The 105 Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter in Law

The woman that your son chose to spend the rest of his will be your daughter-in-law.
She will be the mother of your grandchildren and a loving wife to your son.
As your son enters this beautiful new chapter in his life, why don’t you leave a sweet and thoughtful message to your new daughter?

Our son tends to stray with his choices, but you are one of the right and most beautiful decisions he has ever made. It is such a great package to have you in the family. Happy bday our sweet daughter-in-law.

Marrying you is not only a gift our son has received; having you as our daughter-in-law is such a joy and blessing in our lives. Wonderful birthday!

You are like our long-lost daughter. The word ‘in-law’ should be shunted aside because the love you have given us is like how a daughter loves her parents. Best birthday, sweetie.


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Your presence has graced us with joy and sunshine as soon as you walked into our lives. Wonderful bday, our dear daughter-in-law.

Our son has a weakness for sweets, no wonder he found such a sweet treasure like you! Happy birthday our dear daughter-in-law.

My dear daughter-in-law, you are an answered prayer. Not only has our son found a wonderful woman to spend the rest of his life with, but God also gave you to me as a lovely daughter, full of love and kindness as well. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Seeing your sweet smile and how you make our son so happy gives my heart so much delight and comfort—best bday to my beautiful daughter-in-law.

The delight of having a son is measurable, but having a daughter-in-law is a blessing of a thousand folds. Best bday!

A daughter-in-law is what binds a family. He ties the husband with the children, and she wraps her husband with her parents. Thank you for loving us as a real daughter would. Wonderful bday, sweetie.

Such a charming, sophisticated, graceful, warm-hearted, and loving daughter-in-law is worthy of a hundred-fold of blessings, teeming wealth, a hefty dose of love, and a bountiful of health. Best birthday, sweet child.

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When it comes to the love competition, I have to admit that you are a step ahead of me. You know how to take good care of our son and make him incredibly happy as well. Wonderful birthday sweet daughter-in-law.

My son has a reputation for being a mess and an unorganized lifestyle. When you came into his life, everything fell into place. His life has become more organized, and you turned his lot into a loving home. Happy bday our sweet daughter-in-law.

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We have always wished for a daughter, but life did not bless us with one. My life’s dream has finally come true, now that you went to the family. Happy birthday, our dear daughter-in-law.

When you were dating our son, I have to admit that I was threatened. I thought that I was the only one capable of loving him so much, but with you, I can see how your love has brought so much happiness in his life that it has turned him into a better man. With that, we are more than grateful—happy bday to our dearest daughter-in-law.


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You have given us so much joy by giving us beautiful grandchildren, loving and caring wives to our son, and a wonderful daughter-in-law. Wonderful birthday!

Welcome to the family! Such a bright and lovely daughter-in-law is a brilliant addition to the team. Happy birthday!

Our daughter-in-law is like a rare diamond in the rough. She stands out among the crowd because the beauty and kindness inside of her cannot help but shine brightly through. Best birthday, sweetie.

Have you given a lot of thought to when you have decided to become a part of a new family? I have to warn you that our family likes to do many adventurous and crazy things together. We are noisy, and we love eating. Well, I guess you have no choice now, right? Welcome to the crew, sweet one! I know you will love us no matter what since you managed to love our son wholly for who he is. Wonderful bday, our darling daughter-in-law.

Many people say that when you tie the knot with a man, you automatically marry his entire family. In that case, we are more than glad for that because you have been nothing but a sweet blessing in our lives. Best bday, our dear daughter-in-law.

The 60 Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Let’s both admit it. Marriage is not as rosy and easy as we thought it would be. There will be turbulent times, while there will be blissful moments. There will be times that you will hurt each other, while there will times that you will learn how to forgive. That’s how relationships are! It is a rollercoaster ride indeed! Knowing that our son is taking this journey with you puts my heart at ease because you are a woman of warmth and joy. Best bday, our sweet daughter-in-law.


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Our son used to tell us everything when he was a kid. When he grew up, he wouldn’t tell us a thing! When he introduced you to us, we knew that you are the person he tells all his stories to. It hurt at first, of course. But when we came to know you more, we learned to love you like our own. We are more than happy, for such a woman of beauty and warmth is where our son shares his most important stories. Happy birthday, our sweet daughter-in-law.

On this bright and beautiful day, we wish you a landslide of blessings, a pocketful of luck and wealth, and a fountain of health and love to take with you wherever you go. Wonderful bday, dear daughter-in-law.

Making our son blissfully happy and taking excellent care of our grandchildren makes you such a precious treasure in our lives. Best birthday, dear daughter-in-law.


Looking at how bouncy, happy and precious our grandchildren are and how our son looks so in love and energetic could only be possible with your caring and loving ways: an excellent birthday, our dear daughter-in-law.

