Happy 100th Birthday Wishes

Congratulate that person who is turning 100 today by sending them a happy 100th birthday wish.
Wow, what a blast this must-have bee, having ten years of life to live and a whole lot more ahead.
It must be a great feeling for people to greet you with a happy 100th birthday.
To help you out in sending your happy 100th birthday greeting, here are some happy 100th birthday wishes that should be nice to send to your loved ones, may it be your mother or father or your grandparents.

Happy 100th birthday. Remember to keep yourself comfortable, and you will be okay; we love you so.

You do not look like a hundred-year-old person, so you can still get away with your age, gran.

I did not know you could look like you do at a hundred. I am amazed; just enjoy your day today.


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I am hoping that you will receive the happiness along with the abundance that you deserve.

There is nothing in the world that you can’t get now; you earned it, so enjoy your big Celeb!

For the one person who gave me peace in this life, I wish you a pleased 100th birthday!

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I can already see how this day will turn out: tremendous and incredible like you are. Enjoy it.

May your health be as okay as always and that you have a lot of fun on your special day.

Not every day does someone turn 100 so let me be the first to greet you for this big day now.

Lucky are the few ones that reach a century in the world, and you are one of them today!

Happy 10th birthday

They may tell you that you are crazy but keep going and enjoy it; happy 100th birthday!

I sincerely think that having someone like you in my life is a big blessing, have fun today!

On this big day of yours, I hope that we can help you feel welcome and pleased as well.

You have stood out of the crowd for the nth time today, and I have to tell you, happy bday.

Happy 13th birthday

Happy bday to the person who taught me many great things in the world. Enjoy your day!

Happy 100th birthday, what an incredible thing this is, a milestone worth celebrating, indeed.

No one else might tell you, but you are an inspiration to me; you keep me going!

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Happy bday, may you believe that you can do the impossible even at 100, enjoy your day.

Others might tell you that you are too old to do things but show them that you are still strong.

Strength is relative to the person, and I believe you are still strong enough to do it all, granny!

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This is truly a wonderful day for you but not as extraordinary as you are. Happy 100th birthday!

You are now ten decades old & still, you give me a vibe of a 30 year old enjoying her life now.

I want to congratulate you immensely for reaching a hundred; may you always stay to be yourself.

This is amazing as a milestone in itself, so thank you for everything; enjoy your big day now.

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A hundred and yet you are still as caring and as wonderful as always, have the best bday!

Happy 100th birthday. They say people get better as they age; I bet you are more than perfect.

Praises, wisdom and a whole lot of love are what I give to you on your big day; enjoy it well.

You have been so generous for the past hundred years. Now it is our turn to give back to you.

May this big day of yours fill up with laughs, love and a lot of smiles. Enjoy your special day.


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This is one of those days that I can’t help but want to remember for the rest of my life.

Happy 100th birthday. I just want to honestly say that this day is indeed huge for you, granny.

Nothing can change my mind when I tell you that you are the most beautiful person ever.

No one can guess how old you are, and you are timeless—happy bday to you, my dear gran.

Ma, I never thought you’d reach 100, but I am sure glad you did; thank you for everything too!

On your bday, I want to make sure that you get the things you deserve and enjoy life.

Priceless are moments like this when I see how happy you are so delighted 100th birthday to you.

You might not have known just how much I fell for you, but the truth is that I feel a lot, enjoy.

May you get more years that you can share with the people you love the most now.

From this day forward, I want you to know that I care for you more than you have imagined.


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Health and happiness are truly unique, and they are lovely; may they come your way.

And though they tell you that you are old, do not mind them and have a happy 100th birthday!

Amid all the chaos, you came, and we knew it was you; happy bday to you, grandma.

You always know how to bring the family together, so thank you and have the best bday ever.


You are the one person we love to see a smile, to see satisfied as well, so do enjoy your big day.

Thank you so much for giving me the love you did, so now let me tell you that I care too.

Happy 100th birthday, every candle on your cake stands for a wish I hope comes true today.

Your wisdom is overflowing, and we wish to get some of that together with everything else too.

The treasure that you are is wonderful; I wish you would have a lot of fun for today.

You have always been kind to me, so let me make it up to you first, okay? We will have fun too.

We shall give you all your favourites on your bday, hugs, kisses and tons of hot chocolate mugs.


I’m so happy to be part of the best celebration this year, and I wish you a happy 100th birthday!

Happy bday to you, gramps; there is a reason you are going through what you are going now.

The best thing about love is that you can give it away to anyone; we hope you like it.

You are the one person that gives us the best reason to do what we do, and we are happy for you!

You deserve an ovation for all the things you have done, have the best bday ever from now on.

Happy 100th birthday, moments like this are what I live for, priceless ones under your belt.

You are now a centenarian and so welcome to the club. May you enjoy your stay and extend it.


We are more than delighted to know that you are as happy as you are; enjoy your big day!

I bet that blowing all the candles in your cake this time will be tiring, but enjoy it out, okay?

Wishing you would have another hundred years to have fun and enjoy this life, happy bday.

You deserve the best memory, so I am doing my best to give you that happy 100th birthday!

And I am praying that you will get the things you want; finally, now enjoy your day!

For a spectacular bday, you need a lovely wish, so have the best bday right now too!

This is when the fun truly begins when you turn a hundred and think of new things to do.


You look way young to considered to be a hundred; you look just about seventy to me, gran.

Happy 100th birthday. May you have the brightest and the luckiest day of all your life today.

I wish you would have an endless source of joy in this life; happy bday to you now.

To a rare and beautiful person, you are with wisdom and humbleness; enjoy it.

This day is not like all your bday before for this one matters to us a lot, have the best.

Never look back a day before and focus on yourself and the bday that you will find Celeb.

Blessed is what you are for the hundred years and counting given; happy 100th birthday!


For me, you will always be the most talented and the most beautiful ever, have the best day.

I hope you feel the sincerity in my words as I tell you a happy bday on this day.

Who would have known I would like to be with you? It took me 100 years to find it out.

Happy 100th birthday; I bet you have thousands of friends ready to be there on this day.

Ice cream is one of the best things ever that came into this life. Happy bday to you now.

Keep infecting people with your kindness because I just have to say: it is worth it, enjoy!

When it is correct, love is the best gift of all; I wish you would enjoy this special day ever.


I am glad to be here today as you enjoy your big day, so have a happy 100th birthday, dear.

What you need are people who will genuinely appreciate you like we do, enjoy this happy life.

No one else is going to tell you that you rock, but you do, so have the best day ever too!

The world may seem dark at times, but I am proud of how you never gave up, enjoy today.


Thanks for teaching me the knowledge you have to impart; I wish you all the best.

I’ve done my part; you can honestly say that now as we wish you a happy 100th birthday!

For the moments that you saved me, I just want to thank you for all of that. Enjoy today!

You deserve to be happy, so I will try my best to make you that happy birthday!