Happy 4th birthday wishes

Four-year-old kids are more intelligent than we think, they can now remember a lot of happenings and things said to them, and they know now that birthdays are a special occasion so in their little minds, they are expecting the day to be great.

So, start building up great memories in their minds so that they will grow up filled with love and joy.

Here are some birthday messages composed for 4-year old kids; personalize them and send them a gift that would be an excellent birthday starter.

Four-year-old kids can already understand what you say, and birthdays are one of their favorite occasions already. So help make it the best one by giving them a card or sending them a message with the cutest message ever. Of course, do not forget the gift because kids LOVE gifts! Here are some birthday messages composed specially for this occasion.

Of all the four year old I know, you are the least annoying. That is why I like you. I know you will not understand what I am saying now. It does not make sense that I am sending you a birthday card, but I thought you might want to look back when you are old, and this will be proof that I am the most awesome uncle ever. Happy 4th birthday, little dude!


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Happy birthday to my favorite niece! I can’t make it to the party today, but I will be waiting for pictures on Facebook. I know you will have a great party later because we all know that your parents are the best party organizers in town. I also sent you a birthday package; I hope you enjoy them. Love you, cutie!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Let’s sing and dance because it is your birthday! Not just a birthday, but your 4th birthday! Do you know what that means? You will be going to school soon, meeting new friends, playing with them, learning new things, and having lots of fun! Happy 4th birthday to you, my favorite cousin.

Even though the room is full of adorable decorations and sweet treats, you are still the cutest, most adorable, and sweetest creature I have ever seen. I hope you will have a lifetime full of love and joy. I hope you will grow up to be a handsome young man. I know you will break hearts someday because, look at you, even at a young age, you are incredibly charming! Happy birthday, my sweetest nephew. You filled our lives with vibrant colors. Love you so much!

I heard a lot of stories that you already are the campus crush on your Kindergarten school! We all know where you got that charm, of course, from me. Kidding! I can’t blame the girls; you are cute. Happy birthday to the most charming kid in the world!

Is it weird that I remember my 4th birthday party? It was awesome! A room is full of balloons, a room filled with my family and my kiddie friends. I hope you will have a birthday party as great as mine when I was a kid. I hope you will receive lots of gifts today. Happy birthday, kiddo!

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You may have aged another year older, but it’s a good thing since you are a kid! Wait until you are in your 30’s and you will not want to age another year. Kidding! Enjoy life, kid. There’s a lot of things in store for you in this world. You will be a great person someday.

I used to hate kids because, honestly, they are annoying… but not you. You are the most delightful kid I know; you make my heart jump for joy when you laugh. You must have put a spell on me; you got me under your charm, little one. I hope you will enjoy your birthday party later! May the Lord bless you more.

I heard you are always bringing home A’s and stars from school. You are such an achiever even at a young age. You always make us all proud in everything you do. I can’t wait to snuggle you later! Happy birthday, our little achiever. Continue dreaming big; dreams are limitless; remember that. Love you!

You are sending bear hugs and warm kisses to our little big boy! You may be tiny, but you have such a big heart and a big brain. I know you will be successful someday, I am sure of it. So enjoy being a child; for now, do not take life seriously. Happy birthday, little dude! We miss you!

No cake nor sweets, or cuddly stuffed toys can compete with your incredible cuteness and charm. I could squeeze you all day! I hope you will stay that cute forever, and I hope you will have a life with good health and filled with love. You are going to change the world someday. Continue being a blessing to everyone around you. Happy birthday!


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I hope your birthday will be as unique as you are! You deserve all the best in life. Keep dreaming, keep the energy, and keep being curious because that’s what will take you to so many places. I hope you grow up to be an explorer and a kind person. I hope you will always treasure every minute of every day. Happy birthday, kid! Have fun!

105 Funny Birthday Wishes

Our princess has turned 4! Why are you in a hurry to grow up? I still enjoy you in that cute size where I can still carry you on my back and run like crazies. I love doing crazy things with you, and that will always be my favorite part of my every day. I hope all your wishes will come true. Love you to the moon and back, baby girl! Happiest birthday to you!

