The 85 Loving Happy Birthday Mom from Daughter

Mothers and daughters have a bond like no other.
A daughter learns everything about being a woman through the ways of her mother.
A mother’s birthday is an extraordinary day for a daughter.
It is that time of the year when she celebrates her mother’s birthday; she celebrates the gift of life that her mother has given her.
Here are quotes to dedicate to a lovely mother from an equally beautiful daughter:

Mom, I will never have enough time here on Earth to repay all the love you have poured into me. Happy birthday, mom!

When I become a mother someday, I want to strive and be like you. Mom, you are the most muscular and most beautiful woman I know. Happy bday!

To the woman who sacrificed her life so I could have a good one, wonderful birthday! I could not imagine a life without you by my side. I love you until all the stars burn out in the sky!

To the most precious woman in my life, I wish you the warmest and the sweetest birthday year after year. Best birthday, mom!

Mom, no matter where I go, you will always be the home I will come back to. Thank you for nourishing and spoiling me with love and care. Wonderful bday!


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Dear Mom, I am lucky to have such a great woman to look up to, love, and guide me where I need to go. Best bday, mom. I love you to the moon and back.

If I can even come to close to how elegant you are as a woman, it will be a significant achievement for me already. Stay awesome, mom. Best bday!

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I am not a perfect daughter, mom. In the years that passed, I have caused you a lot of headaches and heartaches. I hope you won’t ever get tired of me. Wonderful bday!

Mom, in the pursuit of my dreams, little did I know that I am expanding yours. It is impossible to repay you even with my life. I love you so much. Best birthday.

When I was young, you’ve always bugged me with doing and learning a lot of things. I even hated you for it. Now, I realized that it was for my betterment. Thank you, mom. Wonderful birthday.

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You are the wind that set many sails in the right direction. The warmth from your love has kept me alive from the cold clutches of the cruel world. You are the sun that nurtured me until I bloomed into the woman I am today. I love you, mom. Happy bday!

Even when I am living far away now, my love for you will never change, mom. Happy bday, mom.

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For your every birthday, you ought to receive a ‘The Best Mom’ Award. No one can even come close to your awesomeness. Wonderful birthday!

It is because of your love that I’ve managed to be where I am right now. Your faith in me never wavered when I needed it most. Your arms will always be the place I will come home to. Best birthday, mom!

Mom, your love, your strength and your faith in me are the foundation of my whole being. Thank you, mom! Wonderful bday!

I am enjoying the success of my life right now because of all the sacrifices and the pain you’ve bored for me. Thank you, mom! Best bday.

I feel infinitely luckier since I have such an awesome mother like you! Whenever the troubles of my life are threatening to pin me down, you are always there to pick me up. Thank you, mom! Happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

I wake up every day with gratitude in my heart: first, because of the gift of life itself, and most of all, because I have you in my life. I couldn’t imagine treading the roads of my life without you in it. Best bday, mom!

You were my first teacher, the person who has immensely influenced my character. You were my ever faithful cheerleader, the person who pushed me to run after my dreams. You were my best friend, the person who knows my life inside and out. Thank you, and I love you! Wonderful bday, mom!

Most of my happiness is all because of you, mom. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful woman in my life. Best birthday to you, dear mother!


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Mom, you are the only person I can be, in my most excellent and worst, and will still love me no matter what. Thank you! Happy birthday, mom.

My mom is my inspiration. She is the sunshine that lights my way. Her words are the wisdom I live and follow by. She is the reason why I kept following my dreams despite the odds I’ve come to face along the way. A wonderful birthday, mom!

Dear Mom, no one can even come close to your fantastic cooking or baking. No one can ever compare to the fun we had together while shopping and just talking about life. No one can compare to the sage advice that has guided me throughout my journey. Thank you, mom. Happy Birthday!

Even though I am older, I still crave your sweet and loving embraces every night. I miss your homemade cookies and your amazing stories. I will forever remain as your little girl, mom. Happy bday.

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One of my most tremendous successes is to see you filled with happiness, mom. If I can give all the joy in my life to you, it still won’t be enough to show how grateful I am to you. Happy birthday, mom.

Mom, I am praying every day for your happiness. Even if I have to pray for you every single second of my life, it would not even come close to how much you have prayed for me throughout my entire life. Happy bday!

Dear mom, it is never too late to dream another dream! May all your heart’s desires come true. Wonderful birthday!


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You are exactly the woman I aspire to be – intelligent, funny, sassy, strong, graceful, patient and sweet. I love you, mom. Best birthday.

