The 70 Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Girls may have turned into ladies, but their love for sweet notes, flowers, gifts, surprises, and heart-warming messages will never change, no matter where life takes them, and they still like to be reminded that they are loved, they are valued, they are missed and that they are essential.

So, for her birthday this year, surprise her with the sweetest message and maybe a little gift to make her birthday special. We know there is nothing you would not do to make your little princess happy, so here are some examples of birthday messages that you may tell your precious princess (on paper or in-person) to express your unconditional, unlimited love for her and make her smile, giggle and maybe cry minor tears of joy.

Happy bday, our little angel! We hope you will have a great one.

You will always be mommy and daddy’s little baby. Wonderful birthday, sweetie!

You’ve been waiting for this day, all year long! Happy birthday, princess.


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Are you ready for a surprise? Come downstairs if you are. Best birthday!

Happy birthday, cupcake! Mommy and Daddy loves you so much. Sending you thousands of hugs and kisses all the way from California. Have a great day!

To our little minion, wonderful bday!

Best bday, dear! Can’t wait to see you. Love you lots.

We hope that all your wishes will come true. Wonderful bday!

We can’t be there but we know you’ll have a great birthday. Best birthday, baby girl.

And there are times when we really could not contain the emotion that your little baby girl who was once in your tummy or who used to call you dada because she can’t say daddy yet, who used to snuggle up in your room telling you I can’t sleep, who you used to take to school every morning and fetch after school and she was always be excited to see you and hug you.

My little cuddly bear, have a great party later!

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Here are some messages that might help you express how proud you are of what your daughter have become:

You are my favorite person in this world. I hope age won’t change you. Mommy and daddy loves you so much. Wonderful birthday!

Sending you hugs, kisses and chocolates all the way from France. We’re sorry we can’t be there but we wish you a happy birthday!

From the day you were born, you have always made us proud. You are a natural fighter and I am always amazed with your courage. You have made really excited about the future by your achievements every day. We were just praying for a normal, healthy daughter but God had given us the best one. Your mischievous smile and the sound of your silly laugh always brighten up our day. We love you no matter what, you are our little princess forever. Happy bday, baby!

To my little princess, I would give you everything in the world just to make you happy. But God has given me the best daughter, you seldom ask for anything and you’re always content. I am really proud of the little lady you have become and I will always be proud of you no matter what. I love you like always, princess. Happy bday!


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You have made every day an exciting and fun-filled one ever since the day we found out you’re on mom’s tummy. You have never failed to make us happy and proud with every milestone you achieve. You have always been a dreamer and an achiever, and we admire you for that. I love you, pumpkin. Stay sweet and continue chasing your dreams. We will always be right behind you. Wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday, sweetie pie. I pray that God grants all the desires of your heart, and may He guide you every day, keep you safe from harm, and make you an instrument to spread love and happiness. I am always proud of you, and I love you forever. Remember that, okay?

With all the success you are receiving lately, what more could I wish for you? I am grateful every day that you’ve turned out to be a wonderful lady. I can say, my purpose in life is fulfilled. Thank you for making me proud of everything you do. I love you, baby. I hope you’ll have the best birthday celebration today. Mom misses you so much.

You have always been a second mom to your little siblings and my best friend. I am thankful that God has given me a daughter like you. I may not be a perfect mom, but you were always there helping me through every obstacle we have encountered. You (and your siblings) have been my source of strength and inspiration. Thank you for understanding my weaknesses, dear. Mommy loves you so much. I am wishing you a best birthday. You deserve the best.

To my little bundle of joy, mommy and daddy loves you. Continue chasing your dreams and continue spreading joy and happiness. We love you, our little angel. Wonderful bday!

I was planning to buy you a unicorn but it won’t fit in your room. Maybe someday, when we move to a bigger house, I will be able to buy you one. I love you, my princess. Best bday!

I can’t believe you are a lady now. It seems like yesterday, you were just a toddler and I was just holding you in my arms. You can’t sleep without me on your side. A lot of years has passed but you are still a baby in my eyes. You have grown into a fine lady and I am really proud of what you have become. Best bday, my angel. Have a fantastic one!


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Our baby is now a young lady. Our baby will have her driver’s license soon. You have grown up so fast, why are you in a hurry? I want to keep you here forever with us. Just kidding, honey. We all love you so much! Wonderful bday, sweetheart!

