The 55 Cute Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Being a mother is the highest paying and hardest job in the world.

On her special day that only comes once a year, a special message would be a great present aside from material things because she can bring it until she gets old.

Here are some birthday messages for your all-time favorite actress.

You were a little girl until now that you have grown into a beautiful lady like a butterfly. You have always been mommy’s favorite doll. The love of my life. Happy Birthday!

Looking at you having respect for others and primarily yourself is the most outstanding achievement I had as your Mom. Keep up the excellent work, my love. Happy Birthday!

Princess, on this particular day, I want to remind you how blessed I felt from the day I knew that someday I would see you here. Have a blast on your Birthday!

Since you were born, my life has started to change. From being a single person to becoming a loving Mom. Thank you for all the lessons you taught me in all these years. Wonderful Birthday my daughter!

I may not be the best mother this world could offer, but you will always be my best daughter, now and forever. Happy Birthday my love!


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Daughter, I thank God, for you are here. Today on your Birthday, I will pray that may God shower you all His blessings whenever you are far or near.

You are more than my daughter; you have been my best friend. Thank you for being you, and mostly thank you for being my daughter. Have a fantastic birthday!

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All moms give birth to a child, but I gave birth to a legend. Have a fantastic birthday, dear!

I know however far your dreams are, you will be there to reach them and hold them in your arms. I wish you good health and more birthdays to come!

To my dearest daughter, Wonderful Birthday. No matter what other people say, you will always be the most beautiful girl in my eyes. I love you.

You are light in my darkest night—the strength in my weakest life. And I pray to God to give you all the might and every courage you will need to fight and have your place in this wildlife. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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You were a mix of your Dad and me, but I always knew you took after me. And as your Mom, I am so proud to say that you are a better version of me. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Always remember your keep your hopes high. Don’t forget to have faith in God for the rest of your life. Ignore your fears and just smile. For I will always be by your side till the day I die. I Love you, my dearest daughter. Wonderful Birthday!

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Daughter, I may scold you. Be mad at yourself. Nag at you sometimes. But whatever I say or do, it is always for you. I will always love you, and Happy Birthday!

Please learn and remember things that I have taught you. After all these years, my intention is for your dreams to come true. Have a blast!

Seeing you all grown up, I realized how fast time flies. I would never regret all the love and care I gave you. Happy Birthday to my sweetest daughter!

All my bad days were gone because your smile took all my sorrows away. Give joy, and may you receive pleasure on your Birthday. Mom loves you.

God knows everything I did was for you. On this day of your Birthday, I want you to know that you mean more than the world to me. I love you.

You are a diamond. So rare and precious. That is how I see and will always look at you, my lovely daughter. Happy Birthday! May all your wishes and dreams come true.

Dear, you will never feel like a lost flower in the tropical forest or a remote grassland. You will always be the most beautiful flower in my heart. Have a fantastic birthday, my daughter!

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Today, I realized you are no longer my baby girl. I thought about how wonderful of a daughter you have been to me: all our happy memories and your sweet smiles. Best Birthday!

Princess, the world is full of ups and downs. One thing that I want you to keep in mind God is good. And no matter what happens, He is always with you. Happy Birthday my love.

You may find me annoying at times. For telling you what is right from wrong. Someday you will understand what I am saying. When that time comes, keep your head up. You know I will always be here for you. Happy BDay daughter!


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You are my little princess. My precious gem. My lovely doll. No matter how old you will be. As long as I breathe and live in this world, you will always be a baby to me. Happy Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter!

Someone in this world will hurt you. I want you to be strong like what I have thought of you. Never lose yourself in finding love. Because no matter who you became, Mom’s love for you will always be the same. Happy Birthday, love.

My daughter, to me, you are like an open book. I have read you from the day you were made till the day you were published. And I know you will have a fantastic birthday today. I love you!

If times get rough, I will polish it for you. If your hair looks terrible, I will brush it the way you want me to. If your heart is broken, I will hug you until you become whole again. No one can love you like your mother will do. Wonderful Birthday!

To my loveliest girl, Mom will never be here for the rest of your life. Do not let the darkness of others dull your shine. Work for your dreams and always aim high—happy Birthday, lovely girl.

