The 65 Happy Birthday Princess Wishes

Birthdays are a special occasion and, of course, one of the most awaited occasions of each person every year.
Girls like celebrating; girls like it when you remember special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and it’s a plus if you remember some more dates like your first movie together, first kiss, and first date.

Girls are not hard to please; they will always appreciate your effort, whether big or small; what’s important to them is that you remembered and made them feel special.

Birthday Messages for Girls Who Loves to Party:

Hey, there! I heard it’s your Birthday. That means we are going to party hard tonight! Wishing you all the best, and I want you to will get us drunk tonight. Happy bday, baby girl!

I have been waiting for this one party every year. It’s Queen B’s Birthday, which means we will have the most extraordinary party of the year. A wonderful birthday, B! Wishing you lots of booze, boys, and gifts tonight.


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How is my favorite party girl? Are you ready for the most awaited event of the year? Put on your best party dress and make sure you wear your killer heels because tonight, not only we be looking so fab, but we will also party hard! Best Birthday, princess!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Hey party girl, are you ready to have the most fantastic night of your life? Get ready to party because we’ve prepared an awesome one for you. Wonderful bday princess! Love you!

I wish you all the vodka and margaritas in the world! There’s never a dull moment when you are around. Happy birthday, princess!

To the girl who fills our lives with joy and adventures, happiest Birthday to you! Don’t stop chasing your dreams, don’t stop being awesome. Have fun while you’re young, have fun while you still have the energy. I hope you have a wonderful day!

I am pretty sure you have tried on more than ten outfits for tonight’s party, right? Best bday, baby girl! Have lots of fun tonight; you have all the right to be happy today. Enjoy your day!

The 60 Happy Birthday Sister

What’s the plan for tonight? A couple of tequila? A night for a Netflix marathon? Whatever you want, I’m in because it’s your Birthday! Wishing you all the best this world could ever offer. I hope you enjoy your day!

Birthday Messages for Your Daughter:

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Best bday to the sweetest baby girl in the world. Life has been so much less awful since you came into our lives. I wish you all the happiness the world can offer, and I want you to grow up to be a fine young lady. You are a blessing to everybody, and I hope you continue to be. Enjoy your day. We love you so much, princess!

Your sweetest little thing is turning another year older today. I can’t believe it has been years since we welcome you into this world, and you have grown to be a beautiful, smart child. You are like a flower blooming prettier and prettier every day. Happy Birthday, princess! I hope all your dreams will come true. Love you!

I am having you as my baby is the best thing that ever happened to me. I cannot imagine myself as a parent, but you transformed us and made us more mature. Sometimes, I think I am more childish than you. But you grew up to be this beautiful, witty lady, so I guess I am not the worse parent in the world. Wonderful bday, sweet pea! I love you forever.

Carrying you in my tummy for nine months is not the easiest experience I have had, but it’s the greatest thing in the world. Giving birth to a wonderful baby princess like you is such a fantastic experience, and I will never regret any minute of it. On this very same day, I saw you for the first time, and I cried my heart out for joy. Best Birthday, angel! I love you forever and ever.

We are sending you warm hugs and kisses today. We may not be with you today; you are always in our hearts. You are a blessing to us, and I hope you continue to be a blessing to others: an excellent birthday, our dear angel. We love you, and we hope you’ll have a great day.


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I can’t believe you are a big girl now; it seems like yesterday when we first daw you all slimy and yucky. Kidding! We love you so much, baby girl. You are God’s blessing to me and your mom. You are our little treasure, and we wish you all the good things on your Birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie!

Birthday Messages for Your Mom:

To the most muscular woman I know, happy Birthday! I can’t imagine how much energy you have in your body to raise us and take care of dad. I cannot imagine how much patience you have for understanding us despite our stubbornness. I love you, mom. I wish you could live forever because I don’t ever want to lose you.

Happy bday to the coolest mom in the world! I am not the best son, but I was blessed with the best mom. Thanks for everything; I love you.

105 Funny Birthday Wishes

Everyone else is hurrying up to move out of their parent’s house and go to college, but not me. I do not know how it would feel about going home to a place without you welcoming me and asking how my day was. I know that time will come because, in a few months, I’ll be going off to college. But I want to tell you that I will always be your princess. Happy bday, mommy.

100 Happy Belated Birthday

If I can be just as half as strong as you are, I would already be proud of myself. You are the strongest person I know, mom. You taught us never to give up. I love you, mom. Wonderful Birthday! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love from everyone around you.


