35+ Happy First Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are special occasions, even for our cute little cuddly babies who only know one word.
It is nice to keep a collection of cards and letters your baby received throughout the years and give it to them when they have grown up.
It will give them a glance at how people see them before; it is like you have given them a time machine to travel back in time and see themselves as a baby.

Since you cannot eat your cake, I will eat them all for you. I will eat your every cake until you are allowed to eat them too. That’s how much I love you. Happy birthday, our little minion.

Hurry up and learn to walk! I’ll take you wherever you want me to, I’ll buy you everything you want because I’m your favorite uncle and that’s what I do. Happy 1st birthday, little dude!

You are the cutest, most adorable creature I have ever seen! I’ll sneak you up and take you home when your mom and dad’s not looking. Happy 1st birthday to you!


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You might not remember this day, but I am telling you, your mom and dad was really excited and they meticulously planned every detail of your party. They want it to be perfect because you deserve the best. And it is, it is truly magical. You were like a princess on your baby gown, on your first birthday. You are blessed with wonderful parents and your parents are blessed with an angel like you. Happy 1st birthday, princess!

For such a little thing like you, you have brought a ton of happiness to this world. I hope you continue to spread joy and love until you grow up. Happy first birthday, munchkin!

You little one, you never cease to amaze everyone since the day you got out of your mommy’s tummy. You are like an angel sent from above that reconciled every differences your mom and I had before. You are the gift we have always been praying for, you are our favorite blessing. Happy first birthday! I am praying that your angels will always protect you from harm and sickness.

If I can take you home, I would. You have an overflowing cuteness and I have to control myself from pinching that chubby cheek! You turned your parents into responsible adults, and they love you so much. You are an angel to this world. Happy first birthday to you.

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If someone asks you where you got your cuteness, what would you say? Yes, “Aun-tie”. Do not believe your mom and dad, you got your good looks from me, okay? Happy first birthday, honeybunch!

Even at a very young age, you are able to charm almost the entire room. I can’t imagine how it will be like when you are already going to school. I got to guard you from those jerks. No boyfriend until you finish college, alright? Kidding. Love you, little angel. Happy first birthday to you!

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy 1st birthday, baby! I know you can’t read this yet, and you probably do not recognize me either. But I am your aunt, and I am the coolest of all. Someday, when you are all grown up, I will take you to places you want to go. Name it, we will visit it! I love you, you cutie.

You are like the sweetest cupcake that filled everybody’s hearts with joy when you are around. I wish you stay that cute forever. Stay bubbly and jolly. Happy birthday!

You are so cute! And it is weird because I do not like babies but I like you. Someday, when you are a little older, we are going to do awesome stuff together (don’t tell your parents). You have earned the trust of the coolest uncle alive. Happy first birthday, little bro.


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I am so glad that you did not cry the whole party! Crying babies freak me out, but you did not, so that makes you my most favorite baby in the world. Happy 1st birthday you cutie little angel! The Lord will bless you with a world full of rainbows and smiles.

It is your first birthday! Have a blast, you will have many more to come. I wish you good health and a heart full of kindness. Happy birthday!

On this very exact day, we welcomed you to our world. It has been a year, and you made a lot of change especially to your parents because you made them incredibly mature. Keep changing the world for the better. You will be legendary someday. Happy first bday to you.

You must be a mixture of sweets, rainbows, and everything cute. I can’t contain how adorable you are, I would bite you if I could but I am pretty sure your parents will kill me if I do that. Hurry and grow up so I will be able to hold you. Your overprotective parents won’t allow me to, because you are so fragile. You are the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire life. You are like a cotton candy brought to life. Happy first birthday, my cotton candy!

Happy 2nd Birthday Quotes

The last time I have seen you was in that nursery, you are so little back then. It has been just a year and I cannot believe how big you have grown. Why are you in a hurry growing up, kid? Happy birthday, you kiddo. Can’t wait to celebrate your next birthdays with you.

I would like to congratulate your parents for making it this far without breaking you. You have transformed them into a well-mannered, self-disciplined adults. How did you do that? Your grandpa and grandma have been trying to do that for the past 20 years or so, and you managed to do that within a year? You really are an amazing kid. Continue doing amazing things, I always got your back. Best wishes for your first birthday, kiddo!


