The 105 Happy Birthday Little Brother

Little Brothers are treasures.
May you be children or well into adulthood; he will always be that obnoxious sweet little boy you knew.
You either love them or hate them; they will always be a part of your life.
Here are some quotes to inspire and help you in celebrating his special day.

You may get on my nerves, but now that you’re older, you can at least make up for it. Happy Bday, baby bro!

Growing up with you was one of the best things that happened to my life. Thanks for being in it. Happy Birthday!

You were an obnoxious brat, and your smile let you get away with murder. Still the same but older! Wonderful Birthday!

To my default playmate and best friend. Best Birthday, baby brother!

To the baby that made my heartbeat . . . every time he got into an accident because Mom would always blame me, Wonderful Bday little brother!


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Special wishes to our special little boy, Best Bday!

To my partner in crime, the accomplice to a great childhood, thanks for having my back. Best Bday, little bro.

My little brother is now huge; though you may be tall, you will always be little. Have a blast on your Birthday!

I am sending you my good vibes, lil’ bro. Have jamming candles and cakes!

I have to declare that you are the favourite of the family, especially in my heart. Much love, baby bro!

Thank you for being born just in time to save my childhood. To all the good times, little brother, Wonderful Bday!

It probably wasn’t easy being the baby in this family, but I hope we didn’t scar you for life. Happy candles and cakes, brother!

Growing up is such a surprise as it was only yesterday you were in diapers, baby brother. Best Birthday!

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Growing up, you were always a good child. I’m glad there was one of us! Thanks for being the yang to my yin, little brother. Wonderful Birthday!

On your special day of birth, we want to thank the young man who will always be our baby.

The 100 Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

We are so proud of you and what you’ve become, little brother. We used to look down on you before, and even though you may be little to us, we look up to you now. Happy Birthday!

I have the best younger brother in the world, and nobody can say otherwise. Happy Bday!

It’s strange to have the same childhood, but at the same time watching you grow up. It’s been a privilege to see our little boy finally becoming a man. Happy Bday!

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You’re supposed to find younger brothers irritating, and I did, but you weren’t so bad. Wonderful Birthday, little rascal!

So far, you’re turning out to be one swell kid. Happy Birthday, little brother!

When you open your presents today, know that I got you what you wanted because you’re my favourite in the family and the only sibling I have. Happy Birthday!


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You are precious to me, for my childhood would not have been as fun without you. Happy Birthday to my default playmate!

On your Birthday, you deserve the very best. Why? Because you bring out the best in us, little brother.

To my fun-loving baby brother, here are some balloons and candles to help celebrate your Birthday. May they be popped and blown! Happy Birthday!

To my favourite little brother (and that’s because you’re the only one!) Happy Cakes and balloons day!

I’m not sure how to impart words of wisdom to my little brother, but always make sure your underwear is clean. That’s what mom always says. Wonderful Birthday!

We used to fight a lot, mainly because you continuously followed me around and went through my stuff. In retrospect, thanks for looking up to me growing up. As grownups, I now look up to you. To many more years, have a Happy Bday, little brother!

We call you little, but your heart is enormous. Best Birthday, baby brother!


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Growing up is inevitable, but you will always be that dirty child playing in the mud and making a mess in your hearts. Don’t worry; we still think you’re cute. Wonderful Bday, baby brother!

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To the best younger brother in the world, may you grow up to do whatever you decide to be? Best Bday!

My dear little brother, you are a treasure, and your greatness should be displayed to the world. Shine on, birthday boy!


The memory of our childhood will always be kept in my heart, and even though you’re a tall man now, I’ll always look at you as a small boy forever. Best Bday!


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I know you see life as a great adventure, little bro. Here’s to having a ship sail on and a crew follow you; remember, we always have your back. Wonderful Bday!


There are no sure wins in this life, and there is always a risk of losing, but keep on dribbling that ball and playing the game, lil’ bro. I’m sure you will win the trophy. Best Birthday!

How did a baby suddenly become a man? Time flies so fast I couldn’t catch it. All I know is, I’m glad to be by your side as it passes. Happy Bday, little brother.


The memory of your childhood will always give my heart warmth even when we’ll both be in our 90s. To my forever little brother, you’ll always have a special place in my life. Wonderful Birthday!

When we are together, we are free and wild children again. I love you, baby brother. Have a Best Birthday!


You were an annoying brat, but you were my annoying brat, and you’ll always be special to me. Wonderful Bday, baby brother!


I didn’t mean to spoil you, but I couldn’t resist that cutie smile. You’re an adult now, but I still think of you as a baby, brother. Best Bday!

