Happy 6th Birthday Wishes and Messages

Your niece, nephew, daughter, or son send sixth birthday wishes on their sixth Birthday is genuinely a great way to make them happy on this special day.

So if you are looking for unique ways to greet them on their Birthday, here are some happy 6th birthday wishes that you can send to them.

Six-year-olds love to rock n’ roll, but I want to tell you that you rock more than any six-year-old I have learned. I hope you will rock out your sixth Birthday!

On your sixth birthday, here are six kisses, six hugs, six tackles, and six smiles to make sure that you will have a fun-filled 6th Birthday!

Now that you are 6, I want to welcome you to the 6th club membership. Remember that your free membership is good for one year only, and as the newest member, you will receive lots of kisses and hugs from me plus lots of cakes and pizza too!


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On this 6th Birthday of yours, something six-citing will indeed happen. And soon, you will become six-tastic and will have a six-tremely six-national birthday celebration!

On this birthday celebration of yours, you will have six big birthday candles to blow and six Birthday wishes to make. You also deserve to have six giant scoops of ice cream and six vast slices of cake. So have fun, for it’s your Birthday!

Because you are turning six today, I will be giving you six amazing things as well – ice cream, cakes, hugs, kisses, giggles, and of course, presents! Happy 6th Birthday, little one.

You genuinely fill our days with so much fun. I hope that your special day will be as gleeful; happy 6th Birthday!

100 Birthday Wishes

Wow! I can’t believe that you are six already! Time flies fast… It just seems like yesterday that you were 5! May you have a Happy 6th birthday, little one!

At SIX years old, you will become Super Invincible X-man, where you will have six times the strength of the world’s strongest superhero! Happy Birthday!

On your 6th Birthday, may you have a six-national birthday that is filled with exciting birthday wishes!

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes

On your Birthday, I am sending you six kisses, six hugs, and six sacks filled with joy. Have fun, because it’s your Birthday, little one!

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A birthday is a special day in one’s life. It’s the best time to dream a new dream, make new wishes and face new challenges in life. I wish you lots of joy and happiness on this Birthday of yours.

Dearest, I want to wish you a pleasing 6th birthday! You will now be another year older, which means you will be another year wiser. May you have lots of fun on this special day of yours!

Happy 6th Birthday to you! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

On your 6th Birthday, I wish you lots of gifts, presents, chocolates, and cakes! All the best for the most fantastic kids in town; happy Birthday!

I will not know what you will become in the future – a tennis player, vet, or perhaps a president of the United States! But all I know is that you will become the cutest girl in the world. Happy Birthday!

On your 6th Birthday, I am sending fabulous and fantastic birthday wishes! Happy Birthday to you, my little princess!

Hey little one, may this year be a great one, and may your 6th Birthday be filled with so much fun! Happy 6th Birthday!


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Let this Birthday of the smartest kid be as sweet as honey. Happy sixth Birthday to you, my little darling!

Happy 6th Birthday to the little hero! I wish you a rocking sixth birthday, and may you have lots of fun with your friends, too!

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

Hey, look who is turning six today! I am writing this note to say that may you have a pleased birthday filled with laughter and games to play!

So what do you give a girl so sweet who is celebrating her sixth birthday? What else, but lots of cakes and yummy treats, as well as candies that she could eat. Happy 6th Birthday to you, my little princess!

My little boy, who will be turning six, is already strong, quick, and significant. Soon, you will grow and learn so much, so here is wishing you a very happy birthday cheer!

S is for sugar, silliness, and sunshine. I is for ice cream, and I love you, while X stands for exciting and excellent. Happy Birthday to a special someone who is turning SIX!

Happy 6th Birthday to you! I wish that your day will be filled with games, giggles, rainbows, presents, and parties! Of course, I also want six candles on a great big cake… Happy Birthday!


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Six years ago, a cute baby was born. Since then, she has brought lots of joy to everyone. She has asked lots of great questions and learned so many skills, too. I am glad to watch such a baby grow into the extraordinary little lady she is now. Happy Birthday!

The 60 Kids Birthday Wishes

I can never decide which letter of the alphabet I will use to wish you a pleased birthday. So let me use them all. May you have an excellent, extraordinary, fabulous sixth birthday!

It is truly exciting to be six years old. You will soon be starting grade school, meeting new friends, and learning lots of exciting things each day, happy Birthday!


Happy 6th Birthday! I want to remind you that no matter how old you become and what you can do, I will always love you, and I will forever be proud of you. Happy Birthday to you, my sweet little angel! I wish you an exciting year ahead that’s filled with so many adventures and fun!

So what are all these great things I see? It seems like there will be a giant party. Indeed, today is so special for someone so cute who has just turned six today. Happy sixth Birthday!

