40 Birthday Wishes for Step Sister

If you never had someone to call a sister, then the next best person you can have is a step sister because obviously, she is your sister.
Forget all about that fairy tale stories where stepsisters are wicked and to be scared of. Those are not always true.
In fact your step sister may just be one of the best persons you will ever know in this life, and surely, she may even be your best friend.
Here is to that step sister who is selfless and has always been good to you, some quotes below might be the one you are looking for in order to properly greet her on her most important day.

I never thought we would be this close and now here we are, happy birthday step sister!

You are a very important addition to the family that we are in, thank you for staying, sis!

It was always fun whenever I am with you, I hope we have more memories together, girl.


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Have a great day today, enjoy your big day and just have all the fun that you can get, sis!

You loved me from the first time we saw each other and that matters to me, a whole lot, big sis!

Never have I wanted to have a sibling until you came into my life, happy birthday step sister!

You were considerate to me always and now I will be that to you, I hope you enjoy your day!

Your attitude has always been soft toward me and I want you to know that I appreciate that.

I thank God that there were no unwanted happenings that did when we first met, step-sis.

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Happy birthday step sister, you are one of the greatest blessings from God, I am grateful.

The Lord has brought the two of us together to stand for each other now and forever and ever.

I know just how kind and loving you are and that is more the reason I cannot ever hate you.

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Sis just relax today and enjoy your life to the fullest, it is one moment that changes a lot in you.

You are not really different from us all, we are of the same breeding and that is what I love.

Happy birthday step sister, I want you to know that you are worth much more than you think.

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There is that sort of familiarity from the first time we met and suddenly we clicked together.

Somehow the separation of my parents turned out to be a blessing all because you are here sis.

Destiny brought us together and we became who we are now because we were together, sister.

I hope we will never grow apart because I do not think my heart can take that, I love you, sis.

Never underestimate what you can do and what you can become, happy birthday step sister.

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You are more than a sibling to me, you are my best friend too, happy birthday step sister.

The fact that you are far away does not diminish what I feel for you, my sister, I miss you so!

I wish that you would get whatever it is you have wished for on this special day, my dear sister.

I do miss your presence ever since you have gone your own way to college, come back soon!

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There is not better sister than you in the whole wide world, happy birthday step sister.

What I do miss about you, step-sis is sharing the bed with you and looking at the stars above.

I want to remind you that I love you and that I will always be beside you whatever happens.

Without you, I bet life would be a whole lot more boring than today because you bring joy.


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Happy birthday step sister, I never knew the joy of living with another female until you came.

The pain you experience, comes to me as well so I just wish that you will always be happy.

Sis, never let anyone get you down from where you are now, you’ve worked hard to get there.

You and I will always be a unit, no one will ever get to break that apart, I promise you that.

You have contributed so much to my growth and I love you for it, happy birthday step sister.

Blood may call to blood but a bond such as sisterhood calls you to me and me to you, my sis!

I will share to you everything that I have, my deepest fears, my darkest secrets because I trust you.

Just seeing that you are happy actually makes me happy too and that is what sisterhood mean.

You were there on the lowest points of my life, supporting me still, happy birthday step sister.

I know that smile you put on your face when you are going to pull a prank on me sis, I know it.

The best thing about having you as my sister is I get to have a sis, a friend and family as well.


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You were my role model as I was growing up, you also shared my burdens with me, thanks, sis.

Happy birthday step sister, here is to never thinking that I am inferior to you and loving me.

I am glad that the bond between us is something that no one can severe, we are inseparable.

Let us create more memories together so that I have something to bring with me always, sis.

I have always wished for a sister and now that you are here, I cannot imagine a better life, sis.

Cheers to the miracle that you are & will always be to me, enjoy a happy birthday step sister!

Happy birthday step sister, I got on your nerves a lot of time but you were patient with me.

I think I might have underestimated you before and right now you have proved me wrong, sis.

I am just so proud of you and everything you have achieved and become, you deserve them all.

Those pranks were all meant to show how much I really do love you, I swear, enjoy this day!

I must have acted strange and yet you never hold that against me, happy birthday step sister!


Today is the big day for you, another phase of your life is here and I hope I am still part of it.

I promise that only love will exist between the two of us, no more jealousy nor hatred, ever.

You are beautiful and I am one of the people who will prove that to you, now and forever.

Thank you for sharing with me this day of yours that is full of happiness and pure joy and love.

I hope you have a happy birthday step sister because you are one of the best people I know.

You make me feel that I am pretty as well, that I can also become who I want to become soon.

I wish you all the best, that you may have the things that you deserve so much because I care.


You are totally that partner in crime that I have long been waiting for and here you are now!

Let us make all the things we can do and just have fun doing things we like the most, my sister.

Happy birthday step sister, I have wanted someone like you for a long time and here you are.

You are my buddy and partner, the one I will always reserve a seat for, one to look for always.

Younger for sure is what you are but it does not mean I love you, for me you are like my doll.

There is no one in this world that can replace you because the joy you bring just warms me up.

No more bitterness and negativity, for tonight I will only think about being friends with you.


There were a lot of hard times that we went through, you held me, happy birthday step sister!

I will accept you even at your worst days because that is what being a sis means in this world.

Never fear because I will hold your hand on the worst days of your life and never will I let go.


No longer will I waste any second I get to spend with you because I will treasure every second.

Now that we are grownups, I promise not to complicate our lives by starting more drama here.

Thank you for holding my hand when things got worse, I love you, happy birthday step sister!

Happy birthday step sister, thank you for pushing me when things got tough, I love you so!


I hope we can resolve everything that we had in the past and just live a happy life now, sis.

Enjoy your big day and let us top it off with the party of the century that I have made for you.

I promise that I will try not to make your life complicated as it once were, step sis, I love you!


Let us indulge and just have fun on your big day, let us keep on being happy together, sister.

Happy birthday step sister, you will always be the shining star for me, my inspiration, girl!

You are the best companion I ever had in my life, you were there for me even on my sad times.

A beautiful flower is what you are, something that I have spent days watering to blossom, sis.


A special day like yours deserves a gift and that is what I have for you, a party as a gift, sister.

Nothing will ever come between the two of us, that I am sure of, happy birthday step sister!

Thank you for making my life a whole lot better ever since you came into it, I care for you.

It was difficult to get along with you at first but now here we are, happy birthday step sister!

No one loved me the way you do and I cannot even think about it anymore, I miss you so much!

Let me tell you that there is not a day that I do not miss you sis, because that is what love is.