When Mom and Dad brought you home for the first time, I knew you’d be my best friend. Thanks for being the best younger brother ever. Have a Best Bday!


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The unique little boy would track mud into the house and draw on the walls with crayons. We thought it was cute even though it got annoying, so we were very happy that you turned out to be an excellent young man. Have a Great Birthday; it’s on us!


You always followed me around like a bit of puppy, and you know I could never resist spoiling you. Wonderful Bday, Baby Boy!


This is a special birthday because you are now officially a grownup, even though I know you are the same little boy I always knew. Best Birthday, Baby Bro!

I wish you all the joy in the world on not just this one particular day but throughout your special life. Wonderful Birthday to my favourite little brother, and not just because you’re the only one!

If I could pick a brother, I would choose you. Good thing you turned out just the way I imagined a baby brother to be. Happy Bday, little big dude!

To the best of baby brothers, Happy Bday!

When we were kids, you were tiny, and now you just grew up to be a tree! To big little brother, Happy Birthday!

You know we don’t have to say it, but we’ll say it anyway, you are our favourite baby brother! Happy Special Birthday!

I thought our parents would love me less when you were born, but when I saw you, my heart melted, and you’re the whole family’s favourite, especially mine. Happy Birthday my dear baby brother!

I always wished for a baby brother, and when I got one, I was so happy that it was you. Have a Special Birthday!

I was wishing my younger brother a Wonderful Birthday! Thanks for being there always.

Now that you are a little bit older, I hope you’re wiser and finally learn how to flush the toilet. Oh, little brother, you give me joy. Best Birthday!

Cheers to the hardiest, most solid little brother. You have weathered a lot of things, and I was right there with you. Wonderful Bday!

In this crazy world, it’s best to have crazy little brothers. It’s fantastic because I happen to be related to the best one. Best Bday!

To my favourite spoiled brat, I love you lil’ bro. Happy Birthday!

You have been the person who has been there to support me when I needed courage. Thanks for your strength, and have a Best Bday, little brother!

You gave me such an insight into children that now that I am raising my own, I know they’ll turn out great Thanks for being my little experiment, little brother. I’ll be forever grateful for you being born into this world years after was. Happy Birthday!

I wish you all the things you want for your Birthday. And I bet it starts with a B and ends with urgers. To my meat-loving baby brother, Wonderful Bday!

To the baby boy who is now a man, how did you grow up so fast? And how did I get so old? Here’s to another year, brother dear. Best Birthday!

I hope as each second passes, you are a second closer to your hopes and dreams. I am wishing you all the good things, baby brother. Wonderful Birthday!

It feels weird looking at you as an adult and treating you like you were still five. Time flies, but my memories of our childhood will forever be golden. Happy Bday, baby brother!

Life passes by so quickly that our family baby boy is now a man. But still, you are our baby, baby bro. Happy Birthday!

All trees start small but you, dear baby brother, happen to be a redwood. Keep growing, stay strong and tall. Happy Bday!

I feel that time had suddenly moved without me knowing, and my baby brother has suddenly become a man. Here’s to wisdom hopefully coming with age. Wonderful Birthday, Brother!

In the time it took to help raise you, I, too, have grown. Thank you for the wisdom I have learned from you and the life lessons I shall never forget. Best Birthday, Little Brother.

Birthday sayings for my little brother

Happy Birthday to my extra tall little brother, no longer negligible in height. The good thing about my shortness is that I could not take any money out of my wallet!

Happy Birthday little brother; I cannot believe I can still call you little at our ages!

Happy Birthday little brother; I will not write in your age as I reached this landmark age before you did!

Well, now you are 40; happy Birthday, little brother; you can set the clock back to zero like I did a couple of years ago.

Now you are 18, you will need to act like a fully responsible adult; in other words, do the exact opposite of me! But first, it is time to go down to the pub.

Happy Birthday little brother.

Now you have reached a half-century, you should start to act dignified, yet why does the habit of a life change? Anyway, happy birthday little brother – 50 years young today!

Now you have reached retirement age, happy birthday, little brother. You could now decide to grow old gracefully, just like I did not!

Well, you were probably hoping for a card stuffed with cash for your 21st Birthday; well, it is not in this card—happy Birthday, little brother.

You have almost caught me up; enjoy your day and the big chocolate cake someone else has made you. No candles, though, as it would be a fire hazard! Happy Birthday little brother.

You know that people say that age is just a number once they have got to your age, and it is always worse when there is a zero at the end of it—happy Birthday, little brother.

Now your hair has gone and the kids have left home, put your feet up and enjoy the quiet, happy birthday, little brother.