Happy Birthday December

December is the most awaited time of the year, especially for children.
This is the month where we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Moreover, December is believed to have a high birth rate which means many people celebrate their birthdays during this month.
If you know someone born this month, it is better to make their celebration extra special.
Birthdays are a good venue to show how important they are and to express our love to them.
If you have trouble putting up the right words for your wishes and greetings, here are the Happy birthday December wishes that could surely help you.
I hope you make them happy with these lines!

December is the busiest time of the year. It is also the month you first came to my arms.

I would like to greet you a happy happy birthday! May God bless you more and you’re family.

Happy birthday you sweet little boy! I hope you enjoy your presents and our surprises.


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I wish the happiness of this day will forever linger on your face. Happy birthday December.

Hundreds of wishes are not enough to show our love to you. Happy birthday! We love you!

I hope you enjoy every little moment of your special day! May all your wishes come true!

100 Happy Birthday

Happy birthday December! Every time I see your name on the calendar, I get very excited.

Your birthday is superb and epic! I am looking forward to next year! Happy birthday buddy.

Always remember that good thing happen to good people. So be good. Happy birthday!

I would like to congratulate you on another milestone. Every birthday is a milestone.

Happy 10th Birthday

May your birthday be magical as you always wanted to be. Happy birthday December.

Do you hear your birthday bells ringing? I hope you do. May you have a happy birthday!

You are the best Christmas gift I have received! I hope you feel the same. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday December! May you continue to bring joy to everyone, especially this season.

Happy 13th Birthday

You are honest and dependable. That is why everyone adores you. Happy birthday, dearest!

They say December babies are impulsive and impatient. Why are you opposite?

Let’s party all night! Let’s party hard until the sun rises above us. Happy birthday December!

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This day is enjoyable! I hope you find joy in every gift you receive. Happy birthday!

Let people surround you with love and wisdom! Happy birthday! More candles to blow.

This month is so colourful and bright. Just like you, who always shines for us. Happy birthday.

Christmas is what others celebrate in December. Your birthday is what we celebrate.

Happy birthday December. I hope Santa Claus give you a present you ever dream of having.

You have given the greatest gift of all; Happiness. Happy birthday December! Make a wish!

May you find your true happiness in everything you do. Happiest birthday, dear December.

40 Happy Birthday Wishes for Step Brother

Birthdays are more special with hugs and kisses. So receive mine! Happy birthday December.

I wanted to be the first person to greet you; happy birthday. Happy Birthday! More birthdays!

I always get stunned by your smile. May your charm won’t fade forever. Happy birthday!

Kings are born in November, but legends are born in December. Happy birthday buddy!


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Happiest birthday to the greatest man on earth! Wishing you a happy and abundant life.

Happy birthday December! May you continue to give joy and love to all people around you.

There are many reasons to be thankful for this year. One is YOU. Happy birthday my dear.

You are incredibly fascinating! I hope it will not change as you old. Happy birthday, friend!

I have reasons to get jolly this season. Thank you for being one of them. Happy birthday.

One of the greatest gifts I have received during Christmas is your birthday! Happy birthday.

Save this precious day to your heart and mind. Let this day be the start of your happy year.

Happy birthday December! Let’s celebrate this another milestone of yours. CHEERS!

You are so good at many things. But you are still humble and kind. Happy happy birthday!

The song Happy Birthday is one of the December songs of my life. Happy birthday December.

As you open your gifts, I silently send you my kisses and hugs—the precious of all gifts.


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Those snowflake on your cheeks is my soul. They keep kissing you until you put them away.

The most special person in my life was born today! Let me give you sweet kisses and hugs.

Happy birthday December! Always keep your feet on the ground and continue to be great.


I am happy I met you. I am lucky to have you. I am blessed to be with you. Happy birthday!

This day is special in my heart. This is the day you first came into our lives. Happy birthday.

A special person like you deserves a thousand kisses and hugs. Happy birthday December.

