Happy Birthday Soul Sister Wishes and Quotes

Some people do not get the luxury of having a sister in their life and growing up as an only child or with brothers, but there is something about having a sister that makes life so much more colorful.
In line with that, each person has another half, their soulmate. Still, it also applies to sisters, you can find your soul sister in a person, someone who understands you without having to say a single word, someone who makes you be a better version of yourself, someone you can rely on, a soul sister is all of that.
When you find that person, do not let her go. Here are some birthday wishes for your soul sister that you can use to greet her on her birthday.

Happy birthday soul sister, the moment I first saw you, I knew we would click together.

I have longed to call someone a sister ever since, and having you around does it, you know.

To almost my sister, my dear soulmate, you are beautiful. Happy birthday!


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You have the wildest imagination and believe me when I say that I love you for that as well.

There is something about your smile that is super contagious, sister. Enjoy your big day!

You may not know how precious you are, for you are humble and kind; enjoy your day!

Blessings come to good people, so I know blessings would knock on your door today!

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Up ahead, there are more surprises for you waiting to be unlocked; enjoy your birthday!

From a fantastic person to another, I wish you all the best on this birthday of yours, dear.

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Happy birthday to you, the one who has been with me through every turn of my life, my sis.

There isn’t much I can tell you, but I know you will get to where you wanted to be in life.

Challenges will never leave you because it knows you will face them all head-on, my sister.

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You are critical to me so enjoy your birthday and know that you are always loved.

I still think that you are perfect, that you get to learn from the mistakes you have made.

I wish I could lift your spirits and make you laugh like you do to me, enjoy this day!

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For always being my protector against those mean girls, I want to thank you for all of it.

There is not much to tell you except that I love you; I hope you have a great birthday!

No matter what people say, I will accept you always, my dear; happy birthday, soul sister.

I bet there is not much better than you in this world, and you are my sister by heart and soul.

You are practically the most beautiful sister I know; soul and spirit connect us.

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Someday, I wish that I could be just like you: striking and beautiful, and determined.

I rest my case; no one can tell me that you are not a fantastic sister, whoever I get to ask.

You, my sisters, are my inspiration and role model; I wish you all the best in your life.

It amazes me how much you know about life; thank you for teaching me just that, sister.

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I do not always get the chance to tell you I appreciate you, but today is a good reason to.

Happy birthday, soul sister; no matter what we go through, I will always be loving you for you.

I would not get to be here if I did not have someone who supported me like a sister; thank you!

Out of all my blood sisters, you are my favorite though we are not connected by blood at all.


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I am still looking forward to more days to spend with you; you are my sister by soul, indeed.

You are my sister through and through no matter what life decides to do with the two of us.

In life, you need a best friend by your side, and I am lucky I have a best friend and sister in one.

I promise that nothing will ever come between the two of us, happy birthday, soul sister!

You may not realize how grateful I am that you consider me as your sister. Enjoy your big day.

Not a single day is sad when I have a sister like you by my side, though not really by blood.

I appreciate you, even more, each day because you have chosen to stay by my side forever, sis.

So here I am telling you I would prefer your company over a million of my friends, honestly.

Let us keep on making memories to remember and keep moving forward with our lives, sis!

You go girl, you make every single day amazing and I cannot even catch up to you some days.

I just want to tell you that I love you more than any pizza in the world, and that is a lot!


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I am just wishing that you may have a fantastic birthday and that you are happy, enjoy today!

Happy birthday soul sister, I feel so lucky because I met you on the moment I needed you most.

You may be a whole lot younger than me but you have taught me well, happy birthday to you!


Life may be short but with you by my side, I can definitely work around it being that way.

No one can ever be as pretty as you are, not as long as I am around to tell everyone else.

I wish that you get a chance to blow some candles and take a break on your birthday, sister.

You are the sweetest girl around and I am sure your friends now that, truly you are my sister.

I am just so happy that we are sisters even just by soul, it means I have someone on my side.

I never thought I could grow up with a sister like you, I think you are truly a big blessing ever.


What are we but best of friends, partners in crime and sisters, you are awesome and I love it.

Cheers to you, my friend, my sister, my best buddy, the one who has always carried me.

I want to tell you that I want you to enjoy your life as much as I enjoy mine, you can do that.


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I thought I was crazy until I met you and found someone with the same level of craziness, love.

For all the secrets that you have kept for me, I have nothing to say but thank you for all of that.

You are practically the queen of all the sisters I have met in life, happy birthday soul sister.


I have you to look up to and that is enough to keep me going, happy birthday soul sister.

No matter what life tries to throw at me, I know you will be there, happy birthday soul sister.

Thank you sister for all those nights that we stayed up and made each other laugh enough.

I am just so happy that I get to be with you for this special day in your life, stay happy.

I am just as proud of your accomplishments as you are as well, I hope you get to enjoy today.

We may be opposites but we complete each other’s souls and I am happy just because of that.


You have brought so many things in my life that I never would have known without you, sis.

To the sister who cheered me on when I am so down, I do not even know what to tell you, dear.

You get more awesome as you grow up because you get to know yourself better than ever.

You are everything I have ever asked for and more, happy birthday soul sister, I love you so.

Whatever life may bring us, I will stand by your side always, happy birthday soul sister!

As different as we are from each other, it seems that we still get each other so much, sis!


I wish you all the best, I hope what you wished on that candle actually came true, my sister.

No matter what other people tell us, you will always be my sister by soul and by heart.

Among the billions of people in this world, I found you and that is enough to get me by, sis.


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Happy birthday soul sister, I pray that you get to have the things that you truly desire in life.

You are the best girl any guy can ever have in his life, happy birthday soul sister, enjoy today.

When the world fall apart, know that I will always be there for you, because we are sisters.


I cannot even find the words to tell you how important you are to me, happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday soul sister, we will never be apart from each other in heart and in spirit.

Happy birthday to you, my dear sister, I will fly for miles just to be by your side all the time.

There is no one better in this world than you, I am proud that you consider me a sister to you.

Grab the opportunities as they come your way and I am sure that you will be okay, my sister.

Enjoy your birthday and know that the best is yet to come, my dear sister, we are one by soul.

We had been apart for a long time and yet here we are, connecting, happy birthday dear sis.

You were there during my difficult times and I promise to be there for you just the same, sis.


Again we meet and the years fall behind us when we do, happy birthday to you, my sister!

I know just how beautiful you are both inside and out, I wish you luck, happy birthday to you!

I hope that this year of yours will bring you happiness and fulfillment, happy birthday, sister!

My world has become so much brighter with you by my side, thank you my dear sister!