Happy 3rd birthday wishes for kids

Though babies do not know that birthdays should be celebrated, that they should be greeted, and they have no idea what you are saying when you greet them on their birthday, we still want to give them the best birthday message because… It’s their birthday!
Believe it or not, babies can feel when someone is sincere; they know when someone loves them, they may not know precisely what you are saying, but they can handle it.
So whether the kid is your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or just a kid you are incredibly fond of, make sure that you have chosen the best birthday message, you will not know, but there’s a possibility that they will remember it.

We are searching for the right message to give to a three-year-old toddler because you can’t figure out what to say to a kid who can’t even talk straight yet? Then we have what you are looking for. We composed these birthday messages just for you… Or for the 3-year old birthday celebrant.

Happy birthday to my favorite niece! I hope you will stay as cute and bubbly as ever. I can’t wait to go shopping with you. Have fun at your party!


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The room is filled with sweets and pastries, but you are the sweetest thing in here. Happy birthday to the most adorable three-year-old in the world! If I could hug you forever, I would. You are so cuddly.

My little kid, my favorite grandkid, well… You are all my favorite. Happy birthday! Do not forget to visit your old man today; I have prepared a lot of treats for you. Of course, I only want the best for the best kids in the world. Happy birthday again, kiddo!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

I have bought a lot of balloons to make your house float like in the movie UP. But I guess it was not enough to make it float because your home is enormous. So let’s use it to decorate the house and have a great party. Happy birthday, kiddo! Thanks for filling our lives with adventures. Love you!

I am sure Queen Elsa would be here today if she could, but Princess Anna and the Kingdom need her. She sent these beautiful gifts for your birthday, and this tape of Frozen we could watch. Happy birthday, our princess! Continue living a charmed life. We love you!

To my favorite kid in the world, happy 3rd birthday! You have been filling our lives with laughter and love for three years. Stay cute! Love you!

On your 3rd birthday, I am giving you three warm hugs, three sweet kisses, and three words… “I love you.” Kidding! Of course, I bought you a gift. Happy 3rd birthday, kiddo!

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You may be a kid, but you have affected so many lives already. You are our little angel who always turns a bad day into a day full of sunshine. Your laugh is infectious! I hope you will continue spreading good cheers to people around you as you grow old. Have a wonderful birthday, kid! I wish you lots of gifts and good health.

You cutie-patootie all the sweets in the world because you are the sweetest kid I know. But of course, having perfect white teeth is essential, so here is a sweet kiss on your forehead instead. Happy birthday, sweetie pie! I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Enjoy your party!

You are a bit star-making our days brighter every day. At a young age, you are full of ambition and dreams. At a young age, you have touched many hearts. I can’t wait for the world to see what you have to offer—sending you sweet kisses and warm hugs (along with other treats!). I hope you will have a fantastic birthday party with your kiddie friends.

Hey, you little man! You are growing up so fast! Why are you even in a hurry? Aren’t you enjoying doing nothing all day? Kidding! Stay energetic and full of spirit. I miss seeing you every day. One of these days, I am going to visit you. But for now, I am sending you all my hugs and the gifts I have bought for your birthday. Happy 3rd birthday, little bro!

The 60 Happy Birthday Son

Hi neighbor, happy 3rd birthday! Of all the kids I have seen in this neighborhood, you are the cutest and most adorable. I hope you grow up to be a well-rounded person. Have fun today!

I am sending you a genie to grant three birthday wishes. I hope you grow up to be a kind person. You would not understand me yet, so I will not say that much. Happy 3rd birthday, kid!

Your future heartbreaker, I hope you will have a wonderful birthday today. I know someday you will break a lot of hearts with that charming smile of yours. Happy 3rd birthday!


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I miss cuddling with you, little girl. I may not be around on your 3rd birthday (I know you would not even notice), but I sent you a birthday package. I hope you will love everything there. I hope to see you soon. Happy 3rd birthday, little sis!

Happy Birthday Images and Cards

Happy 3rd birthday, kid! You are different from all the three-year-old children but in a good way. I know it is too soon to say this, but I know you will succeed when you grow up. I know someday you will be the change this world needs. Oops, I am being too dramatic here. Happy birthday again; I am wishing you all the best this world could offer.

