Happy Birthday September

September is the start of the most awaited BER months for Christmas is about to come.
For some this is the start of early Christmas shopping and early gift giving.
But for September babies, this is the month they’ve all waiting for.
Birthday comes only once a year so it is very special to the celebrants.
To help you make their day extra special, here’s are the Happy birthday September wishes and messages.

Day one of September, everyone gets busy shopping. Me? I am busy planning your birthday.

Happy birthday to the sweetest person I ever known! May you live for more hundred years.

I never thought September would be happy and memorable like this. Happy birthday dear!


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Let’s welcome September! Say hello to cold breeze and happy birthday to our dear friend.

Happy birthday September! This day would be the warmest for it is full of hugs and kisses.

How could we forget September? This is the month you were born and likewise your name.

100 Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the coolest guy in earth. May you share your awesomeness to everyone.

September babies are said to be the most romantic- well you are living evidence. Make a wish.

Happy birthday September! May this day be your best of all and the happiest!

The cold air starts to blow but this room is warm for it is filled with love. Happy birthday!

In September, the leaves start to fall and die but you make everything lively and fine.

Let’s celebrate your day with a bang! Let’s party all night until we can’t. Happy birthday.

Sending you a warm hug and kisses for your special day. Happy birthday September!

This month is much special than Christmas day for this is the time you were given to us.

Happy 13th Birthday

I really can’t contain my happiness right now. For I am here, celebrating your day with you.

Happy birthday September! May your life be cool and unique as your name. Make a wish!

Happiest birthday to my best friend! May you enjoy this day as much as you want to.

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Your birthday is the best day in the month of September- I can’t wait for another year.

Happy birthday to the best friend of all but only one in our hearts. We love you.

On your birthday, may your heart filled with happiness and content for you earned them.

100+ Happy Birthday Boo Wishes

I want you to know that I feel lucky that I am with you on your special day. Happy birthday!

You have always a place in my heart and no one can stole it. Happy birthday September!

May all the best things come to your life for you really deserve them. Happy birthday to you.

As the September wind blows on my face, I remember you- Happy birthday September!

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The month of September is the most special of all. For this is the time I could see you again.

Have a good laugh, enjoy each moments and cherish them. Happy birthday September dear.

On this day, I wish you could create beautiful memories with your friends and love ones.

I won’t forget this day for this is the day you came to our lives and give us so much joy.


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You are the best blessing I ever have. May you continue to be a blessing to everyone.

Have a happy blast dear! I wish you more laughs and love. More candles to come.

Happy birthday September! May you have the happiest and grandest birthday ever!

Your birthday is what I always look forward to. For it makes everyone united and happy.

I swear in front of this crowd that I will make your days happy. Happy birthday love.

Happy birthday September! Let’s make your birthday extra special and unforgettable.

Being with you every day, makes my soul rich and free. Wishing you a happy birthday!

Everything you touched turns to bloom and red. That’s how your charm works. Make a wish.

Because of you, my life becomes better and my heart becomes alive. Happy birthday Honey.

I gladly welcome September especially this is your birth month. Let’s make memories.

Have a good time my friend for this is a month long celebration. Happy birthday September.


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They say flowers don’t bloom in September. But why are you so blooming right ow?

There are two events that are very special in my heart- CHRISTMAS and your BIRTHDAY!

Christmas is fast approaching but wait we have to celebrate you day first! Happy birthday.

As I woke up this morning, I already feel the cold in my feet. But I have to go up for your day.

I can’t wait for next year’s September for I want to see how much you’ve grown.

Happy birthday September! May you have a blessed and abundant year! Blow your candles.

This day is all about you, may you enjoy this moment and every bit of it. Happy birthday!

For your birthday, let’s take a toast! Don’t be afraid to get drunk for it is only once a year.

On this day, may you have several happy returns and blissful day. Happy birthday September.

This September morning is different from other mornings-for this is the day you were born.


Let’s jump for joy for this beautiful lady who let us gather for her important day.

Let’s dance until our knees can’t able to, let’s sing until our throat aches! Happy birthday!

You will always be our sunshine, our princess and our angel. Happy birthday September.

For your birthday, I bought all your favorites. Sorry love for ruining your diet. Happy eating!

You are a sweet girl since you were born. I hope it will stay forever. Happy birthday dearest.

Happy birthday to my ever loving and caring friend. May this day be your happiest.

Does my gift already reach you? If not, here’s my hug and kisses. Happy birthday friend.


No gifts could ever compare to you for you are more special than them. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday September! May you have a good and amazing birthday blast.

Let yourself get crazy and get wild for this day is only once a year. Happy birthday dear.

Birthdays only come once a year so let’s celebrate this day to the fullest. Happy birthday!

Let’s give a toast to the man who make this day possible. CHEERS! Happy birthday!

Words are not enough to wish you a happy birthday. May you have a wonderful party.

Happy birthday to my friend who is always there for my good and bad times. I love you.


Let’s celebrate this day like there is no tomorrow, like we will not get tired. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday September! Always remember that I am always at your back.

When you fall let me laugh first but don’t worry I’ll help you after. Happy birthday bestie.

Happy birthday to the best person in the whole world. May you achieved all your dreams.

Say cheers to this another year of your life. Let’s welcome this day with a bang!

My friend, this is the right time to make a noise, eat all we can and drink until we get drunk.

On your special day, allow us to sing a happy birthday song even though we are out of tune.


May you remember this day with a smile and may your heart filled with happy moments.

As you celebrate your birthday, I also celebrate our friendship. Happy friendship day dear.

Have a happy and joy-filled birthday! Let’s filled our hearts with laughter and smile.

True friends are hard to find but I am lucky that I have found one. Happy birthday bestie.

Happy birthday September! May God give you more abundant and blissful years.

I really wish you may find true happiness for you are worthy for that. Happy birthday!

Today is the perfect day to reveal your secrets for you will just laugh at them. Happy birthday.


For me, your birthday is more important than mine for I am not who I am now without you.

You birthday calls for a big celebration! A legend like you should be honored and praised.

Whenever I feel the cold breeze and smell autumn air, I know it is your birth month already.

I want to see your lovely face on your day, especially those white cheeks that glow at night.

Happy birthday September! May your smile won’t fade as you get older for that is our gift.

I wish you fulfill one of your wishes as your birthday comes by. Happiest birthday buddy.

I am happy that I have so many chances to be with you at your special day. Happy birthday!

May all your dreams and desires in life come on your way. Happy birthday September!

I would like to thank God for giving us a true person like you. Happy happy birthday!

Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Thank you for being a good friend.


Wishing you more happiness and good and fun-filled life. Happy birthday to you.

No one could ever replace you in my heart. You always filled the most of it. Happy birthday!

Remember that we are your shield, your armor and your arm. Happy birthday September!

Christmas is fast approaching but I more excited for this day to come. Happy birthday friend.

This wine is like our friendship- Bitter at the first sip but tasty at the end. Happy birthday!

I would never forget the day you came to me, the day I first held you in my arms.

Birthdays are more enjoying if we could party all night until the last drop of wine.

Live wild and free until you can for everything will change as you get old. Happy birthday!

Thank you for the friendship and thank you for giving your heart all out. Happy birthday bff!


A true friend stay even life gets hard. Don’t worry I’m always here for you. Make a wish.

Ber months are my favorite months but I like the most is September for it is your birthday.

Let’s clap our hands for this young lady who grew up very lovely. Happy birthday September.

The best thing I could ever have is a friend like you. Thank you for being the best.

Happy birthday September! May you find true inner peace and true love. Enjoy your day!