Happy Birthday Harry Potter

Are you a solid Potterhead? Do you know a diehard fan of Harry Potter? If you do, these greetings and wishes are perfect for you Potterheads.
These Happy birthday Harry Potter wishes are specially made to Potterheads who want to make their day extra special and magical.
Birthdays will be much happier and enjoyable with the help of these greetings.

I would like to give this wand to the most handsome wizard in this room. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Harry Potter! May this day be the most magical and amazing day of yours.

I wish Hogwarts is real so I can bring magic into your life. Happy birthday! Make a wish!


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May your day be filled with magic, laugh, and love. Happy birthday Harry Potter!

Your personality is like of a Gryffindor but your heart is like a Hufflepuff. Happy birthday!

Let me curse you with forever happiness and peace of mind. Happy birthday Harry Potter.

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Among these crowd, you shines the brightest, you are incredibly unique. Happy birthday!

I thought wizards are not real until I met you. You bring magic in my life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! Receive my kisses and hugs as special gifts to your birthday.

Let’s raise our glass to this young man who brought endless magic to our lives. CHEERS!

Happy 10th Birthday

Let be you the purveyor of happiness and love to our lives. Happy birthday my dearest!

I would like to spell a wish for you, for your special day and for your family. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! I made love and happiness potions for you. Enjoy my dear!

Happy birthday! I wrapped my gift in a special box! May that gift gives joy and magic to you.

Happy 13th Birthday

Your party is like Hogwarts’s feast. It is splendid, magical and amazing! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! Let this day be the best day of your life! Receive my kisses!

Let this magical broom stick carry you to the amazing world of Hogwarts. Happy birthday!

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I would like to thank the Hogwarts for letting us to celebrate with you. Happy birthday friend!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! May your magic filled this room and brought happiness to all.

You’re ambitious like Slytherin and clever like a Ravenclaw. May all your dreams come true.

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I would like to give you the best spell in this world. For you deserve the best and nothing less.

Receive my lifelong gift that will surely make your life happy and magical. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! Receive this magical hat to make your wishes come true.

Happy birthday to this wizard who make this day possible and make us all united.

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You love books like Hermion and eat foods like Ron. Everything about you is fascinating!

I made a magic wand for you. So you can continue giving magic to everyone. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! May this day of yours filled with magic, joy and love. Blow your candles.

I received a letter from Hogwarts! It says HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST WIZARD!


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Happy birthday Harry Potter! Let me give you this wand to help you making others happy.

You’re the most awesome person I have ever met. May you have more years of awesomeness.

May you have a magical birthday always and forever! Happy birthday Harry Potter!

My gift gets lost on its way here. Just wait for it my friend. HAHA. Happiest birthday to you.

The sorting hat said it is your special day. So I went straight here with my broomstick.

Do you play Quidditch? For you are a good keeper. Keeper of friends. Happy birthday bestie!

You might be a muggle but you are the best among the rest. Happy birthday! Make a wish!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! May you continue to be brave and daring! Blow your candles.

I would like to cast a spell to you. A spell of love and joy. Happy birthday Harry Potter!

Wishing you a happy happy birthday! May this day be your best day of your life. Make a blow.


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Happy birthday Harry Potter! May you have amazing journeys to come. Blow your candles.

Giving you the best gift you could ever receive. My sweetest hugs and kisses. Happy birthday!

You deserve nothing but the best. For you are the best among the rest. Happiest birthday!

Today we celebrate the most special day of your life. May your all wishes come true!


This moment is priceless. Everything is enchanting and splendid! Happy birthday my dearest.

I did not need magic just to be with you. For you are already a magic in me. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! May you find your true happiness in this world full of hatred.

You don’t have to possess the greatest power in the world. For your heart is powerful of all.

May you have the greatest power of all. LOVE. Happy birthday Harry Potter! Make a blow.

Let this day be Harry Potter Day! For this is the day you were given to us. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the most handsome guy in Hogwarts! May this day be your greatest one!