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We have been watching you grow since the day you were born. But still, I am amazed by how big you have grown. Don’t grow up so fast, please? I want to enjoy your cuteness before you go teenage drama on us. We love you so much. Happy birthday, munchkin!

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

Your party was filled with colourful gifts, balloons, delicious cake, and cupcakes but none of those can be compared to your cuteness. Your laugh is infectious and you catch every person’s heart with your bright smile. You bring positivity in this negative-filled world, you are the change this world needs. Happy 1st birthday, cutie pie!


Happy birthday! Let’s get drunk… with milk! I hope you had a blast at your party because we did. I never knew adults can enjoy kiddie parties that much. Have an awesome life!

I hope you grow up to be God-fearing, well-disciplined, cheerful adult. Let’s celebrate your birthday because it’s the first party you ever attend to. But for now, booze is not yet allowed so just settle on your milk instead. Happy birthday!

Seems like yesterday, you were just a blip on your mommy’s tummy that she is so excited about. You were just a little pea and then you grew up to be a life-sized little angel. I have been staring at you all day because I am trying to find your wings. I am pretty sure you are an angel because no human being can be that cute. I love you so much, sweet cake. Happy first birthday!


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Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

A year has passed, and we still have 17 years to go before you move out and go to college. Time flies so fast but I know you will be successful because you are raised by your wonderful parents. Praying to God that He will bless you with wisdom and strength to face the world. Happy 1st birthday!

I can’t wait to watch Minions, and Frozen with you. I can’t wait to attend your mini tea parties and take you to the park. Happy first birthday, sweetie!

Our little angel, we might not have a lot of money to buy you the most expensive dress, or the three-layered cake, but we promise to fill your day with love. Not only on your birthday, but every day of your life. It has been a year since you made an exit on mommy’s tummy and you made your grand entrance to the world. You have been amazing us every single day, you made our lives worth living. We may not have the grandest party, but we will love you eternally, we promise. Happy first birthday, our little one.

We would give you the world if we could. We love you so much and you and your mom are the best things that happened to me. It has been a year since we welcomed you into this world. And as the months passed, you taught us incredible things, made us laugh, made us cry, made us sleepless all night. But none of those things will make me regret having you. All of those things makes me feel proud and happy that we were blessed with an angel like you. Happy first birthday, sweetheart. We will always be here, every step of the way.

60 Happy Birthday Blessings

So far, your mom and I survived changing your diapers, you haven’t got a rash. We survived staying up for more than 48 hours, we survived not taking a bath. We survived feeding you, and cleaning you up when you throw up. We survived your cries that make everyone in the room panic. We managed to make it this far and we haven’t break you at all. It wasn’t an easy ride but it’s all worth it because you smile every time we do something for you. Even at your very young age, you know how to appreciate and it amaze us every day. We are so blessed because you were born with a kind heart. Happy first birthday, baby. I hope you will have legendary years to come. We love you with all our hearts.

Funny Happy first birthday Wishes

Time has flown and you are one – may your day be lots of fun! Wishing you the best first birthday ever!

It is hard to believe that you are a year old already. I hope that your birthday is a special one!

This is your first birthday and one that will be remembered for a long time. I hope that the day is extra special and that you enjoy everything about it.

Happy first birthday to a sweet child who is deserving of the best day ever!

May your first birthday be one that is filled with all of the things that you have come to love in your young life.

May you have everything that you want today, and may you enjoy this first birthday of yours!

Today is your first birthday and you have many more coming in the future. I hope that you enjoy your day and that you are healthy and strong as you go into the next year!

May your first birthday be one filled with health, and may your next year be one that is filled with growth!

You have changed a lot over the course of the last year and I know that you are going to continue to change as time goes on! Happy first birthday to a very special child.

You deserve to have a birthday that makes you happy! May your first birthday be filled with everything that you could ever want!

I find it hard to believe that you are celebrating your first birthday already! I hope that your day is everything that you want it to be.

I hope that your first birthday is as special as you are, little one, and that you are given lots of opportunities to have fun.

Joy should be a big part of your first birthday celebration, and I hope that your day is special!