No one can shine as you do. You can surpass even the brightest of the star! Wonderful bday, mom.

Because you have invested so much of your time, energy, and love into me, my life has been wealthy with happiness, love, family, friendship, and respect. Thank you so much, mom! Best bday!


If I have to prove to the world the existence of angels, all I need to do is present you to the world. Really mom, you are the sweetest angel on Earth. Best bday!


I am lucky to have a best friend, a teacher, a magician, a counsellor and a mother rolled in one! I am so much blessed because of you! Wonderful bday, mom.

Life is filled with thorns and mime bombs. But since I have you, I can courageously tread the dangerous roads ahead. Thank you, mom. Happy birthday!


God has generously blessed my life by blessing me with you! I could not ask for anything else in the world! Happy birthday, mom.

I remember hating you when I was little. I dreaded how you forced me to take my afternoon naps or send me to my ballet lessons. I realized why you’d done all these since now I am a mother myself. Thank you, mom! Best birthday.

Ours is a love and hate relationship. I understand now why you stop me from doing certain things, so you can keep me safe. Thank you, mom. Wonderful birthday.


Behind every great woman is a great mom to back her up! Happy bday, mom.

Dear mom, no other person in this world can love me more profoundly than you. No one can understand me profoundly as you do. There is no other person in this world who can inspire me as much as you do. Happy birthday, mom.


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The sweetest words, the most expensive jewels or the grandest of luxuries can ever compare to the gratitude brimming in my heart for you. Happy bday, mom.

May you have a birthday filled with happiness, warmth, love and fun that you sp greatly deserve: an excellent birthday, mom.

Despite my overflowing imperfections and countless mistakes, you always give me your love so open-heartedly and unmatched. My heart is brimming with gratitude for all the years of pet you have showered me with. Happy birthday, mom.

Being a mother is not an easy task. How can you make it look so effortless and stay so graceful at the same? Best birthday, mom.


Whenever I am asked who is my real-life superhero, without even batting an eyelash, my answer will forever be you, mom. Wonderful bday, my wonder woman.

Mom, I became me because of you. Despite being imperfect and full of faults, I am happy with who I am, inside and out. Thank you. Happy birthday.

The safest and the warmest place on the face of the Earth is right in your arms. Best bday, mom.


My eyes are brimming with tears for all the gratitude that I can’t express even with a thousand words. Best bday, mom. I love you.

Mom, I’ve always thought that your expectations with me are too far to reach. I now realize it is because you believe in the greatness nestling inside my heart. Wonderful bday.


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I would not have it any other way. If I should live again, I will still want you to be my mom. Best birthday!

Mom, your life has been devoted to keeping your family nurtured and loved. I can’t imagine the number of sacrifices you’ve ever made for me. Thank you, mom! Wonderful birthday!

Not even the loveliest three-tiered cake can even come close to your sweetness. Happy bday, my gorgeous mom!

Only you are the person who still believed the good in me even when I am at my worst. Thank you, mom! Happy bday!

I remember cringing whenever you hugged me in front of my entire crew in high school. I even dreaded you kissing me when I was in college. Now, all I want are your hugs and kisses every day! Wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday mom quotes from daughter

Happy Birthday Mom, thanks for being my best friend!

We may fight, we may not always agree on life, but I know you will always be there for me when needed, which means the world to me.

I know a lady never reveals her age, but wow, you’re old. JK, I love you, Mamma!

Happy birthday Mamma. You better enjoy today, because I’m going to be calling you for help tomorrow!

After twenty years of being your daughter, I could never ask for a better mom than you. Thanks for everything!

They say a boyfriend can see what you will look like when you are older by looking at their mom. I am happy to report I have nothing to worry about because we are fine!!

You brought me into this world, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Love you, pretty lady; I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

Just remember everything you love about me came from you, and all bad habits can be blamed on dad [:

To my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, strong and fierce Mamma on her big day. I hope you get everything you could ever want out of today because you sure have given me all I could ever dream of.

Congrats on being a mother to the best and smartest daughter on planet earth! You must have done something right! Love you, mom.

If you look up the definition of mother in a dictionary or an online search, the only result will be a picture of you because no mother could ever compare to your level of greatness!


Happy birthday Momma, you will be glad to note I only put 28 candles on your cake because you aren’t a day over 30 (:

Words will never be able to describe just how much I love your crazy butt. Thank you for everything you do and for getting me through all the pain so we can enjoy the good times together forever and ever.

You know I love you, and we can talk every day on the phone, but I’m still not adding you on Facebook…