The 105 Birthday Wishes for Sister

A sister is a precious and luxurious gift of God. The relation of sister is always available to share top secrets.
The relation of sister is always there to share challenging mountains and enjoy surprising moments of life together.
The relation of sis always provides a shoulder to weep for lost love or to hug at happy moments. The birthday of my sister is an event to tell her how much favorite she is for you.
You can make your sister’s birthday special by wishing her with traditional brunch, mimosas, buying her favorite color dress so that she looks gorgeous on her birthday.
Feelings are always needs words to express truly, so, word quotes for sister to appreciate her for birthday are.

A brunch of birthday wishes for a sister who told me that best wearing accessory is glittery underwear. Happy Bday my dear sis!

Wonderful birthday to you my dear Jew, you are more beautiful than red roses and blue violets for me.


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A very best birthday to my sis from across the continents, A very warm wishes for my dear sister, Happy birthday!

A very warm wonderful bday to my big sister. You are the hottest cougar I know, Happy birthday my dear sis!

Wishing you all the best things today for you sister. May your all wishes come true, Best Bday my little sis!

Your birthday is one more excuse to have a party whole night. Let’s make fun and celebrate your birthday like it will never come tomorrow. Have a best bday sis!

I am your biggest fan with greetings on your birthday. You are always my most favourite and # 1 rock star ever. Wonderful bday my ideal sis!

Wishing you a day with cakes, candles, balloons and presents for your birthday. Birthdays my sis!

My dear sis, you are my favorite girl to laugh and fight with. Let’s forget each and every thing on your birthday and celebrate it like a day to never end. Best birthday to you.

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Happy birthday day to you my baby sis, you are the most gorgeous baby I ever know.

I believe that you will have a beautiful life full of happiness and joy on this special day of your birthday, my sister.

Wonderful birthday to you my loving sister, you are the most delightful person in my life.

100 Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Happy Birthday Sister in Law

This great special day reminds me of our exhilarating childhood memories, happy birthday sister.

Wishing you memorable day full of joy, and fun my little sister.

I am watching you between the stars on your birthday, wishing you lots of wishes equal to stars on the sky. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Bday to you my dear sister. You are the only girl I know looking princess in pink dress. Have a happy and successful day of the next year of your life. Birthdays!


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Birthdays come and go in life. The most important thing about your birthday is having a sister like you. No one has such a nice sister on this earth as I am. Happy birthday my sis!

The years come and go in life for never to come again. The starting day of life year is your birthday. I hope this year would be full of joy and happiness than last years of life. My Dear little sis, Happy Bday to you!

Wonderful birthday my little sis, I hope you like the present of your birthday I bought for you. Have a joyous year!

Dear sis, Lets enjoy every moment of your birthday together to make it special for you. Happy Birthday to you!

Your birthday is a day of pleasure and joy, because it is made only for you. You are the star on the sky to shine for tonight, Best Birthday my baby sis!

Wonderful bday my dear sis, let’s celebrate your birthday with night party and naked dance.

Have a best bday with cakes, salad and noodles. I am in hurry and hungry to celebrate your birthday my sis!

My dear sis, have a great next year of your life with great adventure and impulsive surprises. Best Bday!

My dear sis, your presence is always like a rainbow in storms of life. I am feeling blessed to have a sister like you. Wonderful bday to you.


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My dear sis, I want to spend whole night with you on your birthday to make it special for you. Let’s celebrate it with cakes, snacks and drinks and naked dance to make it memorable for you. Birthdays!

Best birthday my amazing sister, you always make life complete.

You deserve the best on this particular day because you mean so much to me sister.

Wishing you a great birthday, with lots of fun and happiness my sweet sister.

My most sincere birthday wishes to a sister that makes my life exceptional and worthy living.

Dear sis, let’s make your birthday a special day for whole life with cake and fun. It will make your day memorable for whole life. Happy Birthday!

Wonderful Birthday to my stylish and rocking sister I know ever. You are a sister be proud of you.

My dear sis, your presence is just like chocolates and sweets. Have a happy bday to you.

Dear sis, you are a shining star of our family. I hope your shine will never die in life. Have a new year of life for your dreams to come true. Happy bday to you.

My dear sis, you are the true sis in world I have. I am lucky enough to have sister like you. Wonderful Birthday to you!


