Birthday Wishes For Step Daughter

Your stepdaughter is the child you practically treat as your real daughter, and you love her just as much even though she may not be able to appreciate you that much because she probably hates your guts.
It is important to remember events such as her birthday to make her like you even just a little bit more.
To accomplish that, you need some birthday wishes for your stepdaughter that will make her feel good about herself and you as well.
Here are some of those wishes that you can use and try out to see how it goes.

You may not be from my flesh and blood, but I love you just the same; happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday stepdaughter, you may not see it but to me you are my angel from heaven.

Your past may not be that good but I promise I will always be here, enjoy your big day!


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Today is a special day for you because it is your birthday, I hope you have a lot of fun today.

I wish that you get to be successful in the path you have chosen, happy birthday step daughter.

Be careful with your heart step daughter, I will be here for advices, happy birthday to you!

I believe you are that blessing from above, given to me like that, may you enjoy this day!

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Your big day is one of those times when I just want to hug you tight and show you I love you.

I may not be your real parent but I swear that I will try my best to raise you rightly.

Sure, I did not give birth to you but I have this feeling that makes me want to get close to you.

I cannot help myself but to treat you like my real child, I hope you have an awesome birthday!

There is something about you that I cannot help but love, happy birthday step daughter!

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I am happy that you get along with my children just fine, I hope that you enjoy this celebration.

Happy birthday step daughter, you are my only child, you are a real daughter to me, dear.

There is just something different from the way you look at me, happy birthday step daughter!

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My daughter, I never thought you as a burden, I hope that you get to enjoy this life you are in.

Love until your heart decides to give up and just have the best time of your life from today on.

Happy birthday, step daughter, just know that I am proud that I get to see you grow up.

Step daughter, thank you for letting me part of your life, I hope you enjoy your life some more.

I never knew I was missing something until you came into my life, my dearest daughter.

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Having you in my life changed it to something better just have a happy birthday, stepdaughter!

I have missed filling the way you make me feel, happy to be able to watch you grow up.

You coming into my life made me so much better than before, thank you and enjoy this day.

Step daughter, there is nothing more I wished for than to have you by my side this whole time.

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Just know that I will always be by your side to every step of the way, happy birthday to you!

I wish you a birthday filled with light, good music and everything you love, happy birthday!

I hope you have a life that is full of joy, happiness and peace, now enjoy your big day!

I am glad I never got to know how hard it is to not have a step daughter like you, enjoy!


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Happy birthday my daughter, I just cannot imagine how sad life would be without you in it.

I would flip the world outside down for you because I love you, happy birthday step daughter.

You may not have a drop of my blood but my love for you is eternal, my lovely step daughter.

Happy birthday step daughter, I am so happy to see you turn into a beautiful young woman.

You are the presence that calms me down, my step daughter, I wish you the best birthday ever.

There is an aura around you that makes you so special, full of regality and class, enjoy today.

I never knew what I was missing in life until I met you, I wish you a happy birthday, my dear.

You bring me joy in every single thing that you do, that is the perks of having a daughter.

I tried my best to see the good in this life, you made it easier, happy birthday, step daughter!

Letting you know how much I adore you and love you dear, happy birthday step daughter.


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I thank the heavens for giving me a good relationship with you, my dear daughter, have fun.

All that I wish is that you have the health to live a long and a happy life, happy birthday!

You influenced me with positivity that I see the good things in life, may you enjoy your big day!


My wish for you is sincere, I love having you around, you are the kid I never had in my life.

I am glad to have met such a fine young lady, I cannot wait to have adventures with you!

Proud is what I am to be able to be called your step parent because you are amazing, girl.

You are like the sun and you shine like it and that is what makes you so special, my dearest.

You are the daughter I could only wish to have, a dream come true, happy birthday to you.

I see so much life in you and that is why I am happy that to see you smile, enjoy your birthday!


You may be my step daughter but you are also my best buddy, so I hope you have fun today.

Have a blast on your birthday and do the things you haven’t done for a very long while, dear.

I thought second marriages were hard to handle but you made it easy, my step daughter.


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Princess it is your birthday today, I wish you all the best, happy birthday step daughter!

You are practically the most amazing daughter I have ever met, enjoy your big day.

Today you are turning from a child into a full pledge adult, I am happy for you, my dear.


Know that you are always going to be loved no matter what you do, my dearest daughter.

You amount the same as my kids does for me, I love you like my own, enjoy your birthday!

I am so glad that I get to see you blowing out your candles, happy birthday step daughter.

Days like this, your birthday makes me feel like I really am a part of your life right now.

You are my daughter no matter what other people may try to convince you of otherwise.

I never knew it possible to accept someone as quickly as I did you, have fun on this day.


Today is the day when you show the world how much you grew up in a year, enjoy it.

I do not know how to repay you for all the care and love you showed me, I love you, dear.

You were hesitant on opening up to me at first but now here you are, enjoy your birthday.


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We are going to have a fantastic time today, I assure you, we will have the time of your life.

You are the prettiest girl I know and I know you will grow up to be a fine young lady.

Keep believing in your dreams because I just know you will get there, have fun on this day.


You never cease to amaze me by your sweet gestures, like you really came from me, thank you.

I promise that I will never take your love for granted, my stepdaughter, enjoy your birthday!

Your birthday is one of the days were you need to have fun and just enjoy your life.

Happy birthday step daughter, may you always be the best you can become, try at least.

Having you as my daughter makes me feel invincible, as if I am also living through you.

To me, you will always be the little girl who used to play with her dolls, enjoy your birthday.


I may not be your real mother but I will always treat you like my real daughter, all the time.

You deserve a birthday where you can feel as happy as you can be because you are kind.

May every wish you make come true because you are always so good and so true to yourself.

The key to my happiness is you, you have a charm that makes me love you so much, I swear.

You may not be of my blood but I still think you are awesome enough as you are, enjoy today.

I promise you that I will not try to replace your mom and make your life miserable, dear.

I think this is an awesome day to celebrate, my dear, enjoy your birthday, and just have fun!

Just know that I will be here for you should you ever need someone to lean on, enjoy today.

I feel like the luckiest parent to be able to be with a daughter like you, may you have fun.

Your birthday is practically your big day so just enjoy it to the fullest, dear stepdaughter.

I will do my best to make your life happier that I can promise you, have fun on your birthday.

Go out and have some fun and make the most out of your birthday, I know you can do it.


I know what you are going through and I will remind you that I am here for you, enjoy today.

You are the part of me that I will always be happy to have, you are what I hold dear to me.

Let us not let our relationship be defined by our DNA and let us just keep having fun, dear.