Top 50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Isn’t it great to receive birthday wishes from friends, relatives and most especially your family members?

Receiving birthday wishes will make you feel so special and loved; thus, if your daughter is celebrating her natal day, make her feel special as well by sending her birthday wishes either through the mail, email, greeting cards, letters, etc.

To save you time in having to come up with your birthday wishes, why don’t you check out these 50 best happy birthday wishes for your daughter so you will have a guide on what to write for your daughter.

Dear daughter, best wishes on your birthday! I hope that your celebration will be as sweet as you are.

We love you, our dear daughter, to the moon and back. Happy bday to you, our sweet little princess!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter List

To our beloved daughter, today we are celebrating the best gift that we have ever received, and that is your birth. Thank you for being a blessing into our life. Wonderful Birthday!


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Dear daughter, another year has passed and we are happy to see you grow even more beautiful and wiser each year. Our baby, our little girl, our sweet daughter, we love you. Happy Birthday!

This day is truly a special day for us because this is the day when we first had a glimpse on our angel. Have a lovely birthday our dear daughter!

To our beloved daughter, you have always made us very proud and for that, we are forever grateful. Best Birthday to you!

No matter how old you are, for us, you will always be our little angel. Have a brilliant birthday dear one!

You are certainly the most beautiful gift that we have received in our lifetime. Wonderful Bday to the most wonderful daughter in the whole world!

Happy birthday to you, our little angel! Our wish is for you to love life and to never cease dreaming. May you always be surrounded with beauty and happiness!

We feel so proud and happy to see how much our little girl has grown to become such a fine young lady. On your birthday, we wish that more love and blessings will come on your way. Happy Birthday!

May you continue to put smile in our faces and be a constant reminder that we did a very good job in raising you.

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A daughter completes a heavenly and humble abode. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to My Daughter

Daughters are the reason a man becomes a real father.

I wish that a strong lady like you become an inspiration not only to the family but also to the world.

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Having a daughter is truly a gift from God. This also means seeing a thousand rainbows each day and a thousand more reasons to smile every day! Best bday to your our dear daughter!

As parents, all we want is for you to grow and become a better person each day. May you touch the life of so many people and be an inspiration and a blessing to them, the way you are to us. Best bday to the most wonderful daughter in the world!

Dear daughter, may you always stay happy and healthy… That way, you can still take care of us when we become old. Wonderful Bday!


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Best birthday to our dearest daughter! We wish you happiness and may you be blessed with all the great things that you truly deserve!

This day is very important for us and to everyone who knows you, our dear daughter! You are such an amazing person and on your birthday, we wish you all the best things in life.

Having you as our daughter is truly the biggest accomplishment in our life! Wonderful birthday sweetie!

Just like a cherished memory, you have become even sweeter and lovelier each day. Happy bday our sweet darling!

I hope that you continue to share your kindness to everyone and continue to have a sincere heart in all the things you do. Happy bday!

From little steps when you were young, I wish and believe that you could take that big step, a leap, which would help you achieve your dreams.

Daughters are a constant reminder that a tougher person is born in the world.

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I really don’t know what great things I have done in the past life to deserve such a wonderful daughter like you. Whatever it was, it must have been so incredible for I was given the best daughter in the world. Wonderful birthday our little darling!


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Best birthday to my precious little angel! You truly are becoming more wonderful and adorable each day. And for that, you amaze me sweetie! May you enjoy your birthday!

Happy Birthday Daughter from Mom

Our dear daughter, you have given us something that no one else could ever do for us – undying love and concern. And we are forever thankful for that. Wonderful bday our sweet darling!

Sure, you are my daughter. However, this is not the only title that perfectly describes you in my life. You are my best friend and the love of my life. Thank you for your undying love, unending care and your amazing intelligence and humor! Love you lots and lots, best bday!

The judges have just made a decision and declared you “the Best Daughter of the World”. I just knew you will certainly win the title because you truly deserve to be called the best daughter. Best bday my prize winner, I love you!


In our heart, you will forever be our little girl, our beautiful princess. In our eyes, you are a loving and caring woman that truly inspires us and a lot of people around you. We love you and may you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

I am not only grateful that you are my daughter. I am grateful for the love, friendship, kindness and support you have given me. I will surely give it all back to you. May you have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart!

Dear daughter, you have made everything about life sweeter than any sweets in the world. Wonderful bday our little angel!

Best birthday, our beautiful darling! You certainly bring joy and happiness to our heart each day. Thanks for giving us a reason to laugh every day. You certainly have made us so happy and we hope can do the same for you.

To our beloved daughter, on your birthday, we wish that all your wishes will come true. We want you to know that we love you and may you have many more birthdays to come.


If I had all the time in the world to write how grateful I am to have you in my life, a hundred pages of book will certainly not be enough. I just want you to know that you are the reason why I breathe each day and the reason why this life is meaningful to me. Wonderful Birthday my dear daughter!

Happy bday, sweetie! We want you to know that you have brought more light into our lives than a gazillion suns. You are certainly the brightest part of our lives and our prayer is for you to grow up and become a fine young lady.

Our darling little girl, we are so grateful that you came along. You have certainly made our world a million times richer than you could ever imagine. We love you, happy bday!


Daughter, happy birthday. I wish that your day will be filled with so much happiness and love. May all of your dreams and wishes come true!


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Whether it’s a ponytail or a bun, with make up or none, I wish that whichever you choose, will take you to places. Wonderful birthday!

Daughters are the strength of a family, source of happiness and a future light of the home.

A daughter will forever be a daughter, no matter how older she gets and I wish that God showers you more blessings and give the best health as you age today. Best birthday!


