Happy Birthday November

Every birthday is special to celebrants and the people around them.
This means a new chapter has opened and new opportunities are about to come.
To make every celebration memorable, greetings and wishes should be heartfelt or they could be funny and witty.
However, putting up the right words can be usually hard.
To help you to show your love to the celebrant here’s are the Happy Birthday November wishes and greetings.

I could smell the Christmas on my nose! But I could feel your birthday is fast approaching.

Happy birthday November! Just like your name. You are special and unique! Have a blast!

Let’s say Hello to November and Hello to our celebrant! Happy birthday! Make a wish!


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I would like to make a toast to our dear celebrant who is making this day wonderful. CHEERS!

Let’s welcome this month with a toast! Another toast for our dear November! Happy birthday!

May you enjoy your new year, a new chapter, and a new journey. Happy birthday November!

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This day will not be possible if our beloved November is not given to us! Happy birthday!

Happy November! Happy new month! Welcome to your birth month my friend! Let’s party!

Happy birthday November! I wish you all the happiness the world could offer! Enjoy!

Happy month of coolness! Awesome people are born in November, so are you. Have a blast!

Happy 10th Birthday

Sending you my kisses as my first gift. Just wait for the others next year! HAHA. Happy birthday!

I would like to thank you for being a good friend! May God bless you more! Happy birthday!

Please continue to be adorable and cool. May you find joy in everything you do! I love you!

Let’s give thanks to God who gave our dear November to us. May He continue to bless us.

Happy 13th Birthday

Happy birthday November! Wishing you a wonderful birthday full of surprises and laughs!

This is the perfect day where I could finally lay your dark secrets. HAHA. Happy birthday!

November babies make great friends! I am lucky I am one of them! Happy birthday November!

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May you enjoy this day of yours for you deserve to be happy and to be loved! Happy birthday!

You are my true companion. My buddy through thick and thin! I wish you see the same in me!

Happy birthday to the best girl in town! Continue to give light to every home you touched!

Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes

May God pour you more blessings and happiness! Cheers for another year1 Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my good friend November who gives me a chill every time I hear her voice!

I won’t say goodbye to November without saying happy birthday to you! Happy birthday!

I want to give this lovely token to my friend November for being the best friend I ever have.

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I would like to share my love with the most special girl in this room! Happy birthday November!

You are one of a kind. You are icing on my cake. You deserve the best! Happy birthday, bestie!

I won’t forget your birthday. Your name will always remind me. Happy birthday November.

I wish for hundred birthdays to come! For you have to live long for all of us. Happy birthday!


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We’ve walked different paths of life. We fight and survive every road! Happy birthday buddy!

I wish you luck with every journey you’ll take. I wish you happiness in every decision you make.

As you blow your candles! I silently cry for I saw happiness in your eyes. Happy birthday!

Every time I see you I feel blessed! My mouth can’t stop thanking God for giving you to me.

I want to celebrate this special day of yours with a bang! Let’s party all night until the sun rises.

Let’s make this day extra special and memorable. Let’s make our celebrant happy as ever!

Whenever winter is coming I am very excited! For I know your birthday will come soon!

The most awaited day of the year has finally come! Happy birthday November! Make a wish!

Happy birthday November. May you continue to bring sunshine to our cold days! I love you!

Happiest birthday to the loveliest girl in the world! My hugs and kisses are on their way.

The cold breeze of November reminds me of you! Happy birthday November! Have a blast!

Laughs and cheers filled this room every time we see you. Happy birthday November!


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How we could unlove a cute girl like you? Happy birthday, sweetie! Enjoy your special day!

Happy birthday November! Get ready to get drunk tonight! Let’s make an epic history!

I wish every day is your birthday so we could party all night without making our parents mad.

November is my favorite month. For this is the month that God gave me you. I love you!

Happy Birthday to the most special girl in my life. May your heart fill with happiness and joy!

Grab your shoes and let’s dance the night out. Let’s seize every moment of your special day!

