100+ Happy Birthday Boo Wishes

Whenever the special someone of your life is about to or currently celebrating their Birthday you frantically turn your brain upside down to think and construct the one of a kind, heartfelt and loving birthday greetings they deserve.
But sometimes, no matter how hard you think or try to create, you always come out empty-handed.
We are saving the day, for we have here a list of happy birthday greetings for your loved one or for your boo.
Read through the list and pick out the best birthday greetings of your choice. Feel free to share!

Happiest Birthday to my loving Boo! I love you!

Boo, happiest Birthday to you and more love for us!

Happiest Birthday to the love of my life whose eyes sparkle brighter than the night stars.

Wishing to be with you forever so that I will be by your side whenever you celebrate your Birthday, like today. Happiest Birthday Boo!

Happiest Birthday Boo! I like seeing you smile on your Birthday; it gives me happiness as well.


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My Boo, happy bday to you, wishing you all the wonderful things that you truly deserve. I love you!

I want to be by your side at all times so I will always be the first one to greet you happy Birthday! Happiest Birthday Boo!

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

My days will be gloomy without me seeing you that is why I am so glad that you were born. Happiest Birthday Boo! I love you!

May the birds bring my wishes for you higher up to the sky so that the heavens will hear it right away and grant it to you. Happiest Birthday Boo!

My life will not move forward without you in it, Happiest Birthday Boo! Always remember how dear you are to me!

Boo, may you have the happiest of all the birthday celebration in the world today. I love you up to the outer space and back. Wonderful Bday to you my truest one love!

You have done so many things, this year I wish that you will able to do tons of things again. I will be always with you to support you in all the endeavors you wish to do. Best Birthday Boo! Hugs and Kisses!

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Happy Birthday to the only person who enriches my life in any way possible. Happiest Birthday Boo! I love you!

To the man who turned my world upside down for the better, Happiest Birthday! I love you so much Boo!

Sending my love to my man, my Boo! Happy Birthday to you my sweet pie!

The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

If you were not born in this planet, maybe I will not be as happy as I am when I have you in my life. Happiest Birthday Boo! Much love.

Hugs and Kisses for my sweetest Boo! Wonderful Birthday to you!

The 60 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

I am what I am right now because you were born in this world; I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you so much Boo! Enjoy this day!

I am so blessed to be a part of your marvelous life. Happiest Birthday Boo! Love lots!

My life turned out this way because of you, it turned out better. Thank you my Boo and Wonderful Bday to you! Much love!


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All along, I thought that I will never be happy. So glad you came, my Boo! Best Birthday to you! Have fun today!

Thank you for enriching my life and my soul, Boo. Wonderful Bday to you! Bear in your mind at all times how much I love you!

Boo, you are the explanation why I am fighting this life of mine. Thank you for being my inspiration. Happiest Birthday Boo! I love you so much!

Facebook Birthday Messages

Your very existence matters to me the most because without you, I am no one. I love you Boo and Best Bday to you!

You might not know this, but you are all that I ask for. I love you very much and Best Bday to you my one and only Boo!

I wish that I have the power to grant all your Birthday wishes my Boo! Happy Birthday to you! Much love!

I will forever be yours my Boo! Happiest Birthday to you! Hugs and Kisses for my love!

Birthday Cake Wishes

You were born for a reason and I guess that reason is for me to love you. Happiest Birthday Boo!


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My heart beat like hundred drums the very first time that I saw you. You will always be my one and only Boo, Wonderful bday to you my love!

Happiest Birthday to the person who inspires me to be a better person each day. Best birthday Boo!


The apple of my eyes was born on this fateful day, Happiest Birthday Boo! I love you!

I may not always say it or show it, but I love you so much more than you could ever imagine and your Birthday means a lot to me. Wonderful Birthday my loving Boo!

The heavens blessed me because He gave you to me; your birth is such a blessing to all. Happiest Birthday my one and only sweet Boo!

Happiest Birthday to the person who makes me smile when everyone else gave up in doing so. I love you so much Boo! Happy Bday!


With you my Boo, I find the most delight. Happy Bday Boo!

I will do my very best my Boo to make this day extra special just for you. Wonderful Birthday to my love, my Boo.

Whenever I am with you all I want to do is to make the world stop and everything else in it except us, just you and I Boo. Best Birthday my Boo cake!

You are my soul mate. You are my beloved. You are my Boo! Happy Birthday Boo and wishing that all of your desire will be granted!


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I wish I am a poet so I can express my elf and my feelings to you poetically and in rhyme but my lowly self can only say I love you so much Boo and Happy Birthday to you.


