The 60 Graduation Quotes and Messages


It’s graduation time, the time when students are finally able to breathe, finally able to sleep at least eight hours, and finally able to party without feeling guilt.
It is the time when students earn what they have worked for years, when sleepless nights pay off, and when dreams turn into reality.
So whether you are the graduate’s parent, sister, brother, relative, or a friend, make their day more special by letting them know that you are proud of them, and that you appreciate the effort they gave just to earn this degree. …More

The 105 Congratulations on Your Engagement Wishes

Whether you are a man, a woman, a father, a mother, a daughter, or a son, your engagement day is one of the memories you will cherish through the rest of your life.
Make sure that if you are going to propose, your message encompasses all the journeys and challenges you (and your future fiancé) have been through.
A genuine, straight from the heart message will surely gain your girl’s yes. …More

40+ New Baby Wishes and Messages


Wishes for Baby.An arrival of a new life in every family brings an abundance of joy and sunshine with it.
Whether it is for a friend, a colleague, or a relative, add a sprinkle of color in this new chapter of their lives by dropping a sweet and beautiful wish for their new bundle of joy.

55+ Happy Birthday Brother in Law Quotes

Brothers-in-law may not be related to us by blood, but like our other family members, deserves to receive the warmest, most sincere, and sweetest birthday message on his special day.
He is not just an extended family member but a responsible man who takes care of your nieces and nephews and your sister or the man who has protected your wife from thousands of jerks she could have dated since she was 16. …More

45 I Love You Quotes for Him

For whatever occasion, guys like receiving notes (with or without gifts) with your most sincere, sweetest, preferably handwritten, message about how much you love and value him. Love notes makes the day or the occasion more romantic and will definitely turn him on, yes, definitely! To help you with that, we composed the sweetest, most captivating messages that you can use (or edit a little to make it personalized), make your anniversary or date (or just an ordinary date) one of his most special day ever. …More

35+ Congratulations on New Job

Everybody needs some recognition when we did something marvelous, or when we achieved another milestone, that will help us boost up our confidence and continue doing great. One good example of these achievements is getting a new job, whether you have shifted to a new career path, or you have moved to a new company, or you’ve got your first job, it still deserves the sweetest congratulations. …More

The 70 Birthday Wishes for Daughter


Girls may have turned into ladies but their love for sweet notes, flowers, gifts, surprises and heart-warming messages will never change, no matter where life takes them and they still like to be reminded that they are loved, they are valued, they are missed and that they are important. …More

The 60 Romantic Wedding Wishes

Sending wishes to newlyweds on their special day is a great way to thank them for inviting you to take part of this special moment in their life. If you cannot find words to express your gratefulness in being a witness to a wedding of your friends, here are the top 60 Wedding Wishes that you might want to get inspiration from. …More

The 60 Happy Birthday to my Husband


You have been through so much together that it is impossible to imagine life without him.
He is your husband, your better half.
Would you let his birthday pass without giving him a special greeting telling him what is inside your heart? …More