I hope this world will be less harsh when you grow up. Continue being a blessing to others, and I hope you will never stop chasing your dreams. I know it’s a little early to give you some life advice, but it is better than prepared. Kidding. Enjoy being young, enjoy being free, appreciate everything you have. Happy 3rd birthday, kiddo!

Hey, you future architect like your daddy, it’s your birthday! I know you will be like your dad because you draw on the walls every day. I am pretty sure you are driving your mom crazy with all your abstract sketches. But don’t worry because I know your mom and dad will support you every step of the way.

Happy 3rd birthday from Parents to the Celebrant

Other than the celebrant himself, this is a special occasion for the parents, too! Having their kid celebrate his 3rd birthday is an achievement because their child survived them for three years. Kidding aside, here are some notable messages composed for parents. We know you want the best, heart-warming message for your kid (even though they can’t read yet).


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I can’t believe you have been with us for three years now to my dear little one. It seems like yesterday; you are just a tiny blip inside mommy’s tummy. Then after nine months of carrying you inside of me, plus three years of you here in the outside world, here you are becoming a wonderful kid, different from all the rest. You are such a blessing, and I am forever grateful. Happy birthday, kiddo! I hope you will enjoy your party.


How time flies when you are having fun. I usually hear people complaining about how hard it is to be a new parent, but you made it so much easier for us. You made all my fears disappear when you grew up to be such a happy and intelligent kid. I don’t know what I have done right to deserve a kid like you. Happy birthday, munchkin. I love you with all my heart!


I know today is your favorite day of the year, so we prepared the best party for the best daughter in the world. You are our little princess, delicate flower, famous bubble, and most precious gem. You have brought delight and a lot of love into this family, and I know you are the person this harsh world needs. I hope you will stay as sweet as you are, and I hope that you will always chase your dreams. Happy birthday, our dear sweetie pie. We love you so much!

You have been my favorite part of the day since you came into this world. There is no dull moment; you always find a way to make your life filled with adventures. I can tell that you will grow up to be a handsome young man at such a young age. You are a blessing to us and all the people around you. Happy birthday, little man! Always aim high.


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My little boy is becoming a little man pretty fast! I wish you would not rush growing up, but it seems like that is not possible. I want you to will become a good man someday; this world has enough jerks. I know you are the change this world needs; I know your dreams will take you places. Happy birthday, my super little man. I love you more every day.

Our little bundle of joy is turning 3! We will fill the room with balloons and sweets because we love you that much. But promise that you will brush your teeth afterward. Happy birthday, munchkin! In a few years, you will no longer let me call you munchkin. Ah, why do you have to grow up so fast?


Happy birthday, princess! We will catch a unicorn for you if we can. You are our bubbly little girl; I hope you will never change. Life has so much to offer you, I know. I love you more than anything else in this world.

You are my life’s greatest pleasures; all rolled up into one. I can’t believe how a little kid could make my life this complete. Happy birthday, sweetie! In a few years, you will be leaving me for college. Don’t grow up so fast!


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You are my dream come true. Do you know how many times I have prayed to have the cuddliest and smartest kid like you? You are all I need in this world, and I would not trade you for anything else. I love you so much! Happy 3rd birthday!

Happy 3rd birthday for boy or girl

Happy 3rd birthday to a child growing up too quickly and who will soon be as tall as I am!

How can you be three already? I hope that your day is extra special and that you feel the love around you as you celebrate.

I wish all the best for you, little one, as you grow older and see what life will give you. Happy 3rd birthday, and welcome to the adventure that is this next year of your life.


I want you to know that I think about you every day and I hope that your 3rd birthday is one that you will remember always.

You are getting a little bigger each day, and I hope that your 3rd birthday is one that you enjoy.

I hope that your 3rd birthday is filled with presents and cake and all kinds of fun things!

You are a little one deserving of great things, and I hope that your 3rd birthday is full of joy and love.

I hope that your 3rd birthday is full of laughter and color and that everything good happens on this day!

May your 3rd birthday bring a smile to your face, and may this next year be a healthy and good one for you.

Little Boy blowing out Birthday Candle

I hope that you are always healthy and always happy, and I hope that your 3rd birthday is celebrated in a big way.

Children deserve to be celebrated, and I hope that you are celebrated in a big way on your 3rd birthday.

Happy birthday to a three-year-old who is deserving of all of the happiness that the world has to offer.

Happy birthday to a child who is turning three and deserving of a special day to celebrate that.