bright day of yours.

At 95, you still are the coolest person to me, I think you will always be like that to me as well.

You are the coolest and the best person ever, I am truly fortunate to have you in my life, Papa.

You still have that teenage heart of yours that may be foolish but honest as well, happy bday!


If there exists a language that can express what I feel, I’d tell you, Papa happy 95th birthday!

I think you are one of the best person that ever existed in this world, I love you a lot, baby.

On this very day, you turn 95 and I can’t help but be truly happy for you, go and enjoy it now.

Your life in this very earth is very precious indeed, so do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

This is another great milestone for you so you should just enjoy it real well, birthday too!

What I hope is that you will have a blissful day indeed, enjoy your day right now as well dear.

And up ‘til now I can only wish you the best time and that you’d have a happy 95th birthday.


There are no words indeed that can truly express the love that I feel in my heart for you, Pa!

Thank you for being the mentor that you are in this life of mine have the best day ever too.

All that I wish for you is peace and happiness all day long, grandpa, you are truly the best.

Let us join you today as you start to celebrate your life with another great milestone too!

Happy 95th birthday, I promised you back then that I would do my best to repay you, here it is.

What I pray is that you would be given more grace and that the heavens would protect you.

Let us have you a grand bday celebration that is fit for a king like you happy 95th birthday!


Here is to more precious days spent together with you, grandpa, I hope you enjoy today.

Crossing this milestone is one of the best things that you should experience in the world.

There are so many things I want to tell you but right now I wish you all the best as well too.

You are so many things, you are one of the best things that ever happened to me, I love you!

Happy 95th birthday, you really are the best, always has been and would always still be that.

Grandpa, thanks for being one of the constants in my life ever since day one, I love you a lot.

I pray that you will be granted protection from the heavens, you are one of the best ever too!


I hope that every step that you take in this world would lead you to your happiness, granddad.

What a wonderful day it is to celebrate your day, have a really happy 95th birthday, my dear.

As you would start your blessings, I hope that you protect yourself from everything, enjoy it!


You make everyone in the family feel so special so thanks a lot & have the best day for today.

I want you to know that you are truly one of the vital members of this family, enjoy this day.

May you express your life as greatly as possible, you are one of those people with story to tell.

What I wish the most for you is you have more years to come by my Papa happy 95th birthday!


There are so many reasons and ways to appreciate you, I hope you find one as well, enjoy!

Even a thousand candles, I would give them all for you to blow on your memorable day.

What you are is just adorable and sweet, gramps, I don’t know how I deserve you, thanks!

Happy 95th birthday, I promise you that I will always be there for you when you need me.

May you accept this simple surprise I have done for you, I wish you the best for today!

You are one of the people who nurtured me into becoming who I am today, thank you gramps.


Pops, I appreciate all the things you had done for me, now go ahead and just enjoy your day.

There is nothing more wonderful than having you in my life as well happy 95th birthday!

You were always there for me and you deserve to be appreciated, have a good bday too!

There is no one in the world that can beat the time spent with you, enjoy your special day.