The 60 Happy Birthday Blessings

Are you tired of the usual birthday greetings?
Well, there’s nothing to worry about.
Here are some Godly birthday wishes to encourage your loved ones.
Remember to make them feel extra special on their special day.

There are lots of things to be thankful for. One of them is the gift of life. As you celebrate your special day today, know that God has a plan for you. Make Him your priority and His word your guide. A blessed birthday to you!

Acknowledge God on this special day of yours. Remember, we are nothing apart from Him. He is the reason for everything. You are here because of Him. He gives you another year because He wanted to use you to bless others. Trust in His name, and you will be blessed also. Happiest birthday to you!


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God is good for giving you another year to celebrate your life. Make it not your day, but His day. Happy Birthday!

Look back to your past and think of the times that you never felt God’s love. No single day that He leaves you. That is for sure. From the time you were born, he is always watching you. And now that you are celebrating your twenty years in this world, God never changed. He wants only what is best for you. Just like your friends and family, we are wishing you the best. Happy Birthday!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

I know you are excited for today is your birthday. Before anything else, let’s give our thanks first to the one who gave it all for us. Thank you Lord for another year to my son’s life. I am always praying for your good health and success. I love you, son.

Let me share to you what is stated in John 1:3, it says, “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” You are wonderfully made by God. Everyone was happy when you were born. Your smile lightens up our day. How thankful I am to Him for giving you in our life. You are an answered prayer. Happy Birthday!

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Align your life according to the plan God has prepared for you. You are not here in this world without a purpose. You reached this age because He has a plan for you. Make your life pleasing to His eyes. If things get wrong, read His word and you will be reminded of His promises. Happy Bday!

Another awesome year to this awesome guy. No long messages, just a little word of encouragement from me. No matter how many times you failed, God is always there to help you. Happy Birthday!

Every year in our life is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. We celebrate our birthdays because of Him. Take this time to thank Him for everything. This will make your day an extra special one. I am praying for the best on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Thank you Lord for giving my daughter another year to celebrate her birthday. To my dearest daughter, I thank the Lord for your life. You are a wonderful creation of God. Remember what I am saying to you always, never let the day ends without thanking Him and asking Him to guide our family always. Live your life according to His plan. Happy Birthday! God bless you more years.

On your birthday, I pray that it is the Lord who will become greater and greater in your life. There are things world will offer you, but it is only the Lord who knows what is best for you. Trust only His word and everything will be great. Happiest Birthday!


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All birthdays are blessing from our God. Celebrate it with pure joy. Never forget that it is the Lord our God that gives us the reason to live. Happy BDay!

“God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think”, Ephesians 3:20. On your birthday, I am asking Him to give what your heart desires. Dream. Believe. And it will be given to you. Have a wonderful birthday.

You have planned your birthday celebration beforehand. You are quite nervous and worry too much. This is mainly because you are trying to do everything by your own. Remember, God is in control. Offer this day to Him and everything will be as beautiful as what you are expecting it to be. Just relax and let Him do the rest. Happiest birthday!

Prepare yourself because God is taking you to another level in your life. Trust Him with all your heart. Your birthday today will be greater than the last. Enjoy and have fun. Happy Birthday!

The 100 Religious Birthday Wishes

60 Christian Birthday Wishes

You are where God wants you to be. Your success in life, your possessions, everything is because of Him. He wants you to stay humble. It is not you to be glorified but it’s His name always. Celebrate the love of the Lord as you celebrate your birthday. Have a blessed birthday!

Another year has given to you. Your live your life according to His plan. I witnessed how you value it. Learning how to take care of your life is like learning how to take care of His word. Without His word, your life is meaningless. Make it your daily bread. It is not only our body that needs to be fed, also your spiritual body. Always remember that birthdays are God’s way of showing how much He wanted you to enjoy His blessings. Lovely Birthday!


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I pray that your birthday celebration will be a successful one. God bless you because you have been so good to everyone.

You have a wonderful life because you have a wonderful God. Best Birthday, friend!


Happy 30th Birthday

My amazing mom is turning 50 today! You still look gorgeous and elegant. I know that it is your faith that keeps you strong and healthy. It is God’s grace to have such a wonderful mom like you. Happy Birthday. Hugs and kisses. I love you so much.


