Happy 102nd Birthday Wishes

Birthdays come once a year that is highly anticipated by the family, friends and the celebrant itself.
Birthdays let us celebrate another year of life, new beginnings and new opportunities.
Moreover, birthdays remind us how old we are and how we should live with it.
Reaching a long life is not a necessity to everyone but a privilege for some.
Those fortunate live up to 100 years or more than that.
To greet and to thank them for their very long existence in this world, here are some birthday quotes and wishes that could surely help you.

Congratulations for this incredible milestone of your life my friend. Happy 102n birthday!

Being with you on your 102nd year is a great honor because I believe you are a legend.

Here’s a toast for this strong person who brought joy and love to our life. Happy birthday.


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I will mark this day as a special one for I am with a living legend. Happy 102nd birthday.

For each years that add and for each days that passed mean you are truly blessed and loved.

To be able to live for 100 years is amazing and beyond that is a blessing. Happy birthday.

Happy 102nd birthday. Wishing you a more healthy, happy and meaningful life with us.

Cheers for your 102 years of life full of love, memories and joy. Happy birthday my dear.

Receive my warmest hugs and kisses for that is what you deserved. Happy 102nd birthday.

Happy 102nd birthday. May this day be memorable and filled with laughter, joy and love.

Happy 10th Birthday

Thank you for your 102 years of existence and for being part of our lives. Happy birthday.

Happy 102nd birthday! I hope you enjoyed every journey of life and made precious memories.

I won’t stop thanking God for giving us a wonderful grandpa as you. Happy birthday to you.

We ae very thankful to God that He gave you a long life to spend with us. Happy birthday.

Happy 13th Birthday

This is the day to celebrate another year of life and another year of happiness and love.

You are living for more than a century but your beauty never gets old. Happy 102nd birthday.

Let’s give a round of applause to this person who inspired and love us for many years.

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Standing ovation is not enough to describe how great you are. Happy 102nd birthday to you.

Let us celebrate your day with love and happiness. Happy 102nd birthday my dear

You deserve everything in this world for you live with honor and integrity. Happy birthday.

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May this day will be remembered and treasured for it is the day that God gave you to us.

I can’t describe how fortunate I am for being with you on your special day. Happy birthday!

Wishing you all the best you deserve for you are an amazing person. Happy 102nd birthday.

Here’s a cheers to this brave and amazing person who stood the test of time. Happy birthday!

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On your special day, treasure every moments, create happy memories, laugh, and be proud.

Sweet kisses and hugs for the most incredible person I ever met. Happy 102nd birthday!

I can’t find a perfect gift for you since you are so blessed that gifts don’t matter anymore.

Congratulations for 102 years of life let’s celebrate until we can’t remember anything.


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Your age defines you how great person you are. Happy 102nd birthday my dearest.

Your age might get older and older but your heart and soul remains young. Happy birthday!

Your birthday deserves a major celebration for you are a wonderful person. Happy birthday

Happy 102nd birthday to you my friend. May you have great years to come with your family.

Laugh and sing all you can until your jaw aches because you deserve to be happy.

I’m grateful, honored and blessed to have an incredible friend like you. Happy birthday.

This year marks your 102 years of existence; another year of life, another year of miracle.

I am very thankful to have another year with you. Let’s create more memories starting today.

You deserve medal of valor for defeating the test of time. Happy 102nd birthday my friend.

Living for more than 10 decades is not a piece of cake. You deserve a big celebration.

Happy 102nd birthday! May your positivity and brightness shower on us. We love you.

This is the perfect time to thank God for giving you another life, another year with us.


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On your special day, let’s cherish each moment, make new memories and celebrate with love.

You may get old but our love for you will never fade and will always be young and true.

I count myself as the luckiest for I am the grandchild of the greatest person in this world.

102 wishes for the most incredible person I ever known. Happy 102nd birthday my dear.

Happy 102nd birthday! This the right time to show how cool and young you are.

Pictures may fade, memories may forgotten but our love for you will never be changed.