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Birthday Messages for Your Best Friend:

Hi girlfriend! What are you doing tonight besides staying home and watching a series on Netflix? Kidding! Best Birthday, best friend! I can’t wait to get you your present. It’s awesome but not as awesome as you, of course. Love you. X

The 60 Happy Birthday Girl

To my sister from another mother, happiest Birthday to you! I wish you the best years of your life, and I want more amazing adventures together. Life is so much easier when you are around. I hope I can put you into my pocket and bring you wherever I go. Love you!


You’re the only girl who is not annoying and the only girl I get along with. Thanks for a lot of adventures together. Let’s do more of that stuff again soon. Wonderful bday, dude!


You are the worst influence on me; I am surprised my mom does not hate you yet. Kidding! Best bday your! What’s our plan? Are we going to do fantastic stuff today, or are we having a boring dinner with the gang? Anyway, I hope you’ll have a great one.


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We aren’t just two nerdy teenagers anymore because you no longer are a teenager! I guess you’ll have to mature soon, and I get to enjoy the last few months of my teenage years. Kidding! Anyway, best bday to the greatest friend in the world.


Birthday Messages for Your Girl Friend:

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Happiest Birthday to the woman I love the most. In the few years that we have been together, you have been the best girlfriend I could ever wish for. I am blessed to have met a fantastic person like you. I love you more than anything.

Your smile energizes me to get through the day. Your embrace gives me the strength to overcome any challenge I face. We may not have the best love story, but we are perfect for each other; that’s all that matters. I love you, baby! I wish I have made you happy today like you always make me feel. Wonderful bday princess!


It’s ridiculous how much I fell in love with you, given the short time we are together. I could not be luckier than this. I love you so much, baby. I hope you’ll have the best Birthday today.

I could have gathered all the stars in the sky and wrapped them in the most beautiful gift wrapper if I could, but that’s nonsense because they can’t even be compared to how beautiful you are. I love you more than anything in this world, and I will never do anything to hurt you. Best Birthday, sexy princess. I can’t wait to see you.


Life has been more meaningful and more colorful since the day you sent a text to me accidentally. Since that day, I have believed in destiny, and I think we’re meant to be. I believe there’s nothing in this world that could break us apart because it’s the universe that brought us together. I love you, baby, and I wish you all the best. Wonderful birthday princess!

Birthday Messages for Your Wife:

You always tell the kids that I am the superhero, that I am superman. But you know what, that’s wrong because you are the one who has superpowers to take care of us, pursue your dream career, and be the best mom and wife. I love you, darling; we are blessed to have you. Happiest Birthday to you!


Through the years we’ve been together, you have always been understanding of my mistakes and failures. You never made me feel like I am not enough, and you always got my back. Thanks for all of that, honey. I love you so much, and I’ll make it a goal to be with you on all of your birthdays. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Every day, you wake up early and prepare everything you need. Waking up early is not an easy job; what more if you take care of a stubborn husband and energetic kids. The kids and I love you so much. I can’t imagine how my life would be if you were not my partner. Happy bday, darling! Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday my little Princess Quotes

Pretty in pink, all things glitter and stars, you have been my princess since the start, wishing you a Happy Birthday today!

You always loved the finer things; I knew you’d be a star from day one; happy Birthday to my princess.

Today is all about you, which I’m sure you are loving, Happy Birthday to my one and only princess.

Happy Birthday to my princess; I hope your day is as sparkly as you are!

My princess, my diva, you make my days bright and exciting; I hope this Birthday brings nothing but great memories for you.

You were never a tomboy; fishing just wasn’t for you, you preferred the finer things, and I know you still do; Happy Birthday to you, princess.

Fine dining, expensive and high-end things, those are all for you; happy Birthday, princess. I love you.


You’ve been my princess since the day you were born; Happy Birthday love, I hope you have a wonderful day.

I always wanted a boy. Instead, I got a princess, and I wouldn’t have it any other way; Happy Birthday, baby, I love you.

You always loved barbies and babies as a kid; I just knew you would grow up to be someone important; happy Birthday, the princess, have a spectacular day.

Happy Birthday, princess; I can’t wait to celebrate later with your pink birthday party. You deserve it!

You are the most caring person I know, always thinking of others, wishing you a Happy Birthday, princess.

Princess, today is your Birthday, and it is all about you! Whatever you want is what we can do; today is your day.