When my granddaughter grows up, I want her to be like her mother: a devoted wife to her husband, a sweet mother to her children, and a precious daughter-in-law to us. Happy birthday!


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We have the perfect image of a daughter-in-law: gentle, lovely, precious, thoughtful, and beautiful inside and out, but you are all of this and more! Our son is such a lucky man, and we are such lucky in-laws! Happy bday.


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You are proof that angels exist! How can such a dear and lovely woman walk this Earth without wings? Happy bday our dear daughter-in-law.

I don’t have to worry that my grandchildren will get short of affection because I have you to shower them with all the love they need and more! A wonderful birthday, dear daughter-in-law.

Not only did you give us beautiful and bubbly grandchildren, but you also gave us a comfortable and worry-free retirement as well. Best birthday, our sweet daughter-in-law.


Parties are not complete without your tasty dishes! Picnics are not as fun without you! See, you are an essential part of the family, and we are glad that you are on board! Happy birthday, dear daughter-in-law.


You are not only the loving mother of my grandchildren and the lovely wife of my son, but you are my dear daughter-in-law, a friend, and a confidante too. Happy birthday.


Your arrival in our lives has fulfilled many of our wishes. You have granted our wish for grandchildren; you have fixed our son’s messy and careless ways, and you have given us love and pampered us more than any daughter-in-law could ever do. Wonderful bday!

We are proud of our son not only for his success and achievements but for choosing you to spend the rest of his life with; that, in itself, outranks all of his accomplishments. Best bday, our dear daughter-in-law.


Finally, I can officially write you a birthday card and call you my daughter-in-law in it! Welcome to the family, dear. Best bday!

Our son tends to worry us every time. He has a flair for trouble and bad decisions. Having you by his side eases us of that worry because we know that you will be by his side and guide him through the path he will take. We are fortunate to have you around! Wonderful bday, dear daughter-in-law.

If we have a natural daughter, we would want her to be like you; sweet as an angel, as gentle as a soft breeze on a summer day, and as beautiful as a blooming flower in spring. Happy birthday, our dear daughter-in-law.


How can you have such a big heart? You are willing to share your love to our son, our grandchildren, to us, your in-laws, and the entire family and friends as well. Best birthday, our sweet and generous daughter-in-law.

Our son lights up whenever he is talking about you when you are dating back then. No wonder that spark never left his eyes until now. Having a lovely and caring partner can only do that! A wonderful birthday, our daughter-in-law.

We find comfort and peace in knowing that someone can understand and completely accepts our son, no matter his quirky and dorky ways. Such a rare find you are! Happy bday, our daughter-in-law.

Happy bday, our daughter-in-law! Let us celebrate this special day with a great toast and the tastiest cake of your choice. We can take care of the kids while you and our son are away on a sweet date tonight. Have a blast today!


Dear daughter-in-law, we wish you success in your dreams and the fulfillment of your heart’s greatest desire as you have fulfilled ours. Wonderful birthday.

Life is not easy. Often, it is riddled with hardships that threaten to bring a person down to his knees. Remember, our dear sweet one, that you have your family and us, your in-laws, to back you up now. You have a whole army of people who love you dearly and whom you can draw strength from. Best birthday, our dear daughter-in-law.

Happy birthday wishes for daughter in law for Facebook

I hope your birthday is filled with much joy and blessing to the most amazing daughter-in-law that I could have ever been blessed with the most amazing daughter-in-law.

I hope your birthday is extraordinary because so are you to the best daughter-in-law in the world, much love.

I hope your special occasion is all you have imagined and much more. My sweet daughter-in-law, you deserve to have a fantastic birthday today and many more happy years to you.

To a daughter-in-law who has brought so much joy to our lives, what a blessing knowing you. I hope it is a beautiful day for you; happy birthday.

On this birthday occasion, I hope you take the time to do what makes you happy; you deserve much love and joy—all the best on this special day to you, my dear daughter-in-law.

To a daughter in law that is sweet, caring, and full of love. You are indeed an excellent addition to the family, and we wish you a happy birthday.

A daughter-in-law is such a blessing, and you have brought so much joy. May you be surrounded by much love and light on your birthday.

Dance the night away, try something new, forget your troubles, and blow out all of the candles. Happy birthday to a daughter in law that is more than I could have hoped to end up with. Blessings to you on this special day and may your years ahead be full of benefits too.

We wish you nothing but the best for your birthday today and the long future ahead. Happy birthday to an amazing daughter-in-law.

We see how happy you make our son, and we couldn’t ask for more. Love you always, and I hope your birthday is a beautiful occasion for you full of love and happiness.