Happy 4th birthday from the Parents to the Celebrant

Parents can be a little bit sentimental or emotional on occasions like this. Because seeing your kid grow up is a sad and, at the same time, happy occasion. Parents can’t help but reminisce those times when their kid is just a baby in their arms. So here are some messages for parents to give to their 4-year old toddler.

Hello, baby girl. You are already four. I can’t believe you will be attending school in a few weeks. I will miss you all day energy at home. I hope you will learn more and grow to be a good kid this year added to your life. I hope that you will never stop being curious and discovering things. I hope that you will meet lots of friends at school who will help you be more sociable. I wish you all the best this world has to offer, munchkin. I love you as always. Happy 4th birthday!

I am excited and sad at the same time now that my baby is turning four. I am excited because another chapter of your life will begin. Sad because you will have less time at home than before. I guess this is one of the complex parts of being a parent, seeing your child gradually leave. But I still have a few more years before you go to college so that I will make the most out of it. Anyway, I am being too futuristic, so let’s go back to the happy part. Happy birthday, kiddo! 4 years have passed, but it seems like only yesterday I can still carry you in my arms. I hope all your wishes will come true today. Love you!


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Four years raising you has been a challenging journey for me, but it is all worth it, especially when I see you run around the house, exploring new things, making new friends, and when you are asking me a lot of questions (that are smart ones, by the way). I never knew we would be blessed with a kid like you, and I never knew that my heart was capable of loving someone this much. Happy birthday, my little star. I know you will do great things someday. I love you so much, always.


Four cakes for the newly turned 4-year old. Four gifts for four beautiful years. Happy 4th birthday to our sweetest angel. You indeed are heaven sent. I cannot imagine life if you had not arrived in our lives. You amaze me with your achievements every day, may they be big or small. You do not stop achieving things. I am proud of you, and I always got your back no matter what. Enjoy life while you are young, kiddo. Love you with all my heart.


You baked you the four best cakes in the whole wide world for your 4th birthday! Hoping that you will have the best birthday party today with your friends from kindergarten. You are growing up like your dad, good at making friends. I am always proud of you, sweetie. I hope you will meet more friends as time pass by. I hope that you will never stop chasing your dreams and not settle for second best. I love you more than anything else. Have fun at your party later!


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Oh, how I miss you spilling up your milk, peeing in your pants, and crying at night when I am not at your side. I know that sounds weird because who misses the hassle? But I will always choose to go through it repeatedly if I could because you are the most significant challenge I have ever received, and I am glad that you grew up to be such a good kid—happy 4th birthday to my little donkey. I love you so much.


You are already four, and I doubt that you will let me sniff your armpit anymore. I know you would not want your friends to see me kissing your forehead. I’m sure you do not wish to be called “mama’s boy.” I understand; that is a phase everyone goes through. But one thing will never change even when you grow up; you will always be my baby. Happy 4th birthday to my cutie pie baby!

Happy 4th birthday for boy or girl

To someone special on their 4th birthday, I was blessed to share this particular moment with you. Happy birthday.

For a kind and loving person on their birthday, we hope you get everything you want today and have a life filled with blessings—all the best to you on your 4th birthday.

For one of the nicest four-year-olds I know, you take the cake, buddy. Happy birthday.

A kid who has the best smile and best laugh, hope you get everything you want in life and then some. Happy birthday my friend.


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Happy birthday today, and may it bring you surprises and excitement because you deserve some adventure.

Explore a new place on this birthday, sing a new song, dance a contemporary dance, live outside the box, and don’t be afraid to test freshwaters. You only live once. Happy birthday, now make the most of it.

For a special kid on their birthday who is loved by so many. I hope you have many more fun years ahead; happy birthday.

A 4th birthday occasion is a time to celebrate with loved ones. I hope you get all that you want buddy, make a wish for anything because the sky is the limit—wishing you the most out of life. After all, you deserve it.


To a bundle of happiness on their birthday, you bring me so much peace and joy that I can’t describe. Happy birthday to a kid who has more people loving them than they realize.

I hope your birthday is the best, with the best friends around you, the best cake, the best music, and a lot more. Four years and many more to go, may they be filled with blessings.


For fun and the happy guy on his special day. Happy 4th birthday to you.

To a particular person on their special day, happy 4th to you.