Even we are miles away, I will come to you always. Happy happy birthday my dearest.

Happy birthday Harry Potter! Mark this day as a holiday to your worries. Have a blast!

Grab your magic wands and raise it up on the air. Let’s celebrate the day of our dear Potter.

Let’s cheers to this young man who never fail to bring magic in our lives. Happy birthday!

This day is officially a holiday so we could celebrate with our dear friend. Happy birthday.

Raise your wines and let’s toast for the special day of our amazing wizard. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! May you fill this room with magic and charm! Make a wish!


Let’s celebrate this day with fun! Let’s sing, eat and drink until our bodies won’t allow us.

Happy birthday to my favorite wizard! May you continue a blessing and magic to everyone!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! You are a perfect catch my heart ever have. Blow your candles.

Today, you have been chosen as a giver of joy and love. Happy birthday Harry Potter!

Let’s welcome this day with a smile. Fill this day with love and hope. Happy birthday dear!

A message from Hogwarts comes to my door this morning. It says celebrate Harry’s day.

This day has finally come! The day our Harry has given to us. Let’s sing happy birthday!


Happy birthday Harry Potter! May you continue give joy to your friends and followers!

I believe the wand chooses its wizard. That is why I’m giving you this wand for it wants you.

You did it! You reached another year of your life! Cheers! Happy birthday Harry Potter.

Let’s sing happy birthday to our dear friend who never fails to put smile on our faces. SING!

You are just a boy but with a huge heart and a huge dream. Happiest birthday to you dear!

I would rather lose my power than to miss your birthday. Happy happy birthday to you!

Take this greatness potion so you can continue showering your greatness. Happy birthday!


In front of me is a great man who always captivates us with his charms. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday friend! Wishing you a happy year and a blissful life. More candles to blow.

Thank you for making this day possible. May you have an amazing blast my friend! CHEERS!

Hogwarts is your second home, so as mine. So let me be your second family. Happy birthday.

I would like to give this love potion to you for I know you really need one. Happy birthday!

Let’s celebrate your day loud and proud. Let’s eat until we get full and let’s drink until dawn.

Take this broomstick as a sign of our friendship. Let this take you to the world of magic.


I could not think a gift that could suit a great person like you. Happy birthday to you buddy!

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams! May you shower your love and blessings to us!

Wishing you a very happy birthday! May you reached all your dreams! More candles to blow!

I won’t stop thanking your parents for giving birth to you. Happy birthday my best buddy!

As you come closer, I feel the magic and the sparks. But now, let me wish you happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most amazing man on earth. May you have a superb birthday blast!

You are brave and smart. You are funny and charming. You are unique and best of all.

I am honored to be with you on your special day. Happy birthday! More candles to blow!

It is my privilege to have a friend who is lovable and smart as you. Happy birthday buddy!

I wish we belong to same house so I could be with you always! Happy birthday! Make a wish!

Wishing you a blessed and blissful year ahead. Happy birthday friend! Blow your candles.

I love you like Dobby loves socks and like Harry Potter loves Hogwarts. Happy Birthday!

Let’s cheers for another splendid year of your life! May this year bring joy and luck to you!

I would love to see that beautiful smile every day! May that smile bring joy to our lives.

I won’t stop thanking God for your existence. For you bring magic into our lives.


Happy birthday my dearest friend! Let celebrate your day to what your heart desires!

Let me cast you a spell of forever happiness and love. Happy happy birthday my dearest!

Saving all my warm hugs and kisses for this special day! Happy birthday sweetie!

You’re not a witch nor a wizard. But you put magic on everything. Happy birthday dear!

I always love attending your birthday party. For I get to know other wizards too. Have fun!

I find joy in every step you take and every move you make. Happy birthday Potterhead!

May you continue to spread love to others and help those in need. Happy birthday friend!

This is the day when I could finally see the beautiful smile of yours. Happy birthday my love.