Happy Birthday Wishes for Step Dad

Though he may not be your dad by blood, he is the one who has been there for you, acting like a real father would, so it is imperative not to forget when the time comes that you should not forget to send him your greetings.
As your stepdad is a critical man in your life, he deserves to have a great birthday party and to be greeted by his stepchildren as well.
Here are some quotes that will help you do just that: send him the message that you love him and wish him all the best in life.

Happy birthday, stepdad, thank you for being there for me. What would I do without you here?

Safe is what I felt, knowing that you are always there to protect and guard me, my stepfather.

You are a blessing to us, and I would not have it any other way; I will forever be thankful, dad.


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I want to appreciate you for always putting a smile on my mom’s face after a long time.

It has been quite a while since I saw my mother happy, and I love you for that, my dear father.

I had a blast because you let me have all the fun, so I hope you have a happy birthday, stepdad.

You may not be my birth father, but you have been my hero and role model since day one, really.

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There is a special place here in my heart for you because you cared for me; I love you, daddy.

Stepfather, this is a special day for you, and I am happy to have the chance to be with you.

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Today, I am lucky enough to share with you the day you were born; keep being happy, father.

I will forever celebrate every single occasion with you because I love you; happy birthday, stepdad!

When you came into our lives, stepfather, you brought stability and direction that I love.

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For all the things that you have given to us or done for us, I want to thank you, for that.

For supporting me in the things that I partake in, I just want to say that I adore you, always.

You saved our family from the frustrations of life especially my mother and I love you for it.

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Happy birthday step dad, you mean a lot to me so I hope you can just have fun on this day.

You are more than just a step father to me, you are the real hero for me, the one I call daddy.

I will never be ashamed to call you daddy because you are practically the one who raised me.

Any man can see that you are more of a father than my real father ever was to me, daddy.

Thank you for always standing up for me when other children used to bully me back then, dad.

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You deserve far more than you have and I am a testament to that, happy birthday step dad!

Have fun on this day of yours and thank you for never looking down on me, I really love you.

You make my life as simple as you can and that is something I will always be grateful for, dad.

You adopted me into your family and gave me all I needed, something only a kind man would.

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I wish that your character would be embraced by all fathers out there, you deserve an award.

I wonder what I would have become if you were not there to guide me happy birthday step dad!

May your big day be great and that you get all of the fun that you can get from it, happy bday!

If everything goes as well as planned, I bet I would get you knocked off your feet, step father.


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Take care of your bladder and kidneys; I know you will most likely drink a whole lot today!

Happy birthday step dad, thank you for completing my life & showing me what I am missing.

What you are is more than a real father to me, that is the truth of it, I’m proud to call you dad.

You are here and because of that, life has been a whole lot easier, enjoy your big day, daddy.

Thank you for being the rare gem in my life as standing as my support, you deserve this day.

You are more amazing than spidey ever was so I say hurrah to you and just love your birthday!

May you live longer than just how many years you are supposed to, happy birthday step dad.

Nothing but the best is what you deserve for everything that you have provided us, step father.

I respect you for having raised us to be the way we are now and I just want you to be happy.

You never made me feel out of place and that is one of the reasons that I adore you so much.


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Happy birthday step dad, you took us when we had no one else to go to and for that I love you.

I want to be just like you when I grow up, step father because you showed me real fatherhood.

When I lost everything that was mine, you salvage what was left and helped me build it back.

My daddy died but you comforted me and helped me adjust, I am forever in your debt, dad.

You really are a caring person, far different from what I first thought, happy birthday step dad!


Wisdom comes naturally to you from your adventures and experiences, thank you step-father.

Bravery is what you’ve shown me when you gave our family a try, I’m glad we love each other.

You are like a replica of my real father and that matters to me, really, happy birthday step dad!

Our family worked out fine because you were there to guide and help us enjoy your day daddy.

As you keep on growing older, I wish that you would also get happier, this is your special day.

I did not believe having a stepfather would make everything okay but it turned out better.

I thank God for every moment that you have proven to us that you are worth everything daddy.


Thank you for being my father, you are the person I love the most, happy birthday step dad.

I was surprised that I also made a friend out of you besides becoming my father, I love you.

Patience and perseverance has worked out greatly for you, we are now in par with each other.

Who knew that having a stepfather would make me this happy, thank you for coming in my life.

You cared for me and my siblings and that already says so much about you enjoy your big day.

You treat me like a real man, like someone to be trusted, thank you, happy birthday step dad.

May you keep on loving us though we tend to be messy and annoying most of the times, father.


When mom said you were different, I did not believe her, and now you’ve proven me wrong.

Thank you for giving me a reason to smile, I do wish that you have a happy birthday step dad.

This day should be all about you, stepfather because this is your special day, you were born.

From the bottom of my heart, I am proud of you because you raised me to be who I am today.

I will promise all my Sundays to you, we will go out and have some son to son bonding time.

You are a great man and I promise that I will always honor you, happy birthday step dad.

I will try my best to make this birthday of yours something that you will never forget, daddy.


You did not just fulfill your duty but gave me overflowing love and I thank you for that, father.

Happy birthday step dad, this day is something that I will keep on dedicating to you, forever.

May you keep on being healthy so we can spend more time together because I would love that.

You became my strength when all I wanted was to give up, you supported and cheered me on.

Happy birthday step dad, sir, I wish that you will have a splendid celebration of this day.

You told me that what matters is not when I finish but how I finish and that marked on me.

Happy birthday step dad, I have always longed for a person like you, and here you are now.


I respect you and the things you believe in because I care for you and also because I love you.

I am proud of the bond that we have it is something I will never be ashamed of no matter what.

Though I may never have properly expressed my feelings for you, I admire and respect you.


For all the love and all the support that you gave me I wish you a happy birthday step dad.

You always are the one to step on your pride just to resolve anything between us thanks daddy.

On your first day of rest, let us hang out more and just have some outdoor fun, like camping.

I miss how we used to be together all the time because now we do not see each other often.


You will always be the man that I will look up to in this life of mine, happy birthday step dad.

The type of man that knows what he is doing, that is what I like to say about you, my father.

If there is one reason to love this life, it is that you make me feel like a princess, thanks daddy.

Of all the person that came into my life, yours is the one whom prints I have in my personality.

Just have the best celebration and enjoy it, have a blast, happy birthday step dad, have fun!

Happy birthday step dad, thank you for being a protector to me, and a friend to my dear mom.