Today is the same day I become a mother. I was so afraid I won’t be able to raise you properly but seeing you now makes me proud of myself. Thank you, honey. Thank you for being the light I needed to make my life worth living. I love you always, happy birthday!


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You’re 18, and I can’t accept the fact that soon, you will be having suitors, then boyfriends, then you are going to marry someone and be someone else’s princess. Just tell me if someone breaks your heart and I’ll break his nose. Daddy loves you so much, best birthday angel.

We are truly blessed because we have you as our daughter. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and good health. We love and support you all the way. Mom and dad loves you so much. Hugs and kisses.

We are excited for your party, hun. Best bday!

May this day be as special as you are, dear. Wonderful birthday!

You will always be daddy’s little angel. Why do you have to grow up so fast? Love you, honey. Have a great one (don’t stay up too late)

You have given us most of our firsts: first child, first word, first steps, first school day.. And the list goes on. You made this life more fun, more challenging, and most especially, you made this life worth living. We love you, you little angel. Happy bday!

To my dearest daughter, whom I love the most, (because you are the only one, I have no other choice. Kidding!) Happy bday! I love you so much, remember that.

Wonderful birthday, sweet cake! I wish you all the best in life and I pray that all your wishes will come true. I love you.

The day you were born, was the day your dad and I became a better person. You have given us a reason to become responsible adults (we did not know we can be). I am forever grateful that God has given us a lovely daughter like you. Happy birthday, our princess! I hope you will enjoy your party later.

Happy birthday, you little sweetie pie. You deserve the best. We love you so much!

In this world of doubts and fears, you are the light that made our lives worth living. Mommy and daddy loves you and that will never change. We always wish you the best. Best birthday, sweetheart.


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You are growing up so fast, having new friends, new environment. Just always remember that we are always here for you, and we will always support you. Wonderful bday, dear. You deserve nothing but the best.

There are two things I love the most in this world, one is you and the second is being your parent. I love you, baby. Best bday!

Have a great birthday, you sweet little girl. Continue making others happy through your giggles. I love you, sweetheart.

Are you ready to party? Best bday, honey! We hope you’ll enjoy your party later. Love you!

To my little girl, my whole life, my angel, my everything, happy wonderful bday!

I would not have asked for a better daughter than you. You are perfect in every way. I love you, baby. Happy birthday!

We may not be rich but I have everything I want in this world. You are my treasure and my strength. You will always be my baby, always. Best birthday my little princess.

My little star, who always shines and twinkles, may you have the loveliest birthday today. I wish you nothing but the best. I’ll love you for a million million years.

If I could go back and change anything, I wouldn’t. I loved my life ever since you came and I would go through all of that again if I could. I love you, baby girl. Happiest birthday to you.

Whatever gift you give her, she will surely appreciate it.

There is nothing in this world that can be compared to a parent’s love and you have already given it to her.
We hope we helped you find the perfect message and we wish your daughter the most fantastic birthday ever and may all her wishes and dreams come true.

Funny Happy birthday wishes to my daughter

You mean everything to me and I want nothing more than to see you happy each day. Daughter, may your birthday be one that is incredibly special.

I do not know what I would do without a daughter like you, and I hope that your birthday is one that is filled with joy.

Your birthday should be celebrated with every happy thing because you are the best daughter a person could ever want.

My life would not be complete without you, my daughter, and I hope that your birthday is a special one and one that you remember for a long time.

I hope that your birthday is one that is unforgettable, because you are a daughter who deserves the best that the world has to offer.

When I became your mother, I celebrated, and I celebrate with you on your birthday today, Daughter.

The birthday of someone special like you, Daughter, should be celebrated with much excitement and with every good thing.

May you see the possibilities that the next year holds, Daughter, as you celebrate your birthday.

You are my daughter and I want everything good to happen to you… may your birthday be one that is filled with joy.

May you have balloons and cake, joy and excitement, my daughter, on this special birthday of yours!

I want you to know just how much you mean to me, and I hope that you see that on this birthday of yours, Daughter!

To a daughter who is kind and funny and sweet… may you have the best birthday imaginable.

To a daughter who has always put the needs of others first, I hope that you will look out for yourself on your birthday and take some time to just enjoy the day.

I hope you know, my daughter, that I would do anything for you – and, I hope that your birthday is a day that is all about you and the things that you love!