Happy birthday to this young man at heart who touched our lives with his wisdom and love.

Celebrate your birthday to your heart’s fulfillment for this is what a great person deserve.

Time went so fast, many things had changed but your wisdom and faith never gets old.


You spoiled me when I was a kid but today I will spoil you with my undying love. I love you.

You bring magic to our lives, our world would be dull without you grandpa. Happy birthday.

May your heart full of joy, love and laughter for it will bring the same to people around you.

You live for 102 years but your smile and brightness did not fade away. Happy birthday dear.

This day belongs to you, only to you and all about you. Happy 102nd birthday

May this day sets your heart on fire, filled with bliss and love. Happy 102nd birthday.

Wishing you all the best in this world for you deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday.


Raise a glass for this man who lived his 102 years life full of awesomeness.

Sending you my warmest kisses and hugs for your special day. Happy birthday grandpa.

Let’s mark this day as a special holiday for this is the day that this great man was born.

May this moment be your happiest and that happiness would stay forever. Happy birthday.

I am truly blessed to have a friend, role model, and grandma like you. Happy 102nd birthday.

May you enjoy the best things that life could offer for you earned every single of it.

You are the greatest gift that I have received from God, Happy 102nd birthday my dear.


I would love to kiss you every day to let you know that you are incredibly special.

Time goes by but your youthfulness never fades in you. Happy 102nd birthday!

May this day be special as you, bright as you and unforgettable as you. Happy birthday

You’re not getting young but you become more and more beautiful each year of your life.

Just like vintage things, you are highly valued as you get older. Happy 102th birthday

You’ve managed to live longer than anyone else! You deserve to witness more about life.

Living is hard as the word itself. It means that you’ve got through the knotted strings of life.


It is hard to get through a day. I’m proud that you survived more than ten thousands of it.

Life is a tragic miracle. And you are a miracle for living over a century. Happy birthday!

I’m sure you’ve experienced so much about life. I wonder how you reach where you are now.

Smile, my friend! For we have the greatest blessing of God. Blow your candles!

An endless gratitude to God that He let you stay on our side for a longer time. Happy birthday!

Let’s cheer for the greatest man alive on earth. Happy 102 years of existence my dearest

I believe you’ve walked the roads I haven’t walked yet and you finished them with all grace.


You let me realized that life isn’t bad at all. Happiest birthday to you. Blow your candles!

You feel old and grumpy sometimes. But I’ll always makes you feel young and free.

You’re like a superhero who doesn’t need to have superpowers. Happy birthday grandpa.

Your true love and unconditional kindness are stronger than anything else! Happy Birthday!

Tell me your secret for achieving 102 years. I wonder how great it is to live long like that.

You managed to smile and live your life to the fullest. I’m so proud of you. Make a wish!

Sometimes, people chose to end everything when things get difficult to handle.

I’m happy you surpassed everything and reached more than a 100 years of existence!


Every day is a battle to fight with. Thanks for being strong, and independent man.

I know the past years has been hard for you but thank you for fighting for us. Happy birthday.

You see life as beautiful as ever. Great things happen for a great man. Happy birthday to you.

I won’t let another day pass by without great memories. Every seconds with you is a blessing.

This calls for a big celebration for the superman of our lives! A happy happy birthday!

Enjoy your day and seize every moment of it like tomorrow won’t ever come. Happy birthday.

For all your birthdays to come, I just wish that you’re still with us having a great time ever.

You’re our living angel. You’re one of the reasons of what we are and who we are today.

You took every hardships as an opportunity. I really praised you for that. Happy birthday.

You are incredibly amazing on your own little way! Wishing you a happy happy birthday.


You deserve all the pleasures in this world. You fight and live fairly. Happy birthday.

You are a true fighter, believer and a friend. I love you. Have a merry birthday!

I can see the fire in your soul that’s burning brighter than ever before. Happy birthday to you.

I am lucky to witness someone as kind and as loving as you live a longer years. Cheers!.

Happy birthday buddy. Thank you for letting me be part of your long and happy life!