Best Bday to my future husband whose love for me defy lots of odds. I love you so much Boo and Happy Birthday!

I wish that I will be by your side until you celebrate your 100th Birthday. Best Bday Boo! I love you!

Happiest Birthday Boo! You are my Boo and you will are the future that I have been long waiting for.

I know that your birthday cake will be as sweet and as delicious as you are my Boo. Wonderful Bday! Hugs and Kisses!


Sending my million kisses to you Boo, may you feel my love even if I am not physically by your side on your Birthday. Happiest Birthday my love!

I am lucky, no I am not lucky rather I am blessed to have you my Boo. Happy Birthday and wishing you to have the best day!

It hurts me knowing that I am not there with you to greet and kiss you a best birthday. I miss you so much Boo, happy Birthday to you my honey. I love you!


I am already imagining all the beautiful things that we will build in the future; I can’t imagine doing all those things without you. Wonderful Birthday Boo! Wishing you to have a good life ahead!

Happiest Birthday to the person who’s worth the long wait that I have suffered. Happy Bday my love! Happy Birthday my Boo!

You are in my thoughts nonstop since yesterday; your Birthday today explains everything. Happy Bday sweetheart! I love you Boo!

Wonderful Birthday Boo, all I have right now is my heart and my love for you! I wish for you to have good health and may you get al the love you deserve. I love you so much, always remember that.


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From this day onwards, I wish you to have good fortune and the strength to overcome all the obstacles in your path. Best Birthday Boo and I will at all times be here for you!

Wishing you to have lovely surprises in each day of your life, I will do my best to make it come true. Happy Birthday Boo and I love you so much!

Whatever path you chose to take, I will always be there for you, by your side. Happy Birthday Boo and may all your wishes be bestowed on you. Much love!

On this very extraordinary day, my thoughts and birthday wishes are with you and you will be constantly in my heart Boo. Wonderful Bday Boo! Love lots!

When my life became a total darkness you suddenly came and shed your bright light on me. You are my light, you are my Boo. Best Bday Boo!


Even if we are apart, we are together somehow. It is the magic of our love; I wish that the same magic makes you happy today on your special day. Best Bday Boo! Much love!

Happy Birthday to the one whom I want to spend the rest of my life with, Happy Birthday Boo! Can’t wait to be with you soon! Much love!

Live this day like a King and I will be your queen at your side. Wonderful Birthday Boo! I wish you nothing but happiness and enjoyment on this day and a birthday party filled with good memories. I love you!


I wish that this day will become as extra ordinary as the love that we have for each other. My Boo, I wish you to be happy and joyful today as well. I love you my sweet love!

Your Birthday may be over when tomorrow comes but be reminded that our love for each other will forever last. Happy Bday Boo! I love you so much, please be happy today and save your last smile for me.

Happiest Birthday to the one who makes my morning worth waking up and my nights worth dreaming of. Happy Bday Boo, please enjoy this day and keep in mind how much I love you.

Our love is million times sweeter than the birthday cake that you have right now. Wonderful Birthday Boo! Cheers to more birthdays for my love!

Our love for each other is million folds brighter than the light of the candles on your cake. Our love will continue to shine eternally and it will neither fade nor can it be put out. Best Birthday Boo and I adore you so much!

Funny happy birthday boo quotes

My boo needs love too. Especially on their Birthday. Happy b-day baby.

Roses are red, the sky is blue; I’m celebrating a birthday, with my sweet boo. This birthday poem is just for you.

Me and my boo bout to turn up on their Birthday.

My boo just got older, but they still look good. Happy Birthday sexy.

I just want my boo to party like a rock star on their special day.

Hey boo. I got some birthday love for you. Come get it boy.

It’s your birthday boo. I want you to know that I love and care for you on your special day.

Boo, I’m proud of you. You made it through another year without getting on my nerves. Happy Birthday.

Oh, it’s my boo’s Birthday and I’m going to give him the gift that keeps on giving.

My boo birthday is coming, and she is going to get a massage, good wine and some birthday loving.

Boo it’s your Birthday. What you want to do with me to celebrate it?

You my boo, you my bae, it’s your Birthday, so I’ll say hooray.

My boo is having a birthday and it gives me an excuse to love him even more.

I’m alone with my boo on their Birthday and nothing is better than this.

Oh, the things I’m going to do, for my boo on their special day. Happy birthday boo.

Happy birthday boo, I will always love you.

Got a little something that is going to make my boo’s Birthday a very special day. Happy birthday boo.

It’s a celebration for my boo. I love and need you baby. Happy Birthday.

Boo, it’s your Birthday. Let’s go out to eat, then dancing and we’ll top the night off with me eating birthday cake from your belly.