Happy sixth Birthday! May your cute little smile grow to be six times more beautiful in this sixth year of yours.


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Rejoice, you just turned six! I can see that you are now brighter, bigger, sweeter, and more robust. Happy Birthday!

Hey, little one! You just turned six! May you have a pleased birthday, little buddy; I love you!


SIX stands for Spectacular, Incredible, and Exciting. You indeed are a superhero; happy Birthday!

May you have a super cool sixth birthday today. I want to wish you six beautiful blessings on this special day of yours.

You are six on this day. Wow, you have grown fast! You have become more beautiful than ever and even wiser, too. This makes you eligible to receive a special birthday hug, happy 6th Birthday!

Being six is truly fun and joyful. Happy 6th Birthday to you, my little princess!


It’s your Birthday. So cut the cake and blow the candles now. Make sure that you blow all six candles away! Happy Birthday!

May you have a tremendous sixth birthday, little one! Happy Birthday!

Happy sixth Birthday! May your Birthday be unforgettable! Go on, have fun! Here’s wishing you lots and lots of fun!


I know six-year-olds genuinely know how to have a great time on their Birthday. But I wish that your birthday fun will last all year long. Happy 6th Birthday!

Happy 6th Birthday! I hope you will enjoy the ice cream and birthday cakes we prepared for this special day. Happy Birthday!

Here are six little candles waiting for you to blow. Have a pleasing 6th birthday; I love you!

Birthdays can be so much fun! So I hope your 6th Birthday will find you bugging out with the most incredible critters around!


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It’s your Birthday! So go out and have a blast – wear crazy hats and eat lots of ice cream too! These are the things that a fantastic six-year-old like you can do! Happy Birthday!

It’s your Birthday! So go ahead, make a wish! Being a six-year-old truly means more wishes just for you!


Hold on, my sweet little angel! Having a happy 6th birthday could undoubtedly be the best ride of your life; happy Birthday!

Hey little one, I hope your sixth Birthday is out of this world, for you truly deserve all the best things in this world!


Here we are, celebrating another year of your life! So be happy, blow your candles and eat lots of cakes! Have a happy sixth birthday to you, my little one!

Whoa! I can never believe you are already six! Time flies! Happy 6th Birthday, my love!

Lots of people are gathered here today to celebrate this extraordinary day. It’s your 6th Birthday! So get up and let’s party!

Look around you, lots of smiles and silly hats! Lots of ice cream and cake too! Most of all, lots of happy Birthday wishes all for you!

In my own opinion, a six-year-old should be given her pony. Don’t worry, for my job is to convince your mommy and daddy. Have a great 6th birthday, my lovely niece!

For your 6th Birthday, I want to send six hundred hugs and six million wishes. Happy Birthday to you, my darling little princess!


On this sixth Birthday of yours, I am sending you six wishes, lots of love, and warm hugs. This is because a special girl like you deserves all the love in the world. Happy Birthday!

I am sending you lovely birthday wishes for your sixth birthday, and I pray that you will receive all the things you have wished for. Have a happy 6th birthday!

On your 6th Birthday, I am sending you three cheers. This is because you are six years old today. So hip, hip, hooray! Happy 6th Birthday. I love you!

It’s your sixth Birthday today, and I have to say that I am so fond of you in many ways. Happy Birthday!

Hey little one, make the most of your big day today. Happy 6th Birthday!

Happy 6th birthday quotes to my son

To a super cool and awesome kid on their 6th Birthday, I hope you have a great one.

Happy 6th Birthday to an awesome kid who deserves the world, have a super day, buddy.

For a special kid on their Birthday, I hope you have some great fun today.

Happy 6th Birthday to a super kid that is always making me laugh. I hope you get lots of presents today and enjoy yourself.

Happy Birthday to a kid that is always sweeter than pie.

You deserve everything you want and more, so don’t forget to wish for it.

May this special day fill you up with lots of laughter and pure joy.

On this particular day, I hope to make some fantastic new memories with friends and loved ones and get lots of cake and presents.

For this 6th Birthday, I am wishing you a bundle of happiness and that you have a super fantastic day with fabulous people.

I hope it’s nothing but happy for you on this day because your Birthday is a super special day to celebrate.

May this 6th Birthday be filled with lots of laughs and plenty of cake for you.

I am wishing you a super awesome birthday today and many more in years to come.

For an awesome kid that deserves nothing but joy, have a good birthday today.

On your 6th Birthday, I just want to say that you are fantastic and I hope it’s the best day yet.

For your Birthday, I hope that you get much that brings you true happiness.

Happy to be someone who is unique too so many because they are such pure joy. Don’t forget to make a wish, dream as big as you want to.

Blow out the candles and dream of anything; I hope that all of your wishes come true—happy 6th Birthday.