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When the clouds above you are dark, and rain starts to pour, never forget that the sun will shine bright soon. Mom wishes you a happy birthday.

I may not show that I understand you. But I do. But you have to learn from your mistakes and be independent. I will be gone, for who knows when. My prayers will always be with you. Happy Birthday!


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You were once my baby, and now you have become a lovely girl to me. Be good to everyone. That is the moral I want you to have.

Best wishes on your Birthday, my daughter!

Always keep in mind that Mom may not be the best. But Mom will always love you, unlike the rest. I love you, my little girl. Wonderful Birthday!


Happy Birthday! May God always be with you all your way. May His light guide you every day. I love you, my daughter.

Let your smile brighten up someone’s day like what you always did for Mom back in the old days. Smile, it is your Birthday!

From the day I got you till the day I first touched you, and up until now, you are the biggest blessing in my life. Have a great birthday, my daughter.


To the love of my life, the little girl who stole my heart. The precious one that makes me smile. Happy Birthday!

You will always be my baby, my little girl, my princess, and my daughter. No matter how they see you or whatever they might say. You will always be the most beautiful girl in Mom’s eyes. Happy Birthday little one!

May your Birthday be as sweet as the candies you always want to eat. I love you.


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Mom will always be proud of you in every way. May your day give you happiness and sweet memories! Best Birthday, my daughter!


Today is a special day, not just for you, my daughter but for Mom too. I cannot wait to see your sweetest smile; it is your time to shine. Happy Birthday!

I always thank God for giving me the sweetest girl I have ever seen. And today, on your Birthday, I want to thank Him for another year. Wonderful Birthday my daughter!


Roses are red, and chocolates are sweet. But I am having you as my daughter is the sweetest treat! Happy Birthday my love!

To the star that rocks my world, I wish you all the happiness in this world and all the love that you deserve. I love you, daughter, and Happy Birthday!


Another year has passed for you, my dear; being a grown-up is not as easy as it may seem. You will see the light in the darkest time. Rejoice this day, for it will be bright. Happy Birthday!

You will see a smile on everybody’s frown. Bring joy to others just how you brought it in my life. I love you and happy bday dearest daughter!

My life will never be the same without you. My dearest daughter, may your dreams do come true. Happy Birthday!

Strawberry cake for my little shortcake! Happy Birthday dear daughter! Mom will always love you.

Be kind and loving. Strong and forgiving. The only lesson in life that you should bring. Have a fabulous day on your birthday, love!


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Today is like your favorite sundae with a cherry on top. Just extra special to make the birthday girl laugh. Best Birthday!

If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. And drink it today for it is your Birthday. I love you, my daughter!

Keep the books down and show everyone your gown. Have a blast on your Birthday, my princess!

You will always be mommy’s little angel, no matter how old you are. I love you, my angel. Wonderful Birthday!

Your life is your book. Fill it with memories and joy. May this day brings you a lot more toys. Happy Birthday little one! Mom loves you.

Life is a mystery. Make your history. But remember always to be lovely. All good wishes for you on your Birthday, my lovely daughter!

Smile and shine bright. Tonight is your night. Have a blast at your party. Happy Bday!

Funny Birthday wishes for daughter

Happy Birthday to the best daughter I could ever ask for! My life was changed so significantly the day you came into it!

No one in the world is just like you, and I am so grateful to call you my daughter! Have the happiest of birthdays!

You have made my life so blessed. I am grateful to be your Mom, and I hope you have a fantastic year and energy to come.


Today is one of my favorite days of the year because it is the day you were born! I will always love you, daughter!

I know that you are going to do great things this year and always. Have the most beautiful Birthday, my daughter!

You deserve a day that is filled with joy and a year ahead that is even brighter. Happy Birthday to a special girl!

My life is better because of all you are to me, my daughter. I hope you have the happiest day and the greatest year ahead!

The day that I got to become your Mom is a day that I will never forget. Today we celebrate you and all of the joy you bring to the world!

You are one of my favorite people in this world, daughter! I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy everything about it!


My wishes came the day that I became a mother to such a beautiful and unique child like you. Happy Birthday!

Today is your Birthday, but I hope you not only have a good day but that you also do everything that you want and more in the year ahead!

There are so many possibilities for this next year of your life. I believe in you and all that you can do with it, my daughter!