Birthdays are more special with crazy friends. You are lucky I am here. Happy birthday!

If you think this is the best birthday you have ever had. Wait! There are more to come.

I would like to express my gratitude to our celebrant who made my life colourful and special.

This candle represents my unending love for you. Light it up if everything gets dark.


This is the only day I could allow you to hug me. Happiest birthday, my friend. Enjoy your day.

Party hard for this day only comes once a year. Celebrate this day with love and joy.

You are born in this cold season, but you have the warmest smile in this town. Happy birthday.

Since you were born, you have always put smiles on our faces every day. Happy birthday December.


I would like to make this day extra special, for this is what you deserve. Happy birthday!

I love birthdays for I can eat all I want without being judged. Happy birthday my food buddy.

May you reach all your hopes and dreams. May God guide you in every path you take.


Birthday parties are more incredible if real people surround you. You are lucky.

Enjoy this day like there is no tomorrow. Dance all your worries away. Sing your heart out.

This party is full of warm greetings and heartfelt messages. May your heart carries them all.

Let’s celebrate your birth month from day 1 to 31st—happy month-long birthday, my love.

I realized so many things on your birthday. One is everyone loves you. Happy birthday!

I love every single moment we are together. I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday December! Thank you for giving so much joy to our lives. I hope it will last.


December breeze is the coldest of all. But I don’t mind just being with you today. Happy birthday.

The most beautiful time of the year has finally come. Let’s start your amazing blast!

This day is all about you. Enjoy every single attention you will receive. Happy birthday, friend.

How could I forget you if I could see your name every year on the calendar? Happy birthday!

Today, you are special to us. I hope tomorrow everyone will still feel the same.

Come out of your shadows and show how great you are. Happy birthday December!

You have the right to demand everything you want today. For tomorrow would be different.


You deserve all the love in this world. For you never stop pouring love to us. Happy birthday.

Let’s say hooray to this young man who always makes us proud and happy. Happy birthday!

Cheers for more years of your life and for more blessings to come. Happy birthday December!

I can’t contain my happiness. Seeing you brightly shining on your dress makes me fall in love.

The world has so much to offer. You have to find the right thing for you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday December! Let your charm fill this room, and let your love touch our lives.

This day would be my happiest. For I finally witnessed the greatest smile you ever had.


May you find your true love in this world full of lies. Happy birthday December!

Your face may grow old. Your hair may turn grey. Our love will never fade. Happy birthday.

I am the happiest person right now, for I am with you on your special day. Happy birthday!

I would like to sing a song for you. This song never gets old. Happy birthday to you…

The 12th month of the year is the most awaited of all. This is the month of great people like you.

I could not compare any gifts to you. You are priceless but highly valued. Happy birthday.

This day is not enough to give you reasons why we love you. Happy birthday December.

My life would not be complete without you, my dear December! Happy birthday, friend.

God gave you everything in this world. May you share all your blessings. Happy birthday!

You are great whatever you do. You are awesome in everything. You are the only one.

May you overcome all the hardships that come your way. May you have a wonderful year.

Mark this day as your special holiday. You deserve to rest and to be happy. Happy birthday.

The clock ticks so fast! Your birthday will start on 5, 4, 3. 2, 1. Happy birthday December.

This day is your day! Do all you want! Party all night! Drink until you get drunk. Enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful happy birthday1 May all your heart desires come true!

I would like to give you a round of applause for making my life happy again. Happy birthday.

You are my blanket when I feel cold. You are my pillow when I feel sad. Thank you, bestie.

The whole world is celebrating with you! Happy Holiday! And Happy birthday, December!

Happy birthday to my great friend, who always makes time for us. Happy birthday, brother.

Wishing you a prosperous year and a wonderful birthday. May this day be your best.

I hope for your success on every road you take. May the odds be with you. Happy birthday!

Please accept my warmest hug as a sign of my care and love to you. Happy birthday, dear.