You are such a joy to the family, our dear daughter. We wish that your day will be as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Daughter Funny Quotes

Wonderful bday to my little girl. I am so happy to have you as my daughter and always remember that I love you to infinity and beyond.


Best bday our beloved daughter! May your day be filled with laughter and music, joy and love! We love you.

More than 100 Birthday wishes for you.

To our beloved daughter, from the first moment we laid our eyes on you, you have made us believe that indeed, miracles do happen. Best Bday to you and May you shine even brighter, lighting up every life that you touch, most especially ours.

Greetings to my beautiful princess on your special day! I hope that you are having the grandest celebration that you deserve.


Wonderful bday to the princess in the family! I hope your day will leave you feeling like a pampered princess.

When some has the privilege in life daughter to have, he or she must cherish this wonderful girl forever. That is why we have prepared best collection of birthday wishes for daughter together with images to share, because picture says more then thousand words.

I am so grateful to have you, the best daughter in the world! Best Birthday and I hope that your birthday celebration will be as special as you are.

Dear daughter, I want you to know that I truly love being a parent to you. May today bring you lots of sweets, treats, hugs and love! Happy Birthday !

Sweetie pie, you are the source of our daily happiness. Thank you for coming into our life and may you have a truly wonderful birthday. We love you!

Daughter birthday wishes

Wonderful birthday to a daughter who have made joy to become even more joyful, beauty to become even more beautiful and wonder to become even more wonderful.

Happy birthday our precious little one! You are all the life, light and love that we need in this crazy world we live in. May you grow into the best person you can be, we love you!


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From the day you came into our lives, your natal day has always been an event that we celebrate with great joy. That is because you are our greatest pride. Happy birthday, our beloved daughter.

Dear daughter, as you grow up to be a fine young lady, we want you to know that our love for you will never grow old. It will in fact grow even stronger. Happy bday, sweetheart!

With every birthday celebration of yours, we are always reminded that what really matters most into our life is you. Happy bday our cute little princess!

For as long as I can remember, you have been the greatest blessing that I have received in my life. You are the greatest source of my happiness and joy. Wonderful birthday, my precious little daughter! I love you!


To us, you are more precious than all the diamonds in the world. No one can ever put a price tag on the love that we have for you. Best birthday our darling daughter!

Dear daughter, whatever road you are going to take in life, please keep in mind that we are always there for you no matter what. Here’s wishing you an incredibly happy birthday and May you have a wonderful life ahead! We love you forever and beyond.


There is nobody compares to you, our lovely daughter. We are so happy to see you grow to be such an incredible woman as you are now. May you continue to be an inspiration to the people who love you, Wonderful Bday!

Dear daughter, thank you so much for giving us a chance to become your mom and dad. We are truly happy and delighted to be your parents. You certainly make our life so much beautiful and for that we are forever grateful. Best Bday!


All the best birthday wishes for my daughter and wish her all the happiness in the whole wide world. Best bday princess!

Happy birthday to the most awesome daughter in the world! You truly are an inspiration to me and to all the people around you. I love you with all my heart and I pray that all your dreams and wishes will come true, enjoy your day!

To my beautiful daughter, our relationship has its own share of laughter and tears, but the best part of this is that hugs will always follow after the frowns. I love you, wonderful bday!

I consider this day a very special day since this is the day when I have first glimpse an eye on my angel, a gift from God. Best birthday to you my lovely daughter. Regardless of how old you will become, you will always be that cute baby girl I so adore. I love you.

More than being my daughter, you have been a best friend whom I can lean on. Thank you for being mature enough to help me in going through this life. Wonderful birthday!

Happy bday my gorgeous daughter! You truly are the best. I love you more than anything and more than any words can say. I wish you all the best and I look forward to the wonderful years of my life with you.

Daughter, you are loved for the little girl that you were, for the special woman that you are now and for the wonderful daughter you will always be, happy bday!

Wonderful birthday to my one of a kind daughter. It’s just hard to believe that you are a grown up now. I want you to know that you will always be my little doll. I love you.

My dearest daughter, as you grow older and wiser, do not be scared to aim high to reach all your dreams. Never be afraid to fall because I will always be here to catch you. I love you my precious one, best birthday!

Wonderful bday my daughter. You may every day of every week so deliciously sweet. Have fun on your special day.

We are adding daily new happy birthday wishes to daughter so please keep visiting because we keep adding and updating with new birthday wishes for a daughter daily.

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter Quotes

Our love for you grows year by year. Wishing you, our bright young daughter, even more love than you may know, happy birthday.

This year is yours, my darling daughter, soar high and always remember your worth. Have a happy birthday.

Your energy beams from within, your love brings us enough joy for years to come, hoping your birthday is just as meaningful as you are.

Eat your cake, sing your song, let your hair down, and take a moment for yourself. You deserve it. Happy Birthday, my sweet daughter.

From the moment you were born, you’ve given me more laughter and more sweetness than I ever thought possible. I’m so lucky to be your parent. Happy Birthday.

To my daughter, you have enough magic in your heart to last a lifetime. Your smile cures my worst days, and your hugs make my heart burst. I hope your special day is filled with at least an ounce of the love you give me. Happy Birthday.

My one gift to you is belief. I believe in whatever path you choose. I believe in your greatest dreams ahead. I believe in your ability to become the best version of yourself. May your birthday give you my belief for years to come.

Oh how the years go by. Daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday and a very happy life to come. It’s only just beginning.

Your birthday reminds me of how much better you make the world around you. I am forever blessed.

I hope your birthday is filled with a thousand balloons that cover the sky, creating just as much color as you have with your pleasant existence.

My beautiful daughter, your birthday is a celebration of you. There aren’t enough words to describe how much better you make my life.