God knows what your heart desires on your birthday. He knows exactly what’s on your mind and what the things you are praying for. Trust and believe. Happy Birthday!


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Birthdays are His way of saying that there’s a new hope for everything. You may not be satisfied of your achievements for the past year, and you are hoping for the best this year. Well, God is giving you this opportunity to make things right. Just a little side note, He wants you to trust in Him. You are not alone in this journey. God is with you. Hope this made you smile on your birthday. Happy Birthday!


God is smiling from heaven as you blow the candle of your birthday cake today. He is happy that you grow up putting Him first before anything else. You are an inspiration to other young people out there. Keep it up, son. Happy BDay!


You may not have a big party today, there’s a cake but a bit little than last year. What is important is that we are here for you to celebrate another wonderful year in your life. God allows everything to happen for a reason. We love you and we are here to stay. Happy Birthday!

This year, God wants you to celebrate your birthday with a joyful heart. Take this time to say how grateful you are for your life. Happy birthday from us all.

There are many reasons to celebrate birthdays. Just think of the things you have right now. You are given another year in this world because you are not done yet with your purpose. Allow God to use you for whatever he had planned for you. Your friends and family are all praying for you. Have a blessed birthday. Best wishes.

You are truly blessed to reach this age. You never changed from the moment we started as a friend, until now that we already have grandchild. I admire your good heart for the poor, your ability to give hope to the hopeless, and most especially for giving your life committed to the Lord. May He continue to bless you with good health and good life. We are all wishing you a happy birthday and more years to come.


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Never a day that God forgets about us. He knows that it is your birthday today. In fact, He has a gift for you. A gift that only God can give. That is His unfailing love. No matter how many times we fail, God will never fail. I pray for your success and good years to come. Happy BDay!


I can still remember your birthday last year. There’s a party, a huge cake, and many gifts. I can also recall what you said when you are asked to give a message to everyone who attended your party. You said that all the things that we had in this world is only temporary. The only thing that is stable is God’s love. Today is your birthday again. I could not ask for more because I think you already have everything. But then, you remind me again what it is all about. You are blessed because you know how to share your blessings. God knows you have a pure heart. I am grateful I have you as my husband. God bless you more years and good health. Happy Birthday! I love you!

God has a plan for your life. He is giving you another year because He knows you can do your purpose. God is with you all the time. Your birthday is His way to show you how much He loves you. Enjoy your birthday. May God grant your prayers. Best birthday to you.

Do not be afraid to grow old. It is only your age that gets older, your heart and soul remains young. God will guide you every day of your life. He is your strength, your security, and your rock. Hold on to Him and everything will be fine. Happy bday!


My wish on your birthday is for you to be happy and successful. You can only achieve that if God is with you. Always put Him the center of your life. Stay good and kind. Continue to inspire other. We are all praying for your good life and good health. Happy birthday and God bless you.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I have ever met. You are an angel sent from above. You are beautiful inside and out. You are selfless and caring. God is really good in your life. Praying for more beautiful years together. Happy bday to you!

Happy Birthday God bless you quotes

Happy birthday to you on this specialist of occasions. All the best blessings to you on this day and many yet to come for you.

What a joy this day is, celebrating you my love, what a treasure it is to know you. Hope you have a memorable day, that you get everything you want and a lot more.

For a friend who is always there, I hope your birthday brings you many blessings, a long and prosperous life to you dear friend. Happy birthday to you.

To a sweet blessing in my life, what would I do without your friendship? You are a light in my life and I am so happy to have you in my life. Wishing you a fun and exciting birthday where you will be surrounded by many friends and loved ones.

Many beautiful birthday blessings to you my sweet friend. You are such a blessing in my life and I want nothing but the best for you.

To a friend who has brought so much joy and love to the lives of so many, blessings to you on your birthday and may you have a memorable occasion filled with many amazing memories.

Happiest of birthdays, you are a true example of a great friend. Nothing but love for you, all the best on this birthday my friend.

May your birthday be blessed beyond your wildest dreams, hope it is everything you want and more.

On this special birthday we celebrate you and all that you are, such a true blessing you are in our lives. We wish you all the best today and always.

To a sweet friend who I would do anything for, so glad that you came into my life years ago. What a true blessing your friendship has been, happy birthday.