Wishing you a beautiful year with good health and happiness. Happy birthday November!

On this day, I saw the sun smiling and I hear the birds singing happy birthday to you!

Wishing you forever happiness and true peace of mind and soul. Happy happy birthday!


I love winter and I love November. For this is the month of my precious girl. Happy birthday!

Your burning desire keeps everyone here warm in this cold month. Happy birthday November!

I wish you success and happiness. May you have a great birthday blast! Happy birthday!

Too much rain November brought to us. But on your special day, the sunrise. Happy birthday!


May you have a wonderful day and may you enjoy this special day of yours! Happy birthday!

Let’s give a round of applause to our November baby! May happiness fill your heart!

My heart filled with joy every time I see your great smile. Happy birthday November!


Let’s welcome this November with a toast! This is the start of your month-long birthday blast.

I could not wish anything for you. You already have everything you deserve. Happy birthday!

May you continue to be a blessing and a good friend to everyone. Happy birthday dear!

It is your new year! It is a perfect time to try something new and bold! More candles to blow!


You are the center of the universe right now. All eyes on you, all smiles are because of you.

I am so grateful to have a friend like you. May you continue to pour your love into others!

Let your grace fill this room. Let your laugh bring happiness to our hearts. Happy birthday!


You only speak good and nothing but the truth. May you receive all good returns on this day!

I believe this month will bring happiness, hope, and love to you. Happy happy birthday!

May this day bring a smile to your face that will never fade forever! Happy birthday, dearest!

I don’t need a sweater nor a coffee to keep me warm. I only just need your hug. Happy birthday!

I wish the clock won’t strike at midnight so this party won’t stop! Let’s celebrate to the fullest.

I could not feel the cold breeze nor the winter. I could only feel your love. Happy birthday!

November is next to December. Like you who are always next to me. Happy birthday November.


As you walk down the stairs, I see the brightest smile you ever have. Happy birthday, sweetie.

I can’t believe you grew so fast! You have turned into a fine lady. Happy birthday November!

Let’s welcome November with a cheer! I hope this month would be the best for all of us.

Your smile is sweet that no one could resist. I wish that smile will never fade. Happy birthday.

It is my honor to be with you on your special day! I wish you more happiness and good health.

My heart sings every time you smile. My spirit floats every time you speak. Happy birthday!

November might be cold and windy but you are the warmest person I’ve known. Make a wish!


November is your name and your birth month. That’s why you are the coolest of all.

This day is full of heartfelt messages and deafening laughs. May you cherish this forever.

I would rather forget my birthday than yours. You will remain always in my mind.

Your eyes are innocent and pure. That’s why you capture everyone’s heart. Happy birthday!

Let’s make this evening epic and memorable! Grab your dancing shoes and let’s get it on!

You’re cool as your name but you’re the opposite of what it brings. Happy birthday November!

I am so excited about this day! For this is the day I could tease you and no one will get mad.

On this day, may all your desires come true, and may your heart be filled with contentment.

Happy birthday November! I wish you a joy-filled day with love, hope, and success.

No flowers could describe how lovely you are. Happy birthday! May you continue to bloom!

This is your day. All eyes are upon you. All greetings are for you. Happy birthday November.

I won’t forget this day for this is the day you came into our lives. Happy birthday November!

The wind blows softly on my cheeks and I remember your kiss. Happy birthday my love.

I would like to thank our celebrant for making us happy on her special day. Happy birthday!

I am so lucky to have you as my friend. Thank you for all the laughs and cries we shared,

It is your birthday but you filled our hearts with happiness and love. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Stand up my dear friends and let’s give our warmest hugs and kisses to our beloved celebrant.

My gift is priceless but not cheap. I hope you will love it. Here are my hugs and kisses.

Let me dance your whole night. For I will always dream to dance a princess. Happy birthday.

On this day, may you be surrounded by all people you love. Happy birthday! Blow your candles.

I brought a special cake for you. I made it with love and care. Happy birthday November!