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My dear sister, I hope you will feel better to be old enough to pass by one year of your life and have one more new year of life to fulfill all your targets of life. Have a best Birthday to you.

Dear sis, let’s change the old jeans on the day of your birthday. Wonderful bday to you!

Dear sister thanks to be part of my life with greatest inspiration. Have a joyous day of your birthday. I love you!

My little sis, you are just an angel for me to spend a great time together. Have a fun on your birthday. Best Bday to you!


Flowers, balloons, smells and cake are not enough to express my feelings for you on your birthday. My little sister, I love you and Best Bday to you!

A sister is a great gift from God in life. I want to say thanks to God on your birthday for having such a nice sis in my life. I have lots of love and appreciation in my heart to share with you. Wonderful bday to you!

I consider myself a content person for having such a great sister celebrating her special day today.

Special wishes to my great sister that makes my life splendid and so exhilarating.

May all your birthday wishes, dream and hopes come true sister.

I wish you the best on this special day and a life full of love, joy, and well-being.


A sister, no matter younger or older is the best friend in life ever has. Thanks to God to award me such a nice sis and friend on this day of your birthday. Happy birthday my dear and lovely sis!

Friends come in life to go after spending time together, a sister is the best friend to stay in life forever. May my sister live long, Happy Birthday to you.


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If the entire world goes against you, there is a person who never goes against you and hurt you. This person is called sister. Thanks to Allah for having such a nice sister in life for me. Happy Birthday to you my little sis!

My sister is the only woman on this earth to have my top secrets of life. My dear sis thanks to stay faithful with me for whole life. Best birthday my lovely sis!

Sisters are source of pleasure and happiness stay together for whole life. Today is the only reason of happiness is your birthday. I love to fight with you for little things and laugh for stupid things. Wonderful Birthday to you!


The greatest, grooviest and coolest sister I have, let’s make your birthday special moments of life. Happy Bday to you!

My heart is bigger and full of love for you my sis. I love you more than anyone in my life. Have a joyous birthday together. Happy Bday!

My sis is the most important person in my life despite of our arguments and differences. I love you and wonderful birthday to you!

My dear sister, I love you more than your imagination. You can take whatever you want on your special day of birthday. But, nothing is more precious in this world than my love for you. Best Birthday to you!

I am feeling myself to be lucky enough for having such a nicest, smartest, funniest and happiest sis in this world. Have lots of fun on your birthday together, wonderful bday my sis!

Surely, family and friends are different from each other to keep at distance, my dear sis, you are my family as well as my sister. You are the best sister and friend I ever have. I love you more than your imagination. Best Bday to you!

Sisters are invented to be dominant and ineffective. But you are none of these categories. You are amazing and just well for me. I am happy to have a sis like you. Best bday my sis!

My sis, I would never express my feelings of love for you in words but actions. I have baked your birthday cake for you by myself to appreciate you on your birthday. You are important to me like sun for this world. Dear sis, I love you and wonderful bday to you!

I hope that this special day brings you a lot of great moments in your life sister.


I hope this birthday brings joy, health, and luck to your door the whole of next year.

Best birthday, sister, this is a special day that we should all celebrate and take our minds back to the sweet memories of us together.


My sis, you are the person who know me from inside and outside that’s shows closeness and strength of our relation. Thanks to God for such a nice sister. Wonderful Birthday, sis!

Check these 100 Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

Its me, who is going to celebrate your birthday in a big way to appreciate you. Since, it’s your special day of your birthday. Lets party tonight in a way there is no tomorrow. Happy Bday to my coolest sis. May you live long !

Having a sister like you is a reason of my happy childhood fun memories. Thank you for all the things you made for such a nice memories and fun moments. My sis, Happy Bday to you!


My dear sis, let’s make a promise with each other on your birthday that we will always look out for each other. Wonderful Birthday my nicest sis!

My sis, I want to wish lifetime joy, prosperity and wonder on your day to taking birth. These are my wishes only for you on my birthday and every day of life. Happy Birthday my sis!


My little sis, the day you were born, you were just a cause or irritation for me. You were following me in every work of life. Now, we are elder enough to love and spend time together. Now, I don’t like you to follow me, I like you as my companion. Happy Birthday my little angel!

On the day of your birthday, I am saying thanks to stand with me for whole life. Thanks for your true guidance and inspiration in every step of life. Thanks to help me in my hurdles to overcome in every way of